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I would like to because of who you master a defined --- not only make love, more
importantly, they love maker, if the love is made, then the love will be your religion?
Love to descend into fantasy.
Hardcore because of who you master a confession (reprint)
  Most men do not Yixing Yuan, the conditions are not bad, but the lack of sufficient
knowledge of the woman, let alone research. In fact, a lot of paper, but is a layer of
the window, when people tell you, you will Yipaitaitui said: This simple truth, I know
ah. But people do not say you'll never go confused.

   Older after having felt the same woman in fact, does not matter ugly beautiful, sexy,
or mediocre, it seems are a bunch of silly naked desire HEHE meat only. Although he
had been stopped, but over the years accumulated knowledge, experience and
know-how, threw it seems a pity. Jin Yong's fiction masterpiece like
prawns, have carved his own powers, like the rocky wall, I put it in my experience
       ?Of course, I say is their own thoughts, inevitably subjective. Whether it is a
different view, still need to answer the question, and even personal problems in a
timely manner for help, I will reply in the thread.
       ?Note: The content of basic through several of my close friends the consent of
the opposite sex, they said, had the first face we see when you would have been so
naked the.
       ?Another: Thank you, fellow female support, really did not expect. However,
my buddy who is the same opposition. Hey, really did not expect.
    ?With preparations underway for the first chapter
    ?Section circle operation

?An equally
    ?The otaku are concerned, the most painful is the desire to be because of who you
have to burst into flames burning when it is discovered that they did not know a few
girls. Economics, there is a term called the "chain", the provider
of raw materials is called "upstream", to purchase the product
side is called "downstream." If the lower stability, very good
business development. If the downstream not only unstable, there is no fixed group,
do not even know where to find, so the sales are the hardest to do. Insurance Why
difficult? Because there is no established downstream, everyone can be a consumer,
each individual can not. Because of who you are this way, if you have found that
school age girls who know not leave their homes for a living, that is, have been
unofficially crowned, and even the raunchy silly big sister, has also been a foreigner
Stock your arm, you should know : own "downstream" has
dried up.
    ?Downstream because of who you are your communication loop.
    ?If you are in school or just a rookie into the community soon, and even lonely for
a long time the old one man, then should begin to realize a simple and obvious axiom
is: "Recognizing that a woman chasing a woman from the
beginning." If you find any woman chasing, difficulty and no different
from other women, or you are a top expert, or you really are a hardship cases, difficult
and awkward were the same as the insurance salesman. Minimal needs because of
who you may not want to come out from households facing financial difficulties,
communication network to spread, popularity is important. That is, first of all you
need to have their own large and small, of various circles in different areas, followed
by word of mouth in the circle is especially important. If you friends mouth is a good
person, even "lotus is not the dead, there are lotus lakes legend",
it is the role played a head start. "You are certain that the
legendary" This mystery is no doubt the girl has a powerful attraction. If
you are also popular as a "interesting" people, that this
beginning almost a half has been a success.
    ?How does the expansion of the social scene? First of all we have to avoid two
kinds of communication errors.
    ?Chinese saying goes, haste makes waste, utilitarian mind too strong but will go
astray. Some people, when a group of people like to drill down to a woman contacts
pile grin, and the men left open a few words. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding.
First, the women would like men with good views, although it will match you make
fun of, but in fact you have a negative mind qualitative. Second, women are brought
by men. There words, the brother of brotherhood, his wife, such as clothing. No
sibling, how to wear clothes? Few women are willing to better than they are sisters
introduced to the side of men, but men love other men with girls in front of Xian Bai.
Social situations in public and men do not want to contact the man, he knows not
where a woman must have more to go.
    ?Others may not be entirely with the heart because of who you run into ugly on
alienation, and even acrimony, met a beautiful sexy woman on repeated
accommodation, or even willing to be each other's use of a lackey of the
way . Such people are often reduced to a circle clown role, since you can not be true
equality, then obviously other people see this, it will not look at you a high. If you
treat people only look at body, looks, then you still need to use other people really do?
