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					Malaysia University of Science Doctor of Business Administration

Malaysia University of Science Doctor of Business Administration
International University College Of Technology TwintechDoctor of Business
Administration (DBA)
President Introduction
?Prof.Datuk Dr.Ismail Bin Md.Salleh (Datuk. Yisha Ma Ph.D.), University of Illinois
(University of Illinois) University Ph.D., master's degree in economics
from the University of Illinois, New York State University bachelor's
degree in political science economy.

University Introduction
?Malaysia University of Technology (International University College Of Technology
Twintech) short IUCTT, was recognized by the Ministry of Education, a
comprehensive university. Malaysia University of Science Malaysia with excellent
reputation and the reputation of high quality institutions, the academic standards of its
outstanding quality education to its national and international institutions of higher
learning receive recognition. Malaysia University of Science and Technology,
formerly L & G-Technology, Information Technology Education and
Training has 10 years of professional experience in the entire Southeast Asian region
with the best information technology and business education facilities. Been certified
by the Malaysian Ministry of Education Malaysia Ministry of Science, Ministry of
Science and the Ministry of Environment support, to provide renowned in the local
information technology education. The courses are provided by the Malaysian
Ministry of Education and the State Bureau of strict supervision of academic
identification and characterization. Malaysia University of Science's
founding principles is to provide a wide range of national and foreign students in
programs and employment channels.
Malaysia University of Technology in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, has
three campuses, 10 affiliated college. Institute of Computer Science and Information
Technology, Business and Finance, Music, Law, Health Sciences and Medical
Sciences, Education, Biological Science and Technology, Multimedia and create a
Science and Technology, Architecture and Built Environment, Engineering and
Industrial Technology Institute, in addition to This in addition to a Graduate School
(Graduate College).
Malaysia University of Science has an international quality management system
certification (ISO 9001:2000), the degree awarded by Malaysia Ministry of Education
and the State Academic accreditation bureau (The National Accreditation Board (LAN) approved. The school recognized by the Chinese Ministry of
Education, as recommended by the Chinese education institutions of foreign
regulatory network (available at Chinese Ministry of Foreign regulatory network:
I. Purpose:
?DBA (Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of Business Administration in
abbreviation), is designed for business executives to design a comprehensive system
management program, is committed to developing in the fierce international
competition and has excellent ability of senior business managers. Different from the
traditional model of doctoral education, DBA education focuses on the effect of
theory into practice, the students as "active learning" instead of
"full-time study." This course is based on the Malaysian
University of Technology (IUCTT) Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree
curriculum, the school recognized by the China and Malta professors teaching and
doing thesis, ultimately, Malaysia University of Science Doctor of Business
Administration (DBA) degree.

ISO Certification

Certificate Sample

The People's Republic of China Embassy Certification

Second, course features:
?* High-quality courses, formal degree:
The project has many years of both Chinese and Ma PhD, Professor of teaching
experience as instructors, they have a solid theoretical foundation, also has a wealth of
practical experience and management expertise on the Asian economic vision.
Students during their studies will not only learn the most advanced knowledge and
new skills, but also after the end of the study were consistent with IUCTT regular
school PhD students;
* Time flexibility, activity-rich:
This project uses the non-full-time learning, students also will work on specific issues
and research topics as part of case, in solving problems in learning, in learning to
solve problems, and we in China and Malaysia, organize various activities for
students , including forums, visits, seminars, recreational and other.
* Professional services, cost-effective:
Not only through serious study and an honorary degree, is a difficult process, we
provide students with the professional academic staff, giving you a sense of
thoughtful preparation process of learning.

Third, the curriculum:
?BFENT5401Entrepreneurship: Strategies and Resources Entrepreneur: Strategies
and Resources
BFOB5402Managing Organization Behavior Organizational Behavior
BFCF5403Corporate Finance Corporate Finance
BFMIT5404Managing Information Technology Management Information Technology
BFMBM5405Market Based Management Marketing Management
BFFRA5406Financial Reporting & Analysis Financial Reporting and
BFHRM5407Human Resource Management Human Resource Management
BFIBM 5408International Business Management International Business Management
BFLO5409Leadership in Organizations Organization Leadership
BFSM 5410Strategic Management Strategic Management
Dr. BFRM 5411Research Methods Research Methods
BFDRP 51801Doctor Dissertation Research Paper Dissertation

Course Outline:
1) BFENT5401 Entrepreneurship: Strategies and Resources entrepreneurs: strategies
and resources
The course is described in detail various aspects of entrepreneurship. The courses
include entrepreneurship and the necessary resources and capacity of the general,
resources and Neng Li, business environment, corporate strategy, corporate business
plan, E Shi Dai 企业家; New Introduction to financial risks, investors and corporate
Zuzhijiagou She Ji, enterprise risk .

2) BFOB5402 Managing Organization Behaviour Organisational Behaviour
This course is psychology and human behavior and leadership style perspective to
help students improve enterprise management skills required. Topics include the
learning process, work motivation, job setting, goal setting, understanding of effective
work groups, leadership, decision-making and corporate culture.

3) BFCF 5403 Corporate Finance Corporate Finance
This course is designed to help students set up their financial management skills. The
course covers time value of money, net present value and other investment criteria;
discounted cash flow purposes as an investment decision; investment risk and return;
project analysis, corporate finance, capital structure, financial statement analysis,
financial planning, working capital management, cash and inventory management,
risk management.

