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					Management is not SCIENCE
   Management is the science or art? It would have been academic debate, but now
more and more aroused the concern of business people.
   Do business people concerned about this debate is not without reason, and if the
management is a science, then, companies would be more trick MBA and have them
play a responsibility, because they are specialized school management; Dang
Enterprise Mianlin major decision-making and problem, they should listen to
consultancy advice, because advice is known as the treating doctor to enterprises, with
a variety of management experts.
   On the contrary, if the management is art, enterprises should follow the
"No matter black or white, it catches mice is a good cat"
principle; when the company sick, do not believe that the so-called foreign
   Brain - Consulting can cure your illness, because the success of any art depends
mainly on the artist's talent and effort, has little relationship with the
   In fact, this debate is Professor of Management from the University, before
beginning to arise. Although long past management, but no such debate, because
managers are changed jobs to work from other professional management. Common
sense is: a person may engage in professional how could a science? But when
growing business, management more complex, the school began to teach management,
it was proposed: management science, the argument began.
   Although I have a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, but I agree
with management's view of art. Only two reasons why:
   First, even today, most of the world's business managers also are not
learning management background, especially those who celebrated the outstanding
managers, such as Welch, Bill Gates, Xinxiang Shigeo, Wang Shi, Ren Zhengfei, Ma,
Niu Gensheng, etc., actually the lack of a degree in management. In contrast to those
engaged in scientific professions, such as doctors, engineers, pharmacists, teachers,
professional education not eat from this bowl of rice. Therefore, if doctors, engineers,
pharmacists, teachers are engaged in science, management should be different from
the scientific things.
   Second, a qualified doctor can give different race doctor, qualified engineers
working in different companies, teachers, teaching in both China and the United
States, but the manager is not! Yesterday successful manager, does not guarantee
success today; in this company is a great manager, probably will mess up other
companies, even companies that do not line with the industry. Therefore, the
management is a knowledge, experience and technology can not be replicated, or even
the same person who can not be replicated in a professional, this professional course
is not science, because science must be able to repeat the verification thing.
   In fact, management is not only not science, is a lawyer with the accounting and
social science are also essentially different. Accounting and professional education of
lawyers are engaged in their career is required, management is not. Human
management proved so far: there is no any kind of professional education and career
path of any one person must make a manager. Management is a real professional
roads lead to Rome, from farmers to scientists, may be good managers, on the
contrary, management graduates-MBA, but not necessarily to become managers.
   Science must be able to repeat what is scientific validation of something? Science
is able to use mathematics, logic and causality test confirmed that things repeat, such
as 1 + 1 must equal 2, acid-base compounds must become salt. If you find any
counter-examples to prove that 1 plus 1 does not equal 2, then this principle wrong.
   What is art? Art is not a mathematical, logical and causal relationship experiment
was repeated to prove something, but they can not prove that no, that is, the so-called
confirm nor falsify things. On the arts, 1 plus 1 equals 2 times, sometimes not equal to
2. For example, the balance to produce the U.S., but not balanced design can bring the
United States; by the unified command of the symphony of course brings about
moving from the free play of jazz musicians can be very crazy.
   From the difference between science and art of this view, management should be
more like Art.
For example, some enterprises use the authorization management, corporate culture,
Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecard, ERP and other management methods and tools for
the soul, some enterprises have simply not work. While Toyota has opened the door to
competitors, but as the originator of the American automobile industry automobile use
for 30 years, insisted that science is not, in theory and methods are so simple Toyota
Production System. Why? Because the automaker is science, but the
automaker's management is art; is the art of composition have talent, there
can not be repeated and can not imitate things! For example, can inspire a collective
spirit of the Japanese method, advocating individualism of Americans are useless; for
Baidu's management tools, not necessarily on the Haier spirit. This is a
different artist with the same brush, canvas and paint painted the same thing, but the
effect of drawing is a completely different reason.
   Manager is the artist management should be a professional art, with artist managers,
artists, writers and directors as artists. The artist, the talent and practice and theory is
always important than knowledge. That is why deaf Beethoven to create a masterpiece
of music, high school culture Sam Walton can create great companies. This is often
not the same school of literature writers, actors, painters and musicians do not have to
accept the truth as formal art education.