So, in order to pick up women and operate their own circle of communication, to be
treated equally, regardless of the other man or woman, beauty, or dinosaurs, in a word:
friend to sincere, can help to help, the rejection does not violate the principle.
     ?Then we should do it in social situations? The energy applied to men.
     ?Generally used in an unfamiliar woman wrapped themselves communicative
occasions very serious, although clothes are still exposed, but the spirit, whether true
or false, are very chastity. One reason is that women pay more attention to their public
image and reputation, and the other because they were unfamiliar environment with
higher vigilance and defensive. So in this environment, from China's
national conditions, it is difficult to win a woman in one fell swoop, in itself unless
you go to the nightclub bar one night stand. If the refined environment of the
malicious intent to strike up the cheek, you run into a few perfunctory and
gentlemanly, white people will turn around and walk you one, or even loss of people
on the spot to say a few words of acid.
     ?Long view, the lines lengthen, first against a woman's energy and
enthusiasm on the man who, out of the woman, put half the effort spent by men who
will have great effect. No matter what fancy beauty. And her master will come into
contact with from the start man. Exchanges between the men is very simple, have a
common hobby, topic, mingled easily with the go. Friends, the more you help others
the more busy, the more easily help them, meet new people the sooner it will enter a
virtuous circle. Friend's existence is a resource, a friend casually over the
chances are some day to personally invite you to dinner, the table had his
wife's sisters.
     ?How do we select the communication activities? Of course, its own conditions.
     ?First of all, what good, choose. For example, you good physical condition,
playing soccer, table tennis, badminton, swimming, outdoor travel, can pull a group of
friends, organize themselves to play with. In these activities, you can show your side
of the male charm. Of course this is not some long items, eloquent person is fit to play
killing games. This is a very good platform, the first on a few friends together to play,
but not necessarily all of your friends are empty at the same time, natural friends of
friends, friends of friends of friends have joined in, simply do not conduct such
activities need to be deliberate, said the woman, a simple game, the game process
shown wisdom, logical thinking, conversation, etc. will naturally win the
women's favor, but this activity itself is not fair to women, men inherent in
the advantage of logical thinking ability has also been played.
     ?May also not good at sports, mind was not smart, but also for the modern,
relatively large pressure, money and energy are limited, so exchanges are not
necessarily limited to recreational activities on these. Friends help each other, has
always been a very affordable, but also to expand the activities of the social scene.
Themselves as friends to do more, ask a friend less, failing to stand in each
other's point of view more to think about, you will find friends around you
more up naturally. Now only one child, many people only consider their own habits,
interpersonal relationships, such as the circle will become smaller and smaller. Some
people used to a small circle, and only a few particularly good friends stick together.
Gathering of close friends, the absence will not affect the feelings of moderate, but
save a lot of effort and money, to new friends who use these resources, the
communication would be better spread circle.
     ?Brought by the male circle of friends because of who you simple and convenient
example is the "best man maid of honor principle." In a
wedding, as a single man you might only know your buddies - the groom this
individual, other people are completely normal for you unfamiliar. You may not be
familiar, and the bride, the bride's boudoir honey is unknown. But the
wedding starts, the first woman to go to bed, and may not be the bride and groom, it is
very likely one of your best man to help a friend and bridesmaid busy. This is the sake
of others the benefits of marriage. Lap in the business communication is so often
assist the sake of others "Wedding", you will have unexpected
?2 will be in for a hit
     ?Good woman is very busy, very tight schedule, no time to own fingertips. If so
see you, had dated other people. So chances are so do not come. Plus you may be a
means sloppy, family poverty, public appearance, low grade nausea men, not to Jiang
Taigong fish take the bait. Conditions are good, perhaps you catch a mermaid, you
may only be fishing only a tramp up. Start with early is a must.
