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					Malaysia University of Science and Technology Management Introduction Ph.D.

"Malaysia University (International University College Of Technology
Twintech) short IUCTT, was recognized by the Ministry of Education, a
comprehensive university. Malaysia University of Science Malaysia with excellent
reputation and the reputation of high quality academic institution, with its excellent
academic standards quality education programs and international institutions of higher
learning receive their recognition.
PhD Business Administration Characteristics
Quality courses, formal degree:
The project has many years of both Chinese and Ma PhD, Professor of teaching
experience as instructors, they have a solid theoretical foundation, also has a wealth of
practical experience and management expertise on the Asian economic vision.
Students during their studies will not only learn the most advanced knowledge and
new skills, but also after the study was consistent with IUCTT regular school PhD
Time flexibility, activity-rich:
This project uses the non-full-time learning approach, students also will work (JOB)
of the specific issues and research topics as part of case, in learning to solve problems
in learning to solve problems, and we in China (CHINA) and Malaysia students to
organize various activities, including forums, visits, seminars, recreational and other.
Professional services, cost-effective:
Not only through serious study and an honorary degree, is a difficult process, we
provide students with the professional academic staff, giving you a sense of
thoughtful preparation process of learning.
Ph.D. Business Administration curriculum (core courses):
BFENT5401 Entrepreneurship: Strategies and Resources Entrepreneur: Strategies and
BFOB5402 Managing Organization Behavior organizational learning approach
BFCF5403 Corporate Finance Corporate Finance
BFMIT5404 Managing Information Technology Management Information
BFMBM5405 Market Based Management Marketing Management
BFFRA5406 Financial Reporting & Analysis Financial Reporting and
BFHRM5407 Human Resource Management Human Resource Management
BFIBM 5408 International Business Management International Business
BFLO5409 Leadership in Organizations Organization Leadership
BFSM 5410 Strategic Management Strategic Management
Dr. BFRM 5411 Research Methods Research methods
BFDRP 51801 Doctor Dissertation Research Paper Dissertation
Dr. academic enterprise management system
School system: two to three years
Time: every three months focused on two classes, each three days
Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Beijing
Examinations and Thesis:
(A) program testing and operating from the attendance of two parts
(B) paper: English completed 200-250 (65,000-80,000 words), required by the
respondent (may apply for translation)
Certificate: degree courses, passed the test and passed the thesis defense, issued by the
Malaysian University of Technology Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
Dr. admission Enterprise Management
■ Business Administration or related with the master's degree in
management, and has more than five years experience in senior management;
■ MBA or postgraduate courses with the course (including the seminar) to learn and
completion certificate of transcripts, and have more than five years of senior
management experience, be vetted and approved by the school entrance.
Dr. enterprise management application procedures
1) DBA Application Form 1
2) the applicant's identity card or passport (copy both front and rear)
3) The applicant recent photograph (passport type) 8
4) the highest academic degree certificate copy of the applicant
5) the applicant copies of transcripts in English
6) Two letters of recommendation in English.
7) Personal Learning Plans and research
For more details call 010-59796680