   The manager said to the artist, certainly feels strange, because it is difficult to all
suits and ties, norms of behavior management with those long hair, abstract artists
linked together. However, their difference is more apparent, is the so-called Likeness
of the form does not like; In fact, managers and artists should maverick bones,
otherwise there is no innovation, how can you win the competition? ! Do not believe,
please carefully to the best managers we are familiar with painting an image, them
must have something in common, for example, they must do things organized than
most people, behaviors and more decisive; not only self-regulation and better risk ;
Duirenduishi sensitive, even paranoid ... ..., this is the manager should have a special
talent and temperament!
   Very important as talent managers, like all artists, managers, talent is also important.
If there is no management talent, a manager even more effort, we can not manage a
business. We often hear people say that such and such a talented organizer of a fact
that this thing is management talent. This stuff is difficult to study because it has both
DNA elements, also came out from the Mother's life experience stomach.
For example, the management psychologist found that: the management capacity of a
person with negative life experiences of his youth was a positive correlation.
   It is based on management's understanding of the above, when I
managed enterprises, faced with MBA graduates, I always say, MBA diploma is not a
manager of a practicing certificate, you must be student projects, school law, school
computer users, and the first-line employees to compete in the same starting line
manager's job.
   Management is the combination of art and science point of view is the most
slippery to say when I retired from the business field, to Beijing University to MBA
students in lectures, talking and talking, the answer to this question was not so sure
the original. Why? I now teach the management of teachers, administrators if the
school can not teach, that I am not trying to sell fake it? Can then I thought, is not
right, Do so many prestigious universities around the world, famous professor of
selling fake drugs in there? Furthermore, how can there be so stupid as people, and
generations of MBA, EMBA, EDP took hard earned money, pushed the school to buy
this does not make them managers diploma? I am confused. So, on this issue began to
take most insurance, but also the most slippery to say: management is a combination
of art and science.
   However, teachers need more of this career happens conscience, to the students
about their views do not entirely believe that, I was always a guilty conscience.
Because almost all the professions in the world of art and science combined, that is,
science also has an artistic component, arts professionals have scientific components.
For example, the science master Einstein, if not superhuman imagination, math and
logic capabilities alone are not found in the theory of relativity. That is why
colleagues called him "the science" A Great Artist! Another
example, the surgeon need not only professional training, also need talent! Similarly,
all the arts professionals also have a scientific component, even if purely deceptive art
- magic, but also achieves maximum use of scientific tools!
Therefore, the distinction between a professional science or art, science and art
practice is based on the share. If the proportion of science is science, otherwise is art.
   In fact, the wider world of all things are balanced. But the balance is by no means a
simple one side of the half, not the middle; any balance has focus, the focus
determines the nature of things. Therefore, the kind of management is a combination
of science and art point of view is equal to nothing.
   Large artistic component of enterprise management, decision management is the art
of nature, but does not mean that management is not a scientific component, does not
mean that scientific management of things useless, but in management, science and
art of composition ingredients not only the role of big . For example, not only selfish,
but also fairness and a sense of accomplishment, so personnel pay system must reflect
the hard work and for the job otherwise, will not work - this is a management science.
But that's such a common, and those who pay systems and management
science methods, managers much help, because every manager faces is: how to make
their own specific group of employees of the company are fair and sense of
accomplishment - this is art to solve the problem.
   Management is the art of the fundamental reason: management is ultimately control,
and no one would be no management. But people are not standard parts, Joe Smith
and John Doe is not the same as state-owned enterprise employees and
employee-funded enterprises are different people, 80 with their parents after the child
is different; city employees and workers can not feel the same as the fair U.S.
employees and Chinese employees a sense of achievement and certainly different.
More critically, the same people, same class graduated in the same company, same
department who work on equity and sense of accomplishment may not be the same.
   Despite the common people have the same, but it is precisely the particularity of
people, to make people become different people, this is the "sex, Distinct
far" the truth. It is these people a different form the different enterprises, so
in the world, no two the same reason people like the world and no two the same
company. Because of this, management is always specific!
   Management guru Peter Drucker said: "Management is the practice of
art." What is the practice of art? Is always known to do in front of - not
management companies, corporate management never know what (no matter what
you have a degree in management); do not personally manage the business, business
management will never know how the matter (whether you've how
successful management of other companies). Important than ever to know to do - only
through continuous correction of the attempt, "crossing the river by feeling
the stones" to do, manage a specific business knowledge and skills to
become mature and perfect, this is the internal promotion of managers of the success
rate is far far higher than the airborne CEO truth.