     ?Where to start with a problem.
     ?Many people believe that "strike" is a jump start before a
woman flattering, most men are also found in favorite MM side began to recover.
Some people believe that probability theory is more widely cast nets fishing deep, for
every woman vows Kuangsong fall in the spinach. This person obviously did not
appreciate the Chairman Mao's tactics: gripping from the fist to beat. The
more concentrated the higher success rate. But clenched fists together then? Hit a
woman? Xin Taiji has. Around to force a woman you admire, her boudoir honey and
male friends, all you need to know and give them a good impression of. And not
consuming much energy, sometimes even just a face, a few harmonious chat, you can
give them a good feeling. And learn more about the individual, is itself a good thing.
So it all perfect, and again the woman hands. In fact, it is to wait a few minutes to
break the deadlock over and say hi to a few people do. When you Huagumianzhang
already encircling the city, Zai Gong Ke Bolin has been a matter of course.
     ?Next, who start with a new problem.
    ?Some people say that failure is success it mom, but because of who you going in
a circle that success is not only grandson mother. A circle is very important the first
goal of the first failure of the second struggle to be successful, then do not have to try
the third sequence four times, sure the game is. In the same circles, and no woman is
willing to accept a woman refused to be around the man, no woman is willing to take
over a woman and not as good as their contacts over the man. So do not blindly hands,
not in a strike caused considerable damage; and can not be the first target of the
options would be too difficult, Wu Dalang support owl - a bird who is playing what,
women will be women and your contacts level to locate your standards. Most women
in the circle of contacts, first of all is vanity, followed by the benefits. They pay more
attention to the position in the circle and reputation, as to what "affordable
men" are on the last consideration. But in actual social interaction, you will
find women's status and reputation give it greater economic and social
benefits. Their vanity is driven by the community. Therefore, we should understand
why they are "people do not, I do not, than I times I do not used
    ?Based on these realities, we have to go back to circle business problems.
    ?Will be in a hit and the target must be relatively large by comparison difficult,
but also to start with as soon as possible, this requirement is not some really asking?
So you ambush Yaoda long to not pursue the chase. In any circle, and everyone
including you beautiful women are very important to maintain friendships. The degree
to grasp, what degree of heating to a crisp outside and tender inside the best color,
flavor and taste it? If there are problems with each other when things can first think of
you, you and a good friend is still in place, it would have been counted at hand. As
long as you like, you can always do whatever they want. And you will enjoy the
process, enjoy the unkind. Most nice girls do not catch their man will not spend the
money, since your friends, come out to play AA system is normal. This stage is very
good, you do not spend money to support a lover. Best of all, and with her boyfriend
out and play with you, because you are innocent, so you are in a strong position. Her
man happy on his stingy, not only can not be angry, but also everywhere pays the bill.
Women like to have such a blue-Yen confidant, but she really does understand that
you are having an affair, you are her last line of defense. She man a pair of her good,
or what is unpleasant, she will run to you talk, drink and tears - in front of her
boyfriend refused to do, would you have done here. This stage the most wonderful
people but had to do to help you possessor of a future lover. The more ambiguous you,
her man more passive; you more physical innocence, the more a man is not her thing.
If you want to maintain a relationship with this woman several years, they chose not
to chase, catch with. If it is not a single woman, she requested because you did not
have relations with her, or she should move, but that is the current boyfriend reduce
their charm and appeal. Then she'll be more looking for a man shouting her
fork. Conversely, if you proved that her charm, her vanity satisfied, her guilt and
because a man is more concerned about their own tolerance. So you instead in a dirty
place. So, if not anxious, as far as possible people possessor, when you call the day
eating, your relationship an end.
    ?And the main women maintain such a relationship, like the tree planted in the
soil sweet potatoes, they do not dig out forever; dug up and eat them, gone.
