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					Juan Antonio Samaranch personal experience
Juan Antonio Samaranch, a former university professor of economics, a director of
several banks, the Barcelona sports leader, deputy representative in Barcelona, Spain,
the national physical education and sports representatives, representatives of
Barcelona, Spain in the Soviet Union, the Ambassador of Mongolia. Had engaged in
hockey, boxing, football and other sports. Served in the Spanish Olympic Committee
member, First Vice-Chairman, Mediterranean Games Preparatory Committee
Vice-Chairman, Spain Skating Association, 1956 Winter Games, 1960 Rome
Olympics and 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Spain, Teams, an international competition Boat
Association President.
?He enjoys collecting art, sports stamps. December 1982, the establishment of the
International Olympic Philately Federation, was elected the Chairman. Like to collect
sports stamps. Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch was elected chairman, Avery Brundage of
the times completely closed about the organization, strong reform and opening up
institutions so that international organizations have become ever more active and
vitality. And face the reality of the so-called amateur cancellation provisions, and
relying on the International Olympic Committee, international sports organizations,
the three pillars of the national Olympic Committee, the Olympic together to a new
era in which the Olympic Games as the world's highest level of sports
competitions, The city hosted the Olympic Games represents the supreme honor, and
unlimited business opportunities.
International Olympic Committee Juan Antonio Samaranch, the 20 year leadership, as
the world's oldest, most influential and richest international organizations.
Juan Antonio Samaranch was born in Barcelona, Spain, a wealthy textile family
business, graduated from the German Institute of Advanced Business Institute and
Barcelona, fluent in Spanish, French, English, Russian and German. His father
instilled his passion for sports brought him a number of effects, leading his sports
organization to assume responsibility. He was keen on football, boxing, roller skating
and ice hockey in particular, has become a hockey player. Retirement, he served as
Spain's national ice hockey coach, hockey, Spain in 1951, he was
appointed chairman of the Federation. People at work left a deep impression on him,
skating and roller hockey as the national chairman of the Association during the team
to participate in the World Championships. Youth organized a skating team, created
after the skating ball Association and served as President. A former professor of
economics at the University of bank directors, Barcelona and speaker level,
participation in organizations "Unity Party of Catalonia"; also in
1977 was appointed as Ambassador of Spain in the Soviet Union in 1991, Marquis
was the King of Spain granted knighthood.
1954 of the Spanish Olympic Committee.
In 1966, Samaranch was elected as IOC members, and continuously since 1974,
served as protocol officer, Executive Committee, Vice-President. In this way,
Samaranch "from inside" understanding of the International
Olympic Committee at all levels of sports bodies.
1967 - 1970 of the Spanish Olympic Committee President.
1974 - 1978, served as vice chairman of the International Olympic Committee.
Moscow in the Soviet Union in 1980, the International Olympic Committee selected
83 plenary session of the International Olympic Committee president, to succeed Lord
of Ireland, Michael Morris Killanin, has been in office until retirement in July 2001.
Retired as IOC honorary president for life, and presidency Olympic Museum in
Lausanne, Switzerland.
Samaranch's greatest wish before retirement, is hope the Olympics will be
held in China. July 2001, Beijing succeeded in its bid to host the 2008 Summer
Olympics for his surprise.
July 16, 2001 in Moscow, the 112th meeting of the International Olympic Committee
plenary session to retire, then was awarded the Olympic gold medal, and accept
"the International Olympic Committee Honorary Life President"
title. In the opening plenary session, Samaranch, Russian President Vladimir Putin
awarded "Medal of Honor."
Samaranch was a member of the public's main industry. He is also
renowned IESE Business School graduates.
Merry suave young man he was, contestants around; 22-year-old entered the business
shortly after Barcelona he became general manager of a leading textile enterprises; he
is a banker, is the world's leading companies in many members of the
Board; he was Spain's decisive political Person of the Year, served as
Speaker of City Council of Barcelona, Spain Spanish Sports Commission director and
ambassador in the Soviet Union and other important duties; in his presidency.
Members of the International Olympic Committee to become the world's
largest international organization, the Olympics are out of the woods, hot boom
Olympic Games is to become colorful; more important, he is an out of reformers,
sports commercial, Olympic and so was his career first ... ...
In 1997, the International Olympic Committee President Juan Antonio Samaranch has
been sitting here 17 years, during which went through countless twists and turns and
tribulations, but he has always been not down by the international sports arena side of
the banner, no one can replace him position. Samaranch has reached the seventies was,
but he is still in the status of the International Olympic Committee steady as a rock.
March 5, 1997, Juan Antonio Samaranch, the IOC executive board is pleased to
accept the request, re-election session of the International Olympic Committee
President. To this end, the International Olympic Committee President again amend
the retirement age from 75 years to 80 years old ... ...
April 20, 2010, Samaranch was admitted due to acute coronary insufficiency
Barcelona, Spain, the city of Kuala Lumpur Hospital. According to his son 萨马兰奇
萨 Lisaqisi said Samaranch in a serious condition. Geelong Hospital is one of
Spain's best hospitals, and many famous sports stars in the hospital after
April 21, 2010 13:25 pm (Beijing time at 7:25 p.m.), the former IOC president, Juan
Antonio Samaranch, honorary president of the Keelung Hospital in Barcelona with
acute coronary insufficiency due to death, the age of 89.