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					Life listening to foreign songs to the
This time I have been diving inside Baidu ah `` `latent potential, and today, could not
re-issued album, this album is the original series then I do go on, do not take the name
no one to listen, hey! ! ! No alternative but to continue using the name slightly! ! !
In a word, "I'm back!"
0.don 't cry - guns n' roses that I first heard the first serious rock,
this song has been sung millions of people cry. Always the most soft tenderness of the
heart where the heart throbbing, eyes were red, but no tears leaking, every listen one
more time on the attachment ...

1.Why Can t I - Liz Phair elegant and extraordinary temperament, they have the
uninhibited personality, this is Liz Phair, 90's, Europe and the United States
created the most beautiful female singer in one of the extraordinary twists and turns of
life experience and experience, enabling her to There are endless creative resources,
which is the first Why Can t I included in her first seven albums in, I really like

2.Beautiful Morning - Ace Of Base Sweden is a very popular dance pop country band
ABBA 70s, 80s are Roxette, but quickly became popular in 1994's
"base experts" (Ace of Base) band is the Swedish pop music
onto yet another peak, which is their new song.

3.You Belong To Me - Jason Wade's only accompaniment - guitar Weide
added that the unique and rich magnetic voice, for the listener to create a completely
quiet world. Really listen to it twice at the implicit, if you miss the people, it can not
help but listen to the song.

4.I wanna Love you--Akon/Snoop Dogg my favorite R & B singer Akon
and Snoop Dogg co-operation of a song is Akon's song word as long as I
liked, did not know you like it or not, listen to it!

5.I lay my love on you - Westlife 1999 年, Westlife set up, it has been 8 years, and
had to admire their friendship, in my album, I rarely included their song, it is because
of their Song heard a little bit rotten, I'm afraid to send, we have heard, but
today is not too old, the first should be fairly

6.Gott Schenk Ihr Fluegel - Rapsoul that I long to be issued first come, and Baidu has
been not only the resources of this song, so until today to meet him and we hope not
too late.

7.The hell song - Sum41 Counter-Strike (CS), I believe we should be in this game is
no stranger to it, the song from German band Sum41 song recently that CS Europe
and the United States government propaganda songs, strong and pure punk style of
music can indeed create tension.
8.Teardrop--Massive Attack massive attack of a great band name, how can my album
in their songs, no! There was music to their second complete revolution, so that trip
hop kind of music style popular in the world. This is the first teardrop may be their
most famous song, by the coteau twins of elizabeth fraser guest concert. Beginning of
the soothing rhythm of the breath brings rainy days, fraser voice was like the sun
cracks through the clouds flickering, the kind of warmth and elegance irresistible.
trip-h op is kind of the magic of the Adagio, a jazz feel, with hip hop rhythms of
breakbeat music

9.when you say nothing at all - Boyzone song in the album in my original hair I have
had, but that is female version of, This is male version of Oh, can listen and compare,
which like you in the end version.

10.apologize--onerepublic I do not know this band, but when I first heard this song,
even to turn off the hand did not obey. . . Were hooked? ? ? ? Recommend it to let
everyone try.

11.goodnight moon - shivaree the song goodnight moon in the girls voice sounded
hoarse and seemed a hint of some childish, but have more tension, sweet, psychedelic,
lazy, decadent, adding with the rhythm just right, feel some ethereal flavor. . Love
ing. . .

12.bonny bonny - cara dillon cara dillon grim but powerful voice containing her
hometown of enthusiasm and love of country, bonny bonny believe many people have
heard of, to feel that again comparable with Enya cara dillon feeling.

13.lost without you - delta goodrem from Australia delta goodrem, the age of 18
before and after her single, "born to try", "lost
without you" won the Australian championship ranking, the media hailed
as the next tomorrow Star.

14.queen of rain - roxette fortune in the late 1980s, the roxette (Rock Race Choir), by
a female singer singing Effort marie fredriksson fully responsible for the per gessel
songwriting composition, do not know how, and feel very recently nostalgia .. when a
man always want to hear some old songs .. or even hope that he is 70 years born

15.the look of love - diana krall never made in my album in over a pure JAZZ song,
today, we recommend one to you, do not send no send, to send and I'll buy
the best. diana krall is a contemporary jazz singer singing star in one of the best
business results.

16.sueno cristalino crystal dream - Lisa Ono is a small Japanese songs, but, but, had
to admit, Ono, is by far the bossa nova (Mediterranean musical styles) to sing so good.
Hear it
17.every time - mindi abair last song, I recommend vomit blood. mindi abair-year-old
studying piano, saxophone and composition later into being. In berkelee Academy of
Music, the frequently participate in rock, jazz, and other kinds of music performances.
Moved to Los Angeles from later formed his own band, released their debut album in
1999, 2000, released their second album, and after that company's name
signed in grp. Once with the back street boys, mandy moore, thegap band, who have

  ?The most painful thing is that there are a lot of my favorite songs on the Baidu
actually has not? ? ? Depressed to the half-dead

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