Lean factory tours and management training May 22-23 by fdjerue7eeu


									Lean factory tours and management training May 22-23
Time: May 22-23
Location: c
Training costs: 2880 yuan
Teaching object:
Factory general manager, manufacturing manager and the relevant departments,
managers, supervisors and engineers
   * Visit the Guangzhou Honda (Honda) in the latest Zengcheng depot, knowledge of
world-class enterprise lean production model
   ? Learn principles of lean production and how to implement lean manufacturing to
improve business performance
   * Learning Lean value stream (VSM), cut into the value stream from lean
manufacturing cost analysis of plant
   * Learn how to use Lean tools to eliminate wasteful methods to enhance production
efficiency by 30% instantly
   Recognize the importance of material costs, learning materials through the lean pull
system reduce the cost of materials
   The World and domestic businesses reduce costs through the implementation of
lean manufacturing to improve sharing case
Course Outline:
Part I: Lean management infrastructure
   * Origin and Development of Lean Production
   * Toyota Production System TPS (Toyota Production System) management of the
   * Video enjoy: TPS birth history documentary
   * The basic principles of lean production
   * Awareness of the value from the customer's point of view
   * Identification of African value-added processes (waste) activities
   * Lean-7 Analysis and elimination of waste
   * Lean Value Stream Mapping Introduction
   * Pull-type lean information flow management
   * How to reduce the inventory build pull-type production
   * How to pull production to shorten the manufacturing cycle
Part II: Visit Guangzhou Honda (Honda) in the latest depot Zengcheng
   * Honda insight how to implement lean production, witnessed only a minute a car
can be assembled
   * Honda insight how to use lean production increase capacity to 1,000 cars a day
Part III: Lean Logistics Management program
   * Production planning and control flow of materials (PMC)
   · PMC lean factory in the establishment of the position and role
   * Production Planning and Control issued a reasonable
  * Materials planning, procurement and control processes
  * Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) / time of delivery (JIT)
  * Measure the performance of materials and procurement management indicators:
  * Purchase cost difference (GPPV / RPPV)
  * Inventory turnover (ITO)
  * Redundant and outdated material (Excess / Obsolete)
  * Lean on-site logistics management
  * On-site identification and management of materials
  ? Through process design methods to control the WIP
  * Demand-driven technology in the field of materials management in the use of
  * Lean pull system introduced supplementary materials
  * Time of delivery, JIT / KANBAN the effective implementation of the
  * Exercise: pull-type production simulation
Part IV: the efficiency of lean management site
  * Lean factory was established: to explore and discuss the difficulties
  * The definition and analysis of site efficiency
  * Three major factors affecting the efficiency of site
  * Exception Management and Analysis of Production
  ? How to enhance efficiency by reducing 10% of abnormal
  · IE efficient management of the site's status and role of
  * Factory plant layout and the relationship between lean
  ? How to shorten the delivery time by cell-based layout
  * Mass production mode of production line design principles
  * Line Balancing Analysis and Efficiency
  * How do plants without IE 30% of potential efficiency loss
  * Instance of the scene to improve the sharing of
  * Team management role in the efficient management of
  * How do the different team management differences between the 15% efficiency
  · Q & A Questions and Answers Students

Instructor Introduction:
Luo Teacher:
  Famous University of Mechanical Engineering degree, Master of Business
Administration (MBA), has nearly a decade famous production, engineering and
quality manager experience, Lean Manufacturing and 6 Sigma implementation
  Romanian teachers served 500 FLEXTRONICS enterprise supplier quality, IE
works, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Senior Manager, Asia's largest
precision metal stamping service providers AMTEK plastic products manufacturing
and engineering manager and renowned Hong Kong-invested enterprises NAMTAI
GROUP EMS Production Engineering Manager.
Counseling cases:
  · FLEXTRONICS independently six Black Belt projects and guiding the
implementation of lean production systems and improve internal management and
leadership team for the company to save nearly 500 million in costs and raise
productivity by 25%.
   * For the U.S. subsidiary of Japanese Power Group: microwave appliances,
dishwashers, water heaters, kitchen appliances, fans, the full implementation of lean
operations management, and designated as the sole teacher Luo consultant.
Application Consulting
Contact teacher: Xie, Yang teacher
Tel :010-51653958 51653959;
Mobile: 13911620838
Registration Fax :010-51653958
E-mail: xiehua99@126.com

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