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					Lean production techniques and project into actual combat (20)
Lean production techniques and project into actual combat (20)
Manufacturing companies (less waste or performance) compulsory courses (2)
Speaker: Luo Zhongyuan (manufacturing lean, IE, plant costs, project management,
combat instructor)
April 2010 2-3 (2 days 1 night) in Shenzhen, China

【Background】 Course
◆ Toyota earned an average of 2,000 dollars car; year GM earned an average of 200
dollars per vehicle. 10 times, why the whole difference of 10 times?
◆ good at reflection and learning in the United States by the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology, put 5 years and many first-rate scholars, based on the Toyota
Production (Toyota Production System) research and summary of a proposed
production management ideas: lean production ( Lean Production, referred to as LP)
this core is to eliminate all "waste" thinking, and development
around this goal a series of streamlined, TPM, Kanban management, IE technology
and other specific methods, gradually formed a set of unique production and operation
management system.
◆ What is Lean Manufacturing? What to do?
◆ understand the error may result from the initial to the application failure.
"Reason is unknown straight line", the correct knowledge and
understanding of life and death of the lean implementation, or even years after a direct
impact on the market position of enterprises.
【Course Objectives】
◆ grasp the core principles of lean production and the essence of thinking, how to
implement lean manufacturing to improve business performance;
◆ Learning Lean value stream (VSM) map, value stream from a lean cut into the
analysis of plant manufacturing costs, improved control through the lean value stream
approach to shorten the manufacturing cycle;
◆ Learning Lean Tools: Value Stream Mapping, Seven-site waste, SMED, etc., value
analysis and waste identification of tools, methods, tools for eliminating waste
through the use of immediate increase production efficiency by 30%
◆ grasp the establishment of pull (PULL) production system approach, by pulling
inventory lower 50% of the production implementation, dramatically reducing
manufacturing cycle;
◆ Learn how to unit production (CELL PRODUCTION) implementation to resolve
many varieties of small batch brought confusion to the enterprise;
◆ grasp the essence of fast change of SMED and implementation steps, and
comprehensively improve the overall efficiency of equipment (OEE), the total cost of
◆ The Value of Lean: Lean Manufacturing for the business benefits of the
manufacturing sector to the effective implementation of lean manufacturing by
promoting core competitiveness;
◆ the successful implementation of lean production management foundation: Lean
production requirements under the program material control (PMC) system; vendor
management system; production site management system; IE Engineering Support
◆ lean manufacturing project management skills: project to implement lean
production organization design; project planning and plans; lean manufacturing
project implementation in the daily management; Lean Manufacturing Project Leader
must have the basic ability.
】 ◆ 【students object factory general manager, director, and the manufacture of the
relevant department managers, lean manufacturing project managers, supervisors and
engineers, the Commissioner.
【】 Form of training
◆ world and domestic famous enterprises reduce costs through the implementation
of lean manufacturing to improve case sharing;
◆ actual course content, technical strength to put theories into actual combat
methods, the class lively and relaxed environment for students in training in
management techniques to achieve the immediate application of the results.