    ?As each woman believe they are special, so in the circle of life, you can even
bring a girlfriend because of who you. Nice enough as long as your girlfriend, have
quality. In front of everyone must be good for their girlfriend, so that women can
remove the guard. But the women are selfish, and very easy to faint head, willing to
believe he is the most special. The key point is that not many women in emotional
moral mind, like the acceptance of "Love is despicable reasons."
Even if the next girlfriend better than you know each other, but also willing to believe
or even imagine that the other party will fall in love with himself. Many women have
this habit, very happy to grab a woman better than you boyfriend. They think that the
most direct proof of their charm.
    ?Women often carry out this little trick, a good relationship with the surface,
closed his partner to joke around men shabu. But privately he hinted to friends of her
husband, himself a cavity where sorrow, infinite possibilities. Finally exhausted effort
to get their hands a good friend of the man a taste. This woman thinks that smart, but
also that the man is just stupid kids grow up, by his calculations, and secretly
    ?And a strike will not blindly in the hands of the same reasons, women often to
men, women around the standard level to locate the men. So as long as enough
beautiful girlfriend, you do not even bother themselves, the woman is a treasure to
identify you. This real estate sellers deliberately created a "tight"
as the atmosphere. Rich people to buy things is a good thing, so do advertising just to
star. The same woman, a man of high standards of women is a good man. At this point,
you just show up their specificity, can not help, ignorance and guilt enough. This is
likened to a woman blue Yan confidant also simple.
    ?The mystery of business circles have lots to talk about, but ultimately the truth is
people skills. If you are a bad person trickery - as the best - just remember, really,
equal treatment of every single person, as much as possible to help others, then would
point things along, your "downstream" will definitely be rolling
in the Yangtze River stretches as without a break.
?Section II identified a woman
    ?Identification of a woman must first distinguish between beauty and the ordinary
woman, who sought after by women, and women are not taken seriously. This
condition should be the men are available. While some love the turnip greens, some
people like models as high as some people like sweet and small, some people like
white and tender enough to pinch the water came, it was also like the wheat-colored
sports tanned women, people like Li Yuchun as neutral peace Princess, it was also like
chest surging device, which is different, but not a problem, because no matter which
type you prefer, we should have a woman on a verdict, what grade she is. You must be
able to distinguish between each other is beautiful, or an ordinary girl.
    ?Beauty and the ordinary woman chasing up a qualitative difference. This is the
basic concept of beauty.
    ?Some people think beauty is an enhanced version of an ordinary girl, in essence,
is the same, if we can catch up with beautiful, natural girls, let alone the ordinary;
while women in general, if a way to test accurate body 100, the same way that perfect
well done must win the goodwill of beauty. This view is very wrong, because the
beauty and ordinary girls belonging to different species. Marx said that the economic
base determines the superstructure. These things are good point, China also has the
ultimate origin of early on. Because the beauty and ordinary girl from an early age to
live in a different world, so their world view and desires, completely different. Since
the woman's choice, of course you tend to get a beauty, then you have the
appropriate recognition of: their different skins, heart and brain are different. Because
women will not notice or will not believe this, although they claimed to understand
why a woman, but written out of tracking MM Gong Lue, does not even practical.
    ?How to recover a normal girl? If you can stick enough. Meticulous care, so that
they believe she extremely high in your mind, the same thing over uphold these days,
as long as not too leave, moved generally not a problem girl.
    ?However, these methods for a beauty counter.
    ?A basic sense of scarcity value, what other people missing, you should give
anything. No shortage is the most beautiful and flattering attentions to their extremely
high on the minds of men day and night thinking of more, you do not declare them to
believe you can do it. This, do not care. Willing and considerate to them, and put into
practice, and willing to be used again and again to accommodate the men and
countless more you a little less you a lot. If you do, only to become one of N
multisection. But the beauty he will not say that women like cold to. They like to say,
"If someone can think of me every day, greeting me one, I'll be
satisfied," and they also like to say, "If a rainy day, there are
individuals behind the hold up from an umbrella, it is too romantic, "they
will say," If someone in his spare time, just say good night to day, I am
very happy. " Note: where "someone" is a specific
person, not just anybody could. This person must be that their domineering, childish,
wisdom, humor or social viability of a strong woman to conquer this man. If an
ordinary girl said those words, you can believe in and try, if it is a beauty, you could
not send text messages for three days, your name on a blacklist into her cell phone.
