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Klaus Schwab


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									Klaus Schwab
2007 World Economic Forum on 24 to 28 in the Swiss city of Davos, this
year's conference theme of "changing the power
structure." Major issues including economic globalization, the Doha Round,
global climate change and the security situation in the Middle East.

World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab (Dr. Klaus Schwab)

Klaus Schwab, born in 1938 in Ravensburg, Germany. 1965, by the Swiss Federal
Institute of Technology Institute of Engineering PhD; in 1967, received his Ph.D.
from University of Fribourg; in 1967, by Harvard University Kennedy School of
Public Administration degree.

Founded in 1971 in Geneva and chaired the World Economic Forum. World
Economic Forum is today one of the most important international organization, which
the business, government and academic leaders of the organizations together to jointly
plan to change the face of the world. World Economic Forum is a global public
interest services. It is based in Geneva, is an independent, impartial, non-profit
institutions, with political parties and independent of regional interests. Its
consultations with the United Nations established a relationship.

University of Geneva in 1972, he was appointed professor of business policy. Access
to a Harvard Kennedy School Steering Committee, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology Visiting Committee members Systems Engineering Enterprises, Harvard
University Center for International Development members, members of the Royal
Moroccan Academy of Sciences.

Mr. Schwab global public interest to participate actively in the activities of a former
World AIDS Research and Prevention Foundation (UNESCO) Board members, Peres
Peace Center director, Malaysia, Ibrahim Hussein Museum and Cultural Foundation
Council member, South Korean Federation of International Trade and Industry
Advisory Council members.

Is the annual "Global Competitiveness Report," the author.


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