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					Man spirit totem - Harley

Abstract: The pull of the original style of the Harley Park Lighting designer touches
like the creative desire of Harley, the original lighting design team Pulong Bo Shi
joint owner of the same style pull-Mr.kindn, the Harley culture into LED outdoor
lighting landscape lighting, "Harley "LED landscape lights,
path lights, light sketch series will shock market to benefit the world of men and
unlimited hot Ai Halei women who desire to Harley!
Therefore, because Harley Harley! Harley - not transportation, but a way of life!
   Rolls-Royce cars and the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Audemars Piguet watches,
Louis Vuitton leather bags, like France, Harley insisted manual process, limited
production, all the factory of the vehicle are scheduled long in advance.
Harley's production and sales may not be the world's largest, but
certainly the quality of Harley is the best. From the inner engine, exterior design to
the seat of the decoration, everything fine choice of materials, exquisite workmanship,
such as FALSTN classic cars, car-based prototype in FATBOY transformed with a
white stripe on the tires and with a black and white spot seat, looks very classic, the
original flavor strong. Harley vehicles are based on each of the customized
Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, and a large number of accessories available for
modification, the same as the world's two Harley is not found.
   Harley drivers from different countries in different fields, b ut they have common
dreams and aspirations, they Seeking personal freedom, proactive, have high income
and decent quality of life. Harley initiator of fashion, I am afraid to be considered the
originator of American rock and roll Elvis Presley, and the year Elvis was driving a
big Harley Davidson motorcycle hobby. Elvis played a Harley this approach is
equivalent to the image ambassador, made a free advertisement for the Harley.
   Now, Harley fans added to the list of familiar names - King Hussein of Jordan,
former king of Iran Pahlavi, the famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Chinese
artist Wang Jie, Xu Wei, Cecilia Yip, Kenny Bee and so on. U.S. billionaire Fobs is
Harley fans, he is the world's largest number of individuals who have a
Harley-car (100), he's a big hobby is driving a Harley truck out play.
Whether Hollywood star to pop, racing driver, or MBA Master of Business
Administration, lawyers and political officials all their pleasure in Halle to Halle
proud of, they are advertising for Halle, everyone promote their own car is fine .
Harley is their value orientation and spiritual support, gradually became a class way
of life.
Harley - not for everyone, only those who master it there!
   From the profile view, Harley-Davidson motorcycle is most characteristic of the
appearance of solemn, horsepower, has a large car exhaust throttle brings a unique
large ring, there are dazzling color, tough and unique style lines, and even burn The
Harley-Davidson exhaust pipes have made the fans crazy. Harley reason so popular,
mainly because of time-tested classic design, Harley car styling is so classic, romantic,
rough, even the most popular models are often the most classical models.
   Harley is also an aesthetic principle bare beauty bare areas can be exposed as much
as possible, which like France's Pompidou Centre, the naked pursuit of the
same United States, although Harley bare the heart of the steel, metal texture, but in
the minds of men like a naked goddess. Harley is the transport vehicle so much as by
Harley is a strategic placement of works of art. Such as BMW, Yamaha, Harley they
tried to imitate, but they do not get the essence of Harley, Vivid can not be done.
   Harley car engine is relatively backward, but that does not mean that Harley car
behind. From material selection to processing technology, and to the use of CAD
technology to design them driving them, have made imitators catch up. Especially the
kind of leisurely driving Harley, that, famously tolerant, k ind of unique sense of pride,
many people fascinated of. With a heavy body, not in good health and outstanding
courage and insight to the talks is not the master, controlling the Harley is a conquest
of the pleasure in fact, be able to control the Harley people have no reason not proud.
No wonder friends say Harley is free steel, rolling landscape.
Harley - not the cost in money, only to re-play approach
Motorcycle is a loss products, its service life is limited, performance will decline with
time of grinding. Most motorcycles in general in a very short period of time gradually
aging, until abandoned by its owner. Harley seems to remain forever young, like
Remy, like wine, the longer valuable. At present, the world's production of
all Harley Benz car is still all corners of the world, an old Harley cars a long time will
not be depreciated, but will appreciate the quality of vehicles is evident how
Harley's fine.

   One of the biggest feature Harley car more expensive than the car. The general
price of the popular Harley-car 15000 - 20000 U.S. dollars between the fifties and
sixties classic cars Harley ROAD KING's worth 25,000 dollars, thirty or
forty years old model still can be sold for 30,000 - 40,000 U.S. dollars or more. C heap
prices for ordinary consumers to compare it to play in this game is the NPC Harley
motorcycle business celebrities, film and television to pop up sports stars and political
   Good horse with a good saddle, a car is only the beginning, and Harley is a
personality match car full, there are special features of the line first, the purchase price
of a line of first purchase of a Harley-Davidson vehicle better than cheap. Harley logo
printed jackets, boots, leather jackets are the finest selectio n of leather made through a
special process the old mill, the maximum highlighted the masculine beauty of rock
star all over the world emulate bored. Harley has been focusing on research and
development of related products, such as Halley knives, lighters, wallets, jeans, and
even Harley-Davidson T-shirt, underwear, a lot can be removable Harley accessories,
Harley-cultural system formed.
  ?Harley seems to always be with the man in the street for him, because it is a Harley.