4) BFMIS5404 Managing Information Technology Management Information
This course is to enable managers to make good use of information technology to
improve business management and design. Courses include: concept and application
of information technology understanding, including the organizational system;
management support systems and e-commerce applications. Students also learn how
to promote the computerization and IT project management.

5) BFMBM 5405 Market Based Management Marketing Management
This course is designed to help managers understand how market-oriented research
through practical case the transaction. Topics include market performance, market
potential, demand and market share, customer analysis and value creation, market
segmentation and segmentation strategies, competitor analysis, product positioning
and brand strategy, market-oriented pricing strategy, marketing channel and
e-marketing, market communication, strategic marketing plans, defensive marketing
strategies, build marketing plans.

6) BFFRA 5406 Financial Reporting & Analysis Financial Reporting and
This course is to help managers learn how to analyze and prepare financial reports and
settings. It covers the definition of income, cash flow statement and balance sheet,
financial analysis to assess the role of the cash flow analysis and credit risk analysis,
contract role of financial information on the inventory, cash analysis, understanding,
can receive financial Securities, reports of various types of financial leasing, and

7) BFHRM5407 Human Resource Management Human Resource Management
This course is designed to help managers understand the human resource management
in competitive advantage in the important position of the set. Courses include: the
strategic importance of human resource management, job analysis and design, human
resource planning, recruitment and selection, training and promotion, career planning,
performance assessment, employee relationship management, human resources

8) BFIBM 5408 International Business Management International Business
This course is to help leaders understand the business of all sizes in different countries
to compete in the increasingly competitive global environment, firmly establish itself
in the set. Central theme is that when the domestic market can not meet the
enterprise's development, how to participate in the international market

9) BFLO5409 Leadership in Organizations, Organization Leadership
This course explains the leadership in command, leadership and a competitive
advantage when the importance. Topics include: effective leadership, participation in
leadership, representatives and authorized management tools and techniques, change
management, innovation and technology, strategic leadership style, team leadership
and decision-making.

10) BFSM 5410 Strategic Management Strategic Management
This course covers all aspects of management and control. Topic focuses on how
in-depth understanding of various strategies and tools to enhance the basis of a
comprehensive business management skills.
11) BFRM 5411 Research Methods Research Methods Dr.
This course introduces students to management experts use different types of research
methods and the use of these methods cause. End of the course, students should:
* Survey of management have an understanding of the philosophical support
* Proficient in management studies, the main research techniques were used
When the actual operation of various types of investigations, can in reality have a
clear understanding of the problem;
Ling Wai, this Men course yes to those who started his research Gongzuo, Zhunbei
use or just want to learn more qualitative methods of Guan Yu Xue, Ji Qiao and
Shujuzhishi the students Ershe Ji. In this course, you do not need to be experts in
qualitative methodology. We will approach the problem of range from research and
design to the effectiveness, take into account qualitative data may cause and review of
special types of research strategies, including classification, text analysis, case

12) BFDRP 51801 Doctor Dissertation Research Paper Dissertation
PhD thesis, including a business or student for a special issue of their companies.
Purpose is to enable students to identify and analyze problems and propose solutions.

4, entry requirements:
?1) has a Business Administration or related master's degree in
management, and has more than five years experience in senior management;
2) MBA or postgraduate courses with the course (including the seminar) to learn and
completion certificate of transcripts, and have more than five years experience in
senior management, audit compliance by the school to enroll in school.

5, learning arrangements:
?* Duration: two to three years
* Time: January 11, 2008, every three months focused on two classes, each three days
* Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Beijing

Sixth, study costs:
?RMB 128,000 yuan (Tuition, books, materials fees, foreign teachers translation, job
assessment fee, the network library user fees, thesis expenses, thesis expenses, tea
break refreshments and course lunch)

VII Certificate:
?Complete the degree curriculum, assessment and passed thesis, awarded by the
Malaysian University of Technology Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

8, Application Procedures:
?1) DBA Application Form 1
2) the applicant's identity card or passport (copy both front and rear)
3) The applicant recent photograph (passport type) 8
4) the highest academic degree certificate copy of the applicant
5) the applicant copies of transcripts in English
6) Two letters of recommendation in English.
7) Personal Learning Plans and research
8) Application fee of RMB 1500 (if the applicant does not pass, the fee is not

9, examinations and graduation thesis:
?(A) the course examination and operating from the attendance of two parts
(B) paper: English completed 200-250 (65,000-80,000 words), required by the
respondent (may apply for translation)
* Write theses steps:
1) literature survey (literature review)
2) the collection of information (data collection)
3) analysis (analysis)
4) The paper summarizes

10, Teacher Description:
?· Dr.Antony Hii:
Xuan Dong Ni Boshi is a professional human resources development consultant, he
graduated from the famous Oklahoma City University, received a master's
degree in business administration; in 2000 graduated from the famous George
Washington University, received the Human Resource Management PhD. Xuan Dong
Ni Boshi is an active educator and professional advisers, after ten years of training
and consulting experience, he trained in different countries around 10,000 senior

· Dr.Chandra Sekaran Muniratnam:
2002 Southern Cross University NSW Australia received a Ph.D., is currently the
Malaysian University of Science and Dean of Graduate School of Business associate
professor of business and finance, the professor has more than 15 years in the private
business community and government work and teaching experience.

· Dr. Humam Mohamed
Stirling University in 1989 and received a Ph.D. He is currently Dean of Business,
University Technology Malaysia, many years of teaching experience to his academic
reputation, and he is an expert member of Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia is
one country.

11, enrollment application:
?Tel: 010-62920618 62920617
Fax Registration: 010-82414854
?For details, please click: