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John McCain Biography - DOC


									John McCain Biography

U.S. Senator, 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain and his wife
Cindy McCain.
John McCain Biography
John McCain won the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, making him 50
years of service for the country's remarkable career to new heights.
McCain as a naval aviator, prisoner of war in Vietnam, served as the Federal House of
Representatives and Senate, highlighted the consistent course of its life the core
character - outspoken and abide by the deeply rooted values and principles in mind,
heart perform their duties, determined not to change the independent nature.
He's kind of individuality, once set his North Vietnamese prison angry,
sometimes even to very dissatisfied with his Republican colleagues, but also earned
him millions of American voters support and admiration.
"Yearbook of American politics" that McCain is most qualified
to be known as the American hero's political circles. He was awarded the
Silver Star Medal, flying Cross and the Purple Heart and many other gold medals.
McCain in 2000 Republican presidential nomination race to attract a large number of
independent thinking American voters concerned about, so he has a very high
reputation of the further upgrade. Although defeated in the election campaign, but
McCain in the United States respected member of the Senate, especially in national
security issues, and a Republican one of the most influential people.
McCain's personal character and public image of the core elements of
lasting change possible is the individual sense of honor.
McCain in the "door gained" His memoirs, wrote:
"In prison, my cherished independence was the ridicule and abuse, but I
learned from the collective loyalty to the country to find their own dignity. All honor
all resides in the obligation. I fight alongside comrades accepted our mission, and
winning this honor. "
Early career
August 29, 1936, 约翰西德尼麦 Kane was born in the United States hosted the
Panama Canal Zone. His father and grandfather were U.S. Navy Admiral.
McCain's family originated in the Scottish Highlands from military history,
and can be traced back to eighteenth-century American War of Independence, was one
of McCain's ancestors had served in the hands of George Washington.
Like other military families, McCain's childhood vagrant, often with a
father's job transfers from one naval base to migrate to another naval base.
This vagrant life may bring up McCain's independent uninhibited
personality factors. As he himself put it: "Whenever a new school, I
eagerly, take the liberty to go to make new friends, to replace the loss of old
friends ... ... every time a new school, I was increasingly hopeless to unpleasant.
In 1954, McCain graduated from Virginia Episcopal High School in Alexandria, and
then perform a "no choice but to promise" to enter the U.S.
Naval Academy student. In school, he completed his own words "four
years of disobedience and rebellion course." He got a friendly easy-going,
enthusiastic party's reputation, not because of unrestrained and repeated
acts of leaving a bad record, academic performance has been poor. In 1958, he was
coming to an graduate student in the class ranked fifth from the bottom.
Navy pilot and prisoner of war
McCain was appointed naval officer entered the Florida flight school in Pensacola,
where he was the pilot certificate. The early 60s of last century, McCain has several
times as the aircraft carrier deployed to the Mediterranean. Mid-60s, with the United
States more deeply involved in the Vietnam War, McCain wants to be a commander,
he realized outstanding operational performance is the best way to achieve this ideal.
McCain 1967, North Vietnamese coast, anchored in the northern Gulf,
"Forrestal" aircraft carrier on the service. Once, when he was
driving the A-4 attack aircraft was about to take off, the flight deck from the fire, the
fire enveloped his plane was, but he survived. Before long, McCain voluntarily from
the mobilization of the damage to the aircraft carrier "Oriskany"
was another aircraft carrier squadron.
October 26, 1967 an incident completely changed the fate of McCain. Bombing of a
power plant in Hanoi, the one surface-to his right wing A-4 attack aircraft destroyed.
McCain is falling from the plane parachute, into the center of the lake in Hanoi, two
arms and a knee fracture. Captured, he started five and a half years a prisoner of life,
often subject to brutal treatment and torture. He has been transferred to a few of these
North Vietnamese prisoner of war camp.
