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List prices

1, rice: Yuquan Road, according to market information and the Department of
Statistics, at present, the Northeast, the average wholesale price of rice pellets was
1.867 yuan per kilogram, compared with 0.055 yuan rose during New
Year's Day; Northeast long-grain rice, the average wholesale price of 2.141
yuan per catty, rose 0.083 yuan. Bag of rice equivalent mass of pellets (50 kg) rose
2.75 yuan, long-grain rice rose 4.15 yuan.

2, milk: the middle of last month, announced the first part of Bright Dairy product
price increase of 1.8% to 3%, followed by Nestle milk powder is also part of the price
increase of 5% ~ 10%. Beijing Sanyuan, also recently announced that from February
1, the ternary dairy products will raise prices of some households, price increase rate
was 10%. Meanwhile, the business channel of the triple super milk gradually raise the
price, price increase of 4% to 5%. Ternary therefore become the bright, Nestle, the
third announced price increase of dairy enterprises.

3, parking fees: From April 1, the Beijing station, Xidan, CBD and other key areas of
day 13 parking fee will be adjusted. In the region of non-residential roadway taking
the first hour of parking lot 10 yuan per hour from the second hour from 15.
Residential areas and night parking charges remain unchanged.

4, Price: Beijing this year, soaring property market representation. Statistics Beijing
newspaper sales this year, 50 major real estate, or account for more than 50% of the
real estate Bacheng, or more than 100% of the estate to 12%. Number of properties
for sale or more than the rate in 2007, almost all the old items to a record high price
later this year, a Beijing property prices, the most crazy year. Skyrocketing prices for
ordinary people to buy the capacity decreased gradually, more and more rigid
requirements are housing prices once again abandoned.

5, long-distance bus: January 28, there is no requirement to spring time, a number of
bus ticket 130 kilometers, it has risen from the usual 26 yuan 34 yuan, up 30% more
than usual.

6, the price of water: city residents began to raise water prices, increased from 3.70
yuan / cubic meter adjusted to 4.00 yuan / cubic meter, up 0.30 yuan per cubic meter.
7, car: One, Fit (Gallery Forum) 1.3L will be priced at up to 3,000 yuan, up 400 yuan
Fit 1.5L manual transmission. In addition, strong market demand Accord (Gallery
Forum) 2.0L all models will be price increases. Among them, the Accord 2.0L manual
transmission rose to 5,000 yuan, while the Automatic increase to 3,000 yuan.

8, edible oil: Wumart Group, Fu Yu, director of public relations also told reporters that
Lu has already received the flowers, Fortune and the prices of both companies to
inform, or 5% to 10%.

9, vegetables: Beijing Vegetable prices rise in prices, Xuanwu District, monitoring
33% of Chinese cabbage, spinach, rose 40%, green pepper and radish prices rose 25%
each. Cabbage, potatoes, vegetables Dongchu large price rises, Chinese cabbage,
potatoes, compared with the previous year the wholesale price, up 265.71 percent,
respectively, 39.31%

10, fruit: banana price up to 5 yuan per kg over the same period of 2008 3 to 4 times
the purchase price. According to reports, the banana price rise was mainly due to
Hainan bananas harvested area in 2009 than in 2008 decreased.

11, Shipping: China Shipping recently launched on February 1 from the European /
Mediterranean routes, the Far East - U.S. East / West Coast routes, route the Middle
East, Africa and South America West flight plan route prices. Specifically as follows:
Europe / Mediterranean routes rose USD200/TEU; Far East - U.S. East / US West
routes are subject to 2010CRP USD300/FEU; Middle East routes up USD150/TEU;
South China rose USD250/TEU; African routes rose USD200/TEU;
South West route up USD50/TEU.

12, Sugar: Shantou Daily during the "sugar as long as the original two and
a half per Jin, and later rose to 2 7, has recently risen to three dollars.",
Sugar prices rose a couple of days things have not. Mansions in the city's
new integrated market shopping in a circle and found that the basic price of sugar in
the 2.8 to 3 yuan per jin between the brown sugar is a Jin sale ranging from 3 to 3.5

13, Cordyceps: Procurement by the beginning of last year the average price of 3.5
yuan / kg rose to the current 60 000 -7 yuan / kg, the retail average price is 10 yuan /
14, milk powder: Chinese Public Relations Director, Wyeth I Ching confirmed to
reporters, from mid-July 2009, Wyeth will gradually rise throughout the country the
price of some products, including infant milk formula Er Duan, three sections, four
products, raised ex-factory price increase of 7%.

15, Coke: January 26, 2010, in Qiqihar city's many retail and wholesale
stores understand that the majority of the Coca-Cola has been a substantial point of
sale prices, an increase of 20%.

16, drinks: January 28, the farmer's spring drink price adjustment in the
nationwide average rate increases of about 5%. The company said the price increase
due to cost pressures forced, including packaging materials and sugar and other recent
gains have more.

17, rice: Liuzhou electricity, Jan. 21, cutting powder, pressed powder to provide per
kg 1.9 ~ 2.1 yuan, price hikes in the range of 0.4 to 0.7 yuan, after the wholesale price
in the 1.4 to 1.5 yuan. Industry sources, the price increase can be described as a
collective rise.

18, White: Following the New Year's Day Maotai, Furui two major liquor
brand in the same time raise the price, the market, "Liquor
prices" sound began to spread, January 16, Wuliangye factory price
adjustment notice issued, the reporter visited the market yesterday in the provincial
capital about that currently the major shopping malls, supermarkets have begun to
raise tobacco and alcohol Wuliangye retail prices generally rose 60 yuan per bottle,
the rate of increase is 9.4%.

19, Maotai: December 6, Moutai release announcement, saying the view of the
product raw materials prices, market supply and demand factors, Guizhou Moutai Co.,
Ltd. decided to January 1, 2010 up from Guizhou Maotai appropriate prices, the
average increases by about 13%.

20 eggs: a farmers market near the bridge, Ms. Wang told reporters that sell eggs, egg
prices up further. This reporter learned that a box of eggs, 22.5 kg, the wholesale price
of 160 yuan, equivalent to 3.55 yuan per 500 grams. Since early since January, egg
prices have been rising, the average rose more than 15%.

21, Textiles: Since entering in October 2009, long-staple cotton, Upland Cotton,
viscose staple fiber, polyester staple fiber and other textile raw material prices soaring.
Month's time, viscose and polyester staple fiber prices rose 800 yuan / ton
and 700 yuan / ton, Upland Cotton prices to be outdone, rose 900 yuan / ton, while the
long-staple cotton prices is rapid, within one month up to 6,000 yuan / ton.

22, gold: the international gold after finishing half a month after the shock, a high
flying wings, rising for the 2nd time Wednesday at the United States Supreme touched
1096.50 U.S. dollars / ounce, once again setting record highs.

However, we should never fear, leaders say there is no inflation risk in our country:

National Bureau of Statistics, Ma Jiantang January 21 conference at the State Council
Information Office said, "CPI from negative to positive price trend alert us
great concern. In view of the total grain supply and demand pattern and a continuous
harvest, this year's price control should be moderate The. ".
NPC Financial and Economic Committee and deputy director, Central University of
Finance and Statistics Dean He Keng article, do not agree to sing the tune of high
inflation expectations that inflation expectations over, will result in many negative
social and economic impact. He Keng said the CPI during the year 2010 is unlikely to
more than 5%.

Rejoice, soon you gone RMB pocket.

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