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					Malaysia IUCTT University 10 +4 MBA program classes

Malaysia's dual-Tak International University (International University
College of Technology Twintech) short IUCTT
Sponsor: Peking University Government Cultural Development Strategy Research
       IUCTT Graduate China Program
Sponsor: Beijing if Asia Technology Co., Ltd.
University of introduction:
   ?Malaysia IUCTT University (Double Tech University) is a large-scale
comprehensive private university, with Malaysia's Multimedia Super
Corridor status. University students around the world of Dr. Masters and
undergraduate degree education, but also provide some of the world famous
university's degree courses, graduates and academic levels of qualifications
that encompass the world, including China's Guang Fan Ge Guo
    IUCTT in Kuala Lumpur, with six campuses, 10 affiliated colleges and two
academic centers, 10 institutions for: College of Computer Science and Information
Technology, Business and Finance, Music, Biological Science and Technology,
Multimedia and Creative Technology Institute , Architecture and Built Environment,
Engineering and Industrial Science and Technology. 2 Academic Centre: Centre for
technology and business infrastructure and language training center.
Learning Methods:
   Divided into two
   1, the domestic segment of 10 courses
   2, IUCTT paragraph 4 courses + Thesis
Why is divided into two?
   China's rapid economic development, countries with preferential
"returnees" policy to attract a large number of study abroad, but
the reality that many "returnees" students only by long-term
education of the Western culture, a time is difficult to adapt to Chinese culture,
resulting in confusion is difficult to integrate into the existing team. MBA courses will
be divided into two sections, in China to study Chinese culture as the main body of
the foundation courses, study abroad and then to his country's corporate
culture. Such graduates can adapt gradually to the world of Chinese enterprises when
the need for cross-border management personnel. Transnational vision of MBA
graduates than all MBA students studying abroad, more employment advantage.
Phase I:
In the domestic class, for about a year:
6 courses from the Peking University School of Government responsible for the
organization, the Chinese medium.
4 courses from the IUCTT responsible for the organization, two-mode teaching.
The second stage
In IUCTT class, time for one year.
Attend four required courses
Thesis writing and defense
Undergraduate: (Program for the 4 months, classes in China, Chinese medium of
instruction, assessment)
Course Code Number Course Title Credit Notes
A number of economic BBA4OO1 3 to correspondence
2 Accounting BBA4004 3 to correspondence
3 Economics BBA4005 3 to correspondence
4 English EDO301 6 can be self-
5-face research methods BBA4023 3
6 thesis BBA5001 6 teacher guidance
Peking paragraph: (full time or part-time study)
Chinese name serial number Credit Course Name
1. Organizational Behavior Organizational Behavior MBA200 3
2. Managerial Accounting, Accounting Management MBA201 3
3. Marketing Management Marketing Management MBA202 3
4. Economics Economics MBA203 3
5. Human Resource Management Human Resource Management MBA204 3
6. Business Law Business Law MBA205 3
7. Information Management Information Management System MBA206 3
8. Strategic Management Strategic Management MBA207 3
9. International Business Strategy International Business strategy MBA209 3
10. Financial Management Finance Management MBA212 3
Students Xiuman 10 courses and pass the examination given by the Peking University
School of Government Master training certificate.
IUCTT paragraph:
1. Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship MBA208 3
2. Ethics and Social Responsibility Ethics & Social Responsibility MBA210
3. Cross-cultural Management Cross Culture Management MBA211 3
4. Research Methods Research Methodology MBA230 3
5. Thesis Thesis MBA231 6
English language intensive training (in English Grade 6 points, TOEFL score of 580
persons, without attend)
Paragraph in IUCTT learning, students can choose the following research:
Human Resource Management
Financial Management
Media Management
Business administration
Xiuman all credits and pass defense graduation, students will receive IUCTT
University, an MBA degree can obtain the certification of the Chinese Service Center
for Scholarly and received world recognition.
Project Benefits:
Be certified: as long as you are college graduates or above, you can for about two
years of effort to complete the MBA degree abroad reached the desire, and be able to
return home were "returnees" treatment.
?Low-cost: you can hardly find a more affordable tuition, because fees for the
completion of MBA program is only 59,000 yuan, coupled with intensive English,
visas, insurance and living costs about 25,000 yuan.
Employment prospects: your participation is to adapt to a new vision of global
economic integration of international MBA programs, graduation, your chances of
employment will be greatly enhanced. Because with the progress of global economic
integration, domestic and foreign talent for sharp rise of globalization, you are relying
on the global economic integration and multi-cultural management, Le Jie, than other
MBA graduates Gengju You internationally competitive. Graduates most suitable to
China's foreign development and investment companies, foreign-funded
enterprises and enterprises in Southeast Asia.
Learning time is short: in school, learning in 10 courses during senior year, senior
program directly to the IUCTT after a year of study, not only can get IUCTT the MBA
degree, study time was shorter in the year.
Low threshold of entry: No English language entry requirements, no economic
security, so the University of counter-guarantee visa success rate.
Should previous undergraduate, college graduates (National, both private,
undergraduate college students want to append the appropriate course)
Senior school students (including five national education system, students)
No age limit sex.
Registration Information:
Tel: 01080112381,01080112382
Contact: Chiu, Chen, Yang teacher, teacher Rong
    QQ: 602308237,645493208,304866913,349099760
Contact Fax: 01080116260
Address: Beijing Changping District, Beijing Foreign Economic south stone arch
Institute Main floor Zip: 102200

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