Like other American POWs, McCain was often tortured by guards and interrogators,
the other for military intelligence purposes or for nothing more than anti-American
propaganda statements. He refused to accept the promise of early release after being
beaten continuously for several days and finally forced to sign a tortured statement,
which made him once a severely depressed and Zican. However, he re-emerged from
a personal low, won the "indomitable" reputation, it is his
fellow prisoners of war, prisoners of war to the highest title of the most powerful.
McCain will be his prisoner of war life (including two years in solitary confinement)
to show the indomitable spirit of the attributed belief. He was God, our country, to
prisoners of war have firm confidence companions. On the heroic and unyielding
when fellow prisoners of war, McCain said: "They are one of my light,
courage and faith of the lamp, which lit up the glorious return of the road. In order to
always see it in the light, I am overcome the panic and despair. "
Into the political arena
January 1973, the United States and North Vietnam signed a peace agreement, the
agreement includes the release of all prisoners of war. McCain then freed March 15.
He was seriously injured during the war, when the news camera showed him from
carrying his limping back to free the plane to go down. In order to restore the body,
McCain has made unremitting efforts, the Navy pilots eventually regain eligibility.
From 1973 to 1974, McCain enrolled in the State, based in Washington, military
academy, his thesis explores the indomitable spirit of the prisoners of war. Later, a
work made his life a new turn. In 1977, McCain began as a Navy liaison officer in the
United States Senate. "New York Times" said in a report, to fill
the position McCain favorite legislative disputes "Zhang force,"
he across the ideological divide, the establishment of a wide range of personal
friendship and working relationship, this later became its Senate career characteristics.
In 1981, McCain gave up the opportunity promoted to Admiral, retired from the Navy
and moved to his second wife Cindy's home state of Arizona. Previously,
he and Cindy married in 1980. In 1982, his first run for public office, with 66% of the
votes was elected as the first congressional district of Arizona's federal
House of Representatives, and re-elected in 1984. In 1986, his campaign for Senate,
won Yinge De Walt - 1964 Republican presidential nominee out of retirement and the
empty seats.
Early tenure in the Senate, McCain's focus is defense, and veterans
assistance and normalization of relations between Vietnam and his personal
experience closer to that question. In the last issue, he is a Vietnam War hero with
Democratic Senator John Kerry closely. Years later, John Kerry became the
Democratic presidential candidate in 2004 and was political attacks that he tampered
with military service records, McCain stood up for old comrades in arms to defend
war record.
McCain has repeatedly take the initiative to cooperate with Democrats. To solve the
complicated, controversial issues, his efforts with the Senate Democratic colleagues to
build consensus, sometimes successfully, such as the normalization of relations with
Vietnam, and sometimes fail, as he and Senator Kennedy's efforts to solve
the problem of illegal immigration.
Senator McCain has had his fourth consecutive term accumulation of a large number
of mainstream political beliefs consistent with the Republican congressional voting
record, including the establishment of a strong national defense, lower taxes, opposed
the appointment of judges and radical opposition to abortion and so on. However, he
also maintained the independence of many issues, such as advocating campaign
finance reform, firmly opposed to a waste of federal funds for "meat barrel
funding," and members of Congress eager to project their own practice of
earmarking of funds.
Presidential campaign
McCain's first foray into the presidential election in 2000, when he was a
competitive Republican presidential nomination of the candidate. Many voters like his
frank, self-deprecating humor and blunt style - these qualities have not only attracted
the attention of the national electorate, but also help him get beyond the traditional
partisan divide support; he used to run around the bus labeled " respect
Express. " McCain later state primaries in the new Han Buer recognized
leader in unexpected defeat George W · Bush. Because the state held the first primary
in the country was regarded as extremely important. However, since his campaign in
other states for failing to attract a sufficient number of Republican core voters
frustrated. In large states such as California and New York lost, the McCain campaign
abandoned, and finally expressed support for Bush. In the November election, Bush
was elected president, the White House returned to the hands of Republicans.