Training costs】 【◆ 3200 yuan / place (including training fees, lecture fees, lunch,
tea and fees, prizes, taxes)
Vocational Qualification】 【
Certification fee: 600 yuan / person (to the Hong Kong Certificate Examination
students must pay this fee, not to participate in the exam students need not pay the
Certification fee: 600 yuan / person (in international professional certification
standards Federation of International Vocational Qualification Certification exam
students have to pay this fee) (International Certification / global access / employer
recognition / networking query). (End of the course within 15 days of delivery to the
Reminder: the need for certificates, please prepare a one inch color photo
(international certification, electronic version of the color photos can be), and identity
card number; (Chinese resistance to the company certificates for free to
【】 Syllabus
1. The basis of lean production
⊙ Origin and Development of Lean Production
⊙ Toyota Production System (TPS) management of the essence
⊙ video enjoy: TPS birth of film history
⊙ basic principles of lean production
⊙ awareness of the value from the customer's point of view
⊙ identify African value-added processes (waste) activities
⊙ Lean Value Stream Mapping Introduction
⊙ Lean Value Stream Mapping Methods
⊙ how the implementation of lean value stream maps to improve plant management
⊙ lean production tools: value-added activities identified (VALUE); Lean Value
Stream Mapping (VSM)
2. JIT pull production system
⊙ manufacturing cycle time (MCT) definition and calculation method
⊙ pull system types and their use
⊙ supplementary material pull system
⊙ time of delivery, JIT / KANBAN definition
⊙ production materials and the establishment of additional system-defined methods
⊙ Product Line to add frequencies
⊙ Product Line to add the number of Kanban Calculation
⊙ production line flow calculation between the number of semi-Kanban
Calculation of Economic Batch ⊙
⊙ purchase materials to add pull Introduction
⊙ vendor managed inventory (VMI) and Just in Time Delivery (JIT)
⊙ time of delivery, JIT / KANBAN the effective implementation of the
⊙ group activities: pull-type production simulation
⊙ lean production tools: manufacturing cycle time (MCT); KANBAN pull-type
production; purchasing additional pull system (PULL); VMI VMI / JIT
3. Seven waste and improve efficiency
⊙ site definition and analysis of the seven waste
⊙ definition and analysis of efficiency
⊙ transport the waste and Analysis
⊙ how to reduce the plant layout to improve waste transport
⊙ how to optimize processes and tools to reduce waste transport
⊙ inventory of waste brought
⊙ how to improve program management and reducing inventory material control
⊙ how to reduce inventory through the production process optimization
⊙ waste and loss of movement
⊙ eliminate waste principles and methods of action
⊙ wait for the result of the loss of plant efficiency
⊙ how to reduce the waiting time management to improve abnormal
⊙ how to reduce the waiting line loss of balance optimization
⊙ defects and double-handling of waste arising
⊙ Poka Poka Yoke (POKAYOKE) principle
⊙ Poka Poka Yoke in the production of site management in the use of
⊙ lean production tools: the seven waste; Poka Poka Yoke, line balancing and
4. Unit for fast change of layout and
⊙ production line layout design principles
⊙ unit of layout principles and application in production
⊙ unit of layout design and management
⊙ how the use of cell-based layout to shorten the manufacturing cycle
⊙ how to resolve the many varieties of unit production of small quantities to the
confusion brought by
⊙ factory cost of equipment use
⊙ integrated equipment efficiency (OEE) defined
⊙ affect the efficiency of factors of integrated devices
⊙ OEE calculation and analytical skills
⊙ integrated equipment efficiency (OEE) to improve the implementation of the steps
⊙ production efficiency for line loss analysis
⊙ fast change of the definition and history of SMED
⊙ SMED Implementation and implementation procedures
⊙ SMED implementation of the success stories to share
⊙ successful implementation of lean production to improve plant key
⊙ lean manufacturing project different organizational models
⊙ lean production tools: OEE equipment efficiency management; unit production
(CELL), SMED Quick Changeover line method
5. Lean factory management foundation
1. Plan Material Control (PMC) and Lean Production
⊙ program material control functions and organizational structure analysis:
Traditional functions of PMC; PMC consequences of inadequate corporate
⊙ PMC lean pull production management and the establishment of
The traditional production planning and pulling the distinction between production
planning; pull production plan and the basis for the effective implementation of the
⊙ material control and lean production
The traditional material requirements analysis and needs analysis of the difference
between lean material; traditional materials control and the difference between Lean
Material Control
⊙ PMC lean organization to measure performance indicators: inventory,
manufacturing cycle, OTD
2. Supply Chain Management and Lean Manufacturing
⊙ supplier selection criteria: matching, distance, price competitiveness, rapid
⊙ supplier quality management methods:
Supplier audit and assessment; suppliers exit mechanism; provider counseling and
promotion; suppliers deliver on time (JIT) management of raw quality
⊙ establishing lean supply chain:
Many varieties of small batch supply support; in-time delivery system (JIT) support;
vendor managed inventory (VMI)
3. Production and Lean Manufacturing implementation
The implementation of standard operation ⊙:
Implementation of standardized methods of operation; why standardized operation is
to improve the starting point and basis for the scene?
⊙ 5S and visual field of:
5S and visual management do the most basic requirements; 5S and lean on the
production of the visual depth of the significance of promoting
⊙ production supervisor's role in Lean Manufacturing:
Site improvement leader: IE? Lean Commissioner? Or the production supervisor?
