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									MA in Ph.D. programs, academic papers and abroad to study science and other top ten
Compliments, health and peace and family happiness, and prosperity!
We and the professional team and conducting a series of domestic and international
universities of higher education projects.
Ten of our services:
1. Academic lectures and exchanges
(Such as English, writing, applied linguistics, psychology, management, the United
States to study, life, career planning, etc.)
2. Academic and Scientific Research Fund applications (grant proposal) of the
translation, polish, and guidance
3. Training abroad exam (GRE, TOEFL ibt, TOEIC, IELTS)
4. Agents study abroad process and materials co-writing instruments
5. The United States on study tours (in the U.S. elite, such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia
University, New York University to study English and travel, co-host the tourist visa
and student visa)
6. Co Canada Skilled Independent
7. Co-enroll in in-service MBA Master of Business Administration, DBA Doctor of
Business Administration
(With mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, the United States leading universities
Master's PhD program)
8. English translation (business, legal, academic, science and technology articles and
conference with simultaneous interpretation)
9. Training in English (listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating) and the
Cantonese teachers and students
10. More related consulting services
My academic background:

I have 11 years in China, the United States and Macau University teaching experience
(in Sun Yat-sen University of Science and Technology and Education translation,
intensive reading, and English writing, English writing courses as head of Sun Yat-sen,
and the Chief Executive has done translation), International Articles published in
academic journals, more than 10 articles in English, University of California at
Berkeley as an international academic journal peer reviewers 5 years. GRE, TOEFL,
TOEIC close to full marks. More than the United States in 2001 was admitted to
English universities Masters, including two Ivy League universities: Columbia
University and the University of Pennsylvania. There are University of Arizona (free
tuition), University of Cincinnati (full scholarship, the independent international
undergraduate and graduate teaching academic writing). Master's
graduation, was admitted to study more English and American universities, Dr.,
including Purdue University (full scholarship, English rhetoric writing direction, and
is independent of the United States to teach undergraduate writing), Columbia
University (1 / 3 scholarship) and New York University (all the amount of
scholarships, English writing and the direction of second language acquisition, minor
in psychology). I University of Cincinnati during the repair of the 22 Master class,
GPA is 3.7/4.0, the equivalent of 90/100. PhD at New York University during the
repair of the 16 class, GPA is 3.85/4.0, equivalent to 96/100. Above all relevant
documents (such as work permits, student cards, journals, scholarship letter,
admission notice, transcripts, etc.) were found.
I Purdue University,
A University of California, Berkeley, the academic journal of peer reviewers.
Other reviewers, including a Harvard professor,
This is the official website of the publication, my name (Yuehai Xiao) in the final
Here is my academic institution in another reviewer
?If you need these services, please contact me, thank you!

Xiao Yuehai
Yuehai Xiao
Ph.D. New York University

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