African elephant by LisaB1982


									African Elephant
By, Erik V.

Description of Animal
• • • • • • • Massive animal Large flapping ears Long trunk Two ivory tusk Length (male) up to 27 feet Weight: 5 to7½ tons Length of tusk : up to 11 feet

• The African Elephant lives in tropical and subtropical forest grasslands and savannas.

Survival Information
• There are only 400,000 – 660,000 African elephants left • They eat plants • They eat 440 to 660 pounds of food every day • They drink 90 to 270 quarts of water each day

Reasons for Endangerment
• Poachers kill African Elephants because of their ivory tusks and habitat loss.

Effort for Protection
• They stopped trading ivory in Africa • Poachers have to ask the government to kill African Elephant’s ivory tusk.

Special Facts
• The African elephant use their tusks and trunk to eat • The African Elephant is the largest land animal in the world. • It has hollow bones • The ivory of just one tusk is wroth thousands of dollars in black market.

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