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China's training market, through the past 5 years to the massive scale
promoting exercise and market environmental undergone profound changes: the skills
of a single inspirational Kecheng You Shang Sheng Lei courses to courses thinking
skills Celue coexist, the audience turned into a course from the Xueyuan Xiao Feizhe,
Looking up from the original course of consumption, emotional excitement of
consumers to choose the current calm rational consumption, the price of lectures by
the Lion's opening to the current enterprise bargaining rational, lecturers
from the former due to the dominance of 2,3 years now Stars flicker, a number of
lecturers employed increased 10 times.
The market has changed.
For events are required to smooth trend.
How do?
First of all, clarify what lecturers? Lecturers are people to work as lecturers is a title,
is a professional, from the planning point of view, lecturers are not people, should be
seen as a product.
Since it is a product to sell need to do a good job selling long-differentiation,
differentiation means unique to you, others do not.
The world is not two kinds of creatures in the same way, the world's first
touch as there is no difference between the two individuals no. Therefore the
difference is the eternal balance is temporary.
As a lecturer, should not the God given differentiation erode away, do
Instructor as a product, the homogeneity in the following five kinds of situations:
The first: 10 000 oil type products. What lessons can say. There is said to be about 60
courses a teacher, from human resources to marketing to sales techniques, line of
coverage. My one day.
The second: a fashion product. Follow suit about some popular courses. For example
in 2004 about the implementation of popular power, in 2005 popular talk details about
Blue Ocean Strategy in 2006. Because there is no practice, only large copy special
cases such as copy.
Third: copy copy OEM products. Little difference in the course of speaking. All about
marketing techniques ah, large customers, ah, inspirational, persuasive and the like.
Fourth: fake and inferior products. There is no practice to speak their own courses,
download some courseware mainly by speaking, in fact it is intellectual piracy.
Lecturer in convincing a basic principle: that speak their own made for own talk. Had
not been a senior, but about business strategy, has not done the planning, was
speaking market position, have not done the regional market, was speaking on dealer
Fifth: the old products. N long-course change. 2 years ago hearing that several cases
that some of the stories for main, 2 years, or those few old-fashioned story of those
few cases, five years ago, the curriculum framework remains the same after 5 years.
Of course, the large Chinese market, scope, number of cases that need to finish a few
stories to life.
In fact this is not the long-term vitality of lecturers. At least I see more teachers
because of the lack of core competence, were forced to offering job-change switch.
Find your points of difference, and then enlarge him. You are not good, not to avoid
than other people excel.
Lecturer in the product differentiation to achieve the following four ways:
A different style: the teacher some eloquent, some passion, your style is not suitable
for there is no need to hard copy.
Two different courses: the others are inspirational talk, you follow up, others say
location, you follow, others say convincing, you classes, a dead end
3 promote differentiation: some packaging for the few large, you packed into several
large? A lot of several, can convince people it?
4 the operation of differentiation. Some SMS rally, some publishing audio books,
some distribution of books. Your information
In fact, I went to Beijing in 2005 after the differentiation is in accordance with the do,
to Beijing, I say? What is the good of other people I do not have? I used to speak of
some basic sales techniques, dealer management courses, Ye also speak well but then
in master everywhere in Beijing, as teachers go, thousands of Shang million people.
How do? I want to do their own marketing, good experience in the media hype, some
lecturers should be small. Then developed a "low-cost business promotion
strategies - to seduce the media speculation" as the main. Others are
talking about sales, I say partial marketing, others about making money, then I say
first of all to spend money if people say I have to say in the company to spend money
to make money. A large red apple, yet I do purple grapes.
Course 1, the difference of the power of the reflected: Peking University, Tsinghua
University, have invited to give lectures in various forums. I also led a number of
other marketing and planning programs, let me become a curator, lecturer in which
the only value to the Chinese brand, the top five companies doing house training:
China Mobile, Haier, Lenovo, Wuliangye, Maotai, also Let me in 30 years of age
planner, lecturer at Beijing University, Tsinghua University which the only other
president, chairman of lecture classes for enterprises. Because of differentiation gives
me a new state, is finished lecturers their full upgrade.
Beijing circle friends have encountered a few big dogs this confusion, when I talk
about the lecturer is a product point of view, this year have quietly change her face,
making upgrades.
There is also a lecturer in differentiated questions to be raised. Is to earn the cost of
relying on lectures and lecturers, road is more narrow, and only to the market after the
instructor course. I made some models for reference.
1 lecture plus consultation
2 lectures plus sales
3 lectures plus Planning
4 lectures plus consultancy type
5, plus lecture Enterprise Hosted
I remember a teacher in Sichuan and rather huge chat about his site operators course,
he opened a joke that: There are 1,000 corporate market demand for 10, about sales
techniques and the like, I am faced with 100 competitive, opportunities for the 0.1 . If
I make a Web site operator, there are 1,000 enterprises, the market demand is one, my
chances are 10 times 100 times the former. I had to add the sentence: because of the
difference, so do the big fish in small pond, rather than the big pond for small fish.
Something is always better than a sharp breakthrough power a wide range of things.
Good lecturer, first do their differentiation.
Lecturers are not human, lecturers is a product, do you realize the difference of acute,
lock your goals, move forward.