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John Forbes Nash (John Forbes Nash Jr.)

John Nash was born June 13, 1928. Electronics engineer father and teacher, the First
World War veterans. Nash, within hours of loneliness, although his parents take care
of increase, but the teacher that he was not gregarious poor social.

Nash started in college, in the pure mathematics of game theory, entered Princeton
University in 1948, after more like a duck. Princeton University, Ph.D. in his early
twenties when the just, but he's a non-cooperative game on the doctoral
thesis and other articles, he established the status of master of game theory. In the
20th century, the late 50s, he is a world-famous scientists. Especially in the economic
game theory in the field, he made a landmark contribution, after following the von
Neumann's greatest master of game theory. His well-known concept of
Nash equilibrium in non-cooperative game theory plays a central role. Researchers in
the follow-up contributions to game theory, are based on the concept above. As the
Nash equilibrium and continuous improvement for the proposed game theory is
widely used in economics, management, sociology, political science, military science
and other fields have laid a solid theoretical basis.

However, just as his career zenith when the 30-year-old Nash got a serious case of
schizophrenia. His wife, Alicia --- Department of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology graduates will demonstrate the Steel: She survived her husband by being
confined to the treatment, the days of isolation, the only son gone through the same
suffering from schizophrenia shock and grief ... ... long after half a century, her
patience and perseverance finally hit a great miracle: and her son, Nash Professor of
gradually recovered and won the Nobel Prize in Economics Prize in 1994.

Now, Nash has returned to normal, and start scientific research. He is now professor
of mathematics at Princeton University, but no longer teach. Schools often hold the
Department of Economics, Game Theory Forum, Nash sometimes participate in, but
he almost never speak to each time quietly, quietly go.

Little John - Nash, the Nobel laureate in economics of all the most unfortunate, it is
unfortunately the most lucky people.

Nash is not a perfect man, his strange behavior, deviant. Who want to give up U.S.
citizenship, almost abandoned the common-law girlfriend and son, and the love of his
good wife Alicia divorce ... ...
?Academic achievement
1950 and 1951, Nash's two articles on the importance of non-cooperative
game theory papers, completely changed people's views on competition
and the market. He proved that non-cooperative game and its equilibrium solution,
and prove the existence of a balanced solution, that is well-known Nash equilibrium.
Which reveals the game balance and economic balance of internal relations.
Nash's research laid the modern foundation of non-cooperative game
theory, game theory was basically research carried along the main line. However,
Nash has been the discovery of genius von Neumann's categorical denial,
before he was also affected by Einstein's cold. But deep down to challenge
authority, flouting the authority of nature, so Nash insisted his views, and eventually
became a great master. But for 30 years of serious mental torture, I am afraid that he
would have stood on the podium on the Nobel Prize, but also will not share this honor
with others.

Nash is a very gifted mathematician, his main contribution was from 1950 to 1951
when doctoral student at Princeton made. However, his genius found --- the balance
of non-cooperative game, that is, "Nash equilibrium" is not

Nash in 1948 to Princeton University Ph.D., Department of readings. That year he
was not yet 20 years old. Princeton was indeed outstanding, master of clouds. Einstein,
von Neumann, Liefuxieci (Mathematics Department Chairman), Albert Tucker, 阿伦
佐切奇, 哈罗德库恩, 诺尔曼斯蒂 Enluo De, Elf Fox ... ... and so on are all here.
Game theory is mainly von Neumann (1903-1957) established by the record. He was
born in Hungary, a mathematician of genius. He not only created the economic game
theory, and the invention of the computer. In the early 20th century, Semei Lu
(Zermelo), Borodin (Borel), and von Neumann had begun to study the precise
mathematical expression of game, until 1939, von Neumann met economist Oscar
Morgan Stern (Oskar Morgenstern), and cooperate with it to make game theory into
the broad field of economics.

In 1944 he co-Oscar Morgenstern's masterpiece, "Game Theory
and Economic Behavior," published, indicating that the modern system,
the initial formation of game theory. Although the nature of the problem with game
studies can be traced back to the 19th century or even earlier. For example, the 1838
Cournot (Cournot) duopoly game simple; 1883 1925 艾奇沃奇思 of Bertrand and
two oligarchic monopoly output and price; 2000 years ago, the descendants of the
famous Chinese military strategist Sun Wu Sun Bin Using game theory to help Tian
Ji's horse to win and so are all the seeds of early game theory, characterized
by sporadic, fragmentary studies, with a great chance, far from the system. Von
Neumann and Morgenstern's "Game Theory and Economic
Behavior," a book made of standard, extended and cooperative game
model concepts and analysis solutions, has laid a theoretical foundation for the
discipline. Cooperative game in the 20th century reached its peak 50 years. However,
Neumann's game theory are increasingly exposed the limitations, because
it is too abstract to make a very limited range of applications in a very long time,
people know very little about game theory research, only a few mathematicians
patents, so the influence is limited. It is at this time, non-cooperative game ---
"Nash equilibrium" came into being, and it marks the game
theory of the new era! Nash is not a step by step the students, he often absenteeism.
According to his classmates recalled, they simply can not remember when and Nash
have been together pieces of having had a required course, but Nash contends that at
least been to 斯蒂恩罗德 of algebraic topology.斯蒂恩罗德 precisely the founder
of this discipline, but not in the last few classes, Nash would not identify the course in
keeping with his taste. So, they leave. However, Nash, after all, an extraordinary
figure longitudinal excellence day, his broad range of each branch of the realm of
mathematics, such as topology, algebraic geometry, logic, game theory, etc., deeply
fascinated. Nash often shows hi

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