   Therefore, managers do not know if the management is the essence of art, attention
is bound to spread. This is what many academics and managers believe that
management is the science necessary to go detours. Because they believe that
management as a science, to find specific people and learn management consulting
company to introduce and develop "the most advanced and best"
business strategies and management methods, so that companies can control better. As
a result, these managers have hired McKinsey aim high, the result invariably spent a
lot of money, take a detour and eventually came to understand: Management can not
be bought, not taught, can not be learned, must be managers in practice understanding
of their own things. In short, can only own their own businesses disease treatment.
   No wonder the integration of IKEA's customers, Dell's direct
sales, Wal-Mart hypermarkets and low-cost strategy of Southwest Airlines is the
school not to others! Because it is other people's art, there is original art, by
imitation is not successful. This is the learning strategies and methods of other
companies, most people only learn the form, can not learn the root cause of God.
"The Art of War" in "people known to me is why the
shape of victory, but the shape of winning so I Mozhi" (others only see my
winning ways, do not know how I get these methods) that is the reason.
   In 2006, Canada's leading management scholars to Beijing Mintzberg
speech in front of hundreds of listeners, I asked him: "Do you think
managers are born or the day after training, or both naturally have acquired training?
He said: "Of course we should naturally, but also acquired the training,
because the management of both science and also has an artistic
   I asked: "If that is the case, we, the management of teachers to teach it
not to tell students, there must be a part of you can not become managers! Which the
teacher is, is it a very frustrating thing?"
   Mintzberg, said: "That is why I did not teach the MBA."
   Dinner, I continue to ask him: "your" manager rather than the
MBA "books have a lot of statistics to prove that the U.S. Ivy League
universities that many MBA graduates are not in management occupations, most went
to the investment bank, accounting firms and consulting firms. According to my
observation, the Chinese first-class university MBA, is the tendency of the first career
choice. If the facts If so, MBA education is to train managers so much, not as good as
that is to develop management service provider - for the management of provide
services to people. that we have MBA (Master of Business Administration) into MBS
(Master of Business Service) it not more appropriate?! "
   He said: "This is indeed a very interesting idea. I have to think
   After dinner, when we leave, he said: "If changed to MBS, the person
reading this degree will be less."
   Yes! At this point I realized there is no discipline in the university education is
more than the MBA business flavor. Anything as long as into a commodity, function
may not be exaggerated and how? Teachers are people!
   But consumers are not stupid, and some MBA students chatted days, said:
"Actually, we do not want to MBA education as manager, we just want to
just another good job."
   An EMBA student, said more bluntly: "I spent more than 200,000 to
study the main objective is to pay more business friends!"
   Some may ask, is that everyone is drunk and you tried to say? Why most
management scholars and teachers to teach management insisted that the management
is the science? I think one major reason is that a considerable part of the management
courses are science courses, such as mathematics, economics, psychology, statistics,
finance, information engineering, etc., teach the teachers of these classes of course
can not agree with them Suo religion is art.
   But they ignore the fact that, in fact, scientific knowledge and artistic expertise
needed, but use the computer synthesis of modern composers and photographers to
learn the optical principle of the fact that the art does not change the nature of these
disciplines. In fact, all things are not black and white worlds, the decision is the
essence of a thing it is that between black and white balance - the proportion of its
   Another reason is that the teachers teach most other artistic disciplines to engage in
this professional career, such as teaching painting to painting, singing teacher to teach
vocal music must be better than people in general. However, most teachers can not
teach management in managerial occupations, therefore, if the management said to be
art, so that they feel emboldened enough. Moreover, including their views of students
and ordinary people is to teach the management of teachers and scholars are only
moving the mouth.
   Management can only pay lip service to the teachers to teach it? Those who hold
this view just ignore a more important fact - the management of teacher education is
the wisest business manager! They can put a package into the science of Arts,
developed a people management education and the huge demand for management
knowledge, accurate and hit the man in the most aggressive group of people -
entrepreneurs and managers who want a quick successful psychological, created a
commercial in the history of the most successful smoke-free industry-MBA education
and consulting.
   Do not believe? ! Please take a look at the university, the college must be the
richest business school, the teacher must be the richest teaching management, the
highest salary of graduates must be MBA. Moreover, the consulting firm where you
can just graduated MBA CEO with large companies to meet face to face, or even find
fault with their business; Welch tickets can be sold for 5,000 yuan; Michael Porter to
China would have to sell his books, travel time can be able to take hundreds of
thousands of dollars speaking fees.
   Why? Just because you believe that the management is the science!