    ?"Who is, What did nothing so annoying!"
?A woman and man, the inner world of communication

     ?A woman asked a man beginning wholeheartedly all pay, not the slightest
hesitation and reservation, but the woman to men is installments. General path is: (1)
knowledge, (2) the attitude of your good points, (3) other people see you and see a
little bit different, (4) to give you the opportunity to get along, (5), wanted to hear you
say, (6) willing to accept your offer, (7) took the initiative and you talk, (8) Ken and
you live alone, (9) private hand, (10) for the time being away from other men, (11)
kissing and initial physical contact, (12 ) this evening to accompany you to go out
alone, (13) bed, (14) to accept his girlfriend's birthright, (15) no longer
mention the other men, (16) no longer worrying about other men, (17) to help you
save money not extravagant to meet (18) listen to your plan for the future, (19) take
the initiative to plan the next two, (20) is willing to show you meet the parents, (21)
meet the parents become your responsibility, (22) together with its fuel resistant (23 )
is willing to get married, (24) Ken for your children, (25) Love transferred to the
children, and feelings you exit the stage.
     ?This path is for the good and decent woman, some women clearly know that no
two people may also receive other side, using a woman as groan in addition to money,
there are vanity satisfied, filled feeling, the benefits of maintaining face,
there's is for fun, or see other people have a boyfriend, she also should
have a, and some women even use and a catch like that is like their own men from the
relationship, a certain energy and his good buddies on. This will make your
relationship a woman to stay at the 25 steps within the first 10, and often repeated,
two steps forward or backward. Allows you to maintain hope, but also impossible to
get, when you break up a little excuse for not. She can even say you want more, we
are just friends, nothing between us! If you do not accompany a woman comes to an
end this game, the men did not point opportunities; but if accompanying a woman to
play the emotional game, a woman is both player and is a referee, our chances of
winning are slim. Whether you are on her no matter how good she would feel, so you
who held hands and wiped out before the bill. This is a bit like some of
China's man of God, they feel, do not believe God would have been the
Last Judgement, but did believe in God no matter what bad things, God will forgive
them. God is the ulterior intention of the background of people, but physical contact is
a woman of God.
     ?We had to be at the mercy of a woman is not it? How can a woman not to
    ?This problem is very difficult to solve, Confucius said, "Women and
people are also hard to raise the last of the rude, well then complain."
Really do not it? Confucius no way does not mean we have no means, the phrase
"no desire is just." Hire a woman because she can see and that
you want to hold her hand, tried to kiss her, to hug her and touch her, wanted her to go
to bed. Even if she has the same desire you, but she can not your own desire to be
naked, and to improve their bargaining chips. If you do not want to touch her
performance, not to her confession, but take time to fully show his charm,
she's chips would not exist naturally.
    ?In practice, if you are a woman and robbed her, she had no chance of
negotiations and consideration, and will be out of their own needs, do everything
possible to close to you. For women, the confession is the biggest selling themselves
equal to their own fate on the other hand, give yourself a
"Valentine's rules" inhibition. In other words, the
articulation of that party must be a good lover in accordance with all the social
standards - specifically, tolerance, caring, etc. - to treat each other, because they did
not declare the other party without any liability. And for the woman, once you declare,
and she would start demanding your weaknesses, ask yourself whether it can accept.
In that case, she saw only your weaknesses. Even worse, she began accepting must
take into account their risk tolerance, responsibility. Is that not enough scary? So a
woman with a man when exchanges, whether before or confession confession, used to
fight the West, Tung, poles apart, you have to understand her innermost thoughts in
order to find her real needs and the right path.