Advantages and Disadvantages of each
4. Engineering (IE) Lean Production
⊙ industrial engineering (IE) in the Function of the plant
Organizational structure; work; the contribution of the enterprise
⊙ IE in the process of implementing lean production the role: supporting role in
promoting the role of the main VS
6. Lean manufacturing project management skills
1. Lean manufacturing project manager must have the ability to
⊙ organizational planning ability:
Lean scope of the project; stages; Participating departments and personnel; project
expected benefits; resources into other
⊙ team management ability:
Lean project team; how to enhance the impact of the project manager and executive
ability; team incentives
⊙ communication skills:
Project manager communication skills; how to improve the effectiveness of
communication with team members;
2. Lean manufacturing steps in project implementation
⊙ a necessary condition for project start:
Appropriate team building; members of the duties, objectives; top management
authority; start specifications and presided over the General Assembly
⊙ short-term plan to develop the project:
Decomposition of the project plan; model line, the choice of pilot projects; project on
plan, weekly plan
⊙ project schedule:
On-site project management and problem solving; weeks of project progress meetings;
month wrap-up session; the daily progress of the communication
⊙ phased project summary:
Final Report stage; benefit analysis; improve case presentation and advocacy; awards
and incentives
3. Project implementation problems and to solve
⊙ sector collaboration:
Other departments are very passive? Why do some "sham"?
⊙ frustration of failure:
How to improve the face of unsuccessful? Model line is not increased but decreased
the efficiency of how to do?
⊙ Q & A: questions and students answer questions

【Speaker】 Luo Zhongyuan teacher (JAMES LUO)
◆ Chinese resistance to lean manufacturing and manufacturing cost control expert,
chief advisor.
◆ well-known manufacturing Shi Zhanpai lecturer, senior consultant.
◆ Mechanical Engineering degree, Master of Business Administration (MBA), has
10 years of famous foreign production, engineering, quality and supply chain
management experience.
Background experience: Asia's largest precision metal stamping, plastic
injection products and company service providers AMTEK Engineering Manager, the
famous Hong Kong-owned EMS company NAMTAI GROUP Production
Engineering Manager, Fortune 500 FLEXTRONICS supplier quality, IE works,
operations and lean Six Sigma Senior Manager. Romanian teachers have many years
experience in management consulting and training services through the company
received a good income. Led to many customers through the implementation of lean
management improvement projects, access to wide acclaim.
Core areas: Lean Manufacturing - Six Sigma management training, establishment and
management of lean factories, IE industrial engineering, quality control,
manufacturing cost management, manufacturing and project management training and
ad hoc counseling topics.
Service firms: The U.S. group, VTech Group, Liby Group, Germany, BOSCH, Taiwan
Wei Sheng Group, Hong Kong, Aaron electrical appliances, flames communications,
McCourt optoelectronics,
Coby, the U.S. law Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Hisataka auto parts, Taiwanese
national prestige sports equipment, toys, Hong Kong and Thailand, Apollo (China)
Co., Ltd., Rui sound technology, RR Donnelley Printing, Jiuxing printing system in
the Wei Yi, Chang Lee Bank, Lok Wah (Wrigley) ceramics, Pu-resistant stock,
Changsha Cigarette Factory, Datong Machinery, Long Tai food.
Outstanding achievements: 1, FLEXTRONICS independently six Black Belt projects
and guiding the implementation of lean production systems and improve internal
management and leadership team for saving the cost of nearly 5 million U.S. dollars
2, leading FLEXTRONICS DG lean value stream (VSM) analysis and improvement,
to the guidance of plant production efficiency by approximately 25%;
3,2006 in March with the U.S. leadership team, the induction cooker factory
counseling lean production and process quality improvement projects, about 20%
efficiency improvement within a short time;
4,2006 in August to lead the team stationed in the implementation of Lean process
improvement project Apollo, Apollo opened this large-scale sequencing projects of
private enterprise reform, efficiency, 4 months more than 50%;
5, in February 2007 led the team in the U.S. subsidiary of Japanese Power Group:
United States Department of the microwave electric utilities; U.S. dishwasher
Division; beautiful water heater; beautiful kitchen appliances; U.S. Environmental
Electrical Division (fan ) the full implementation of lean operations management;
6,2008 in March to lead the U.S. team for the Taiwan-funded legal counseling
electronic services provided lean manufacturing; the main production line efficiencies
above 20%.
We have to participate in lean manufacturing techniques and project into actual
Manufacturing companies (less waste or performance) compulsory courses (2)
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