    ?Dialogue with women what rules to follow it? Yes, that is not what not to listen
to her.
    ?Speech is like listening to a woman to see a foreign film without subtitles, you do
not need to know every word she said, but just can feel the emotion when she spoke.
Or, you do not need to know what she said, as long as know why she said so. For
example, a woman in front of you complain about how nervous boss, his girlfriend
how ungrateful, Beijing's car owners, the road is how selfish and
downright crowded, no matter when she said these words how angry , or even cry
together, no need for you to listen to what her nagging, not to help her to analyze and
open solution. Because, first, you will not be more gossip than a woman will be
reported more Grievance more narrow-minded; second, a woman's
bothering children like children fighting like she did not even get down to business,
you can fight the thing in a child listening to the justice and fair to you? You just
know that it wants her moment a bad mood. Because when a woman complaining
about these, most is due to loneliness, loss, insecurity, or to grow old in tension,
irregular menstruation and the like, short and specific things she said simply irrelevant.
Babies often cry, and most have nothing to do with specific things, but they need adult
attention, or simply because of boredom. Women and babies need is emotional,
beyond the scope of the expression language logic.
     ?You should do something about it?
     ?Indeed, this time you do not need to listen to their speech. You want to show
impatience to come? You should follow God? Not the case, you should do something
about it? You need to do is give them a joke, or lead them to walk in the garden, to sit.
If it is a close relationship, you can hug her, or Fufu her hair, kissed her face, make
her feel safe, warm and loved, so they feel a pair of strong, leaving the business of
men's hands his back on it. Men and women, to speak nothing but a
smokescreen. Say does not matter, say that is not important.
     ?Normal men and women how to dialogue?
     ?Very often, especially since the equality of men and women in work, the woman
in a man's eyes also have a working community property. The formation of
habits, men and woman by the time, are not each other as a woman, but as a
homosexual, as a working partner to communicate. Men and women of normal
dialogue, no matter what the content of chat, perhaps the work of a community, is a
military affair, but two people Pulse Feelings of looked at each other, psychological
undercurrent surging, look confused, said the two half-day individuals do not know
said something, and not hear each other talking about, or even answer the question but
you have to understand the heart. Understand what the? You should understand that
you have succeeded. If you are a woman under normal logic and communication, will
find each other insane, incomprehensible, and you're just the wrong
audience. After this exchange, the results are often enthusiastic to talk to you
yesterday grievances, tomorrow becomes a stranger.
     ?And women in a dialogue to understand the "do not listen to
listen", we further understand how the next woman "does not
say anything, but why do you say?"
     ?First of all, there are a few women will say that's common, you need
to know in fact they are in the fart. Such as "you know me and other
women are not like other girls, you take me as you are wrong",
"To know that I was a very real girl," "I recently too
busy to see you," " those films with a rotten trick, does not work
for me. " For example, girls say to you: "You go, I do not want
to see you!" In the movie this scene is also more common, in fact, she is
very angry, but could not bear to you. Her remark to mean, you need to act to confirm
the status of her major in your heart. But if you do not go sticky with, she would find
only results are not even, you go after all, was gone perhaps never see him again. So
that she would be more angry. You should immediately go and pretend that disappear,
and then came back, she was immediately see the results: you can not do without her.
Her feelings of inferiority and weak psychological immediately disappeared
immediately threw himself in your arms.
    ?As another example, if you bring girls to the open house, or do illegal things, she
might say: "I've never been back so late, the family would worry,
I must go." But her expression look in a certain hesitation, even if it does
go, she already voted with their feet, without further nonsense. She do not want to
reject you, just do not want to take responsibility, do not want to collusion
"with      the    guilty,"       I    just   want      to     be     a
"victim." This time you need to do is find a random excuse to
grab her immediately.


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