Years later, McCain in U.S. politics has always maintained a high profile. Congress
finally passed in 2002, John McCain and Democratic Senator Feingold co-sponsored
the landmark campaign finance reform bill. McCain advocated a strong national
defense policy pursued in support of the decision in 2003 to enter Iraq, but he was on
military deployment early in the war have made sharply critical.
In 2004, McCain, 77% of the vote the fourth elected senator, his opponent was only
21% of the vote. In the race the 2008 Republican presidential nominee's
campaign, he was regarded as a strong competitor, it was even him as a leader.
However, as many Republican candidates enter the race and in 2007 began the second
year of primary and pre-conference marathon campaign organization,
McCain's campaign for changes in campaign staff, funding shortfalls and
the public investigation began to decline in support for the internal collapse.
In his campaign in the doldrums, the McCain indomitable spirit - it is this spirit that
he survived the POW years - again to help him survive. One of his advisers had told
him: "I prepared for you a very complex strategy. In this race you have to
hold on until the others all fall."
This is what McCain has done. McCain did not participate in the Iowa primaries at the
first national event, but desperate, focusing on Jan. 8 New Hampshire primary,
because in 2000 he had great success in the state. There he spent several months, and
New Hampshire to view independent voters, known civil government held 101
meetings, and finally achieved a victory over Republican rival crucial victory. While
other states early elections, John McCain, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt
Romney and former Arkansas governor Maikeheka evenly matched than can be said
between, but McCain was on February 6 "super week 2 "in
more than 20 states hold primaries the same time to consolidate his position as a
leader. McCain in the population of California, Illinois, New York and other states to
win the votes accumulated on behalf of other competitors to catch up. March 4, 2008,
McCain in Ohio and Texas won, bringing the cumulative number of votes on behalf of
more than necessary to get the Republican nomination of 1191 votes.
A McCain era in power?
In his campaign, McCain's age, attention; if elected, McCain will be sworn
in 72 years, becoming the oldest in U.S. history the first President. He has been trying
to eliminate people on their age and health concerns are suitable for the office of
President, to run for a very crowded schedule, and give full play to his
self-deprecating good humor - said he, "so old as dirt" and
"scars than more than Frankenstein "(Note: Mary
Shelley's novel Frankenstein is the monster in human form). McCain
sometimes his strong and healthy 96-year-old mother to the rally venue, you may
want to convey the subtle message that his health and energy needs competent to the
office of President.
McCain's campaign platform not only reflects his traditional policy of
support of many Republicans, and reflects his willingness to develop his view the
need to implement the new route. He was an early outspoken raised more troops to
Iraq, and has been advocated to achieve stability in Iraq and Afghanistan to keep U.S.
troops before. He also advocated an active fight against international terrorism. These
ideas embody the principles of current U.S. policy. His energy plan calls for expanded
use of nuclear power, to carry out more offshore oil drilling; and his economic
policies, including the promulgation and implementation of President
Bush's term, substantial tax cuts permanent.
But on other issues, McCain promised to take a different approach with the current
government. For example, he emphasized foreign policy to strengthen cooperation
with U.S. allies. He also pledged to global warming and climate change phenomenon
to a more positive response, including to the United States in 2050 to reduce the
amount of greenhouse gas emissions to 60%.
No matter the outcome of the 2008 election, John McCain will no doubt whom he
made valuable contributions to this country continue to serve, the reason in his
autobiography in brilliant exposition. He recalled his experiences of prisoners of war
in North Vietnam did, wrote: "So I lost some time after the United States
realized how much I love this country."
The following article was published at John McCain ○ ○ 三年 三月 十二 Day
"New York Times," from this article, we can understand Senator
McCain's position on the Iraq issue. This blogger Xi Gu support Senator
McCain's view.
Just war justification
John McCain
U.S. may be about to destroy the regime of Saddam Hussein to disarm Iraq. We do not
know whether they can get the UN Security Council authorization, but whether
authorized or not, was ordered to complete this mission for the men and women proud
of their just cause.
Critics say the destruction of the Saddam Hussein regime, military operations, in a
word, unjust. This objection based on a "just war" based on the
principles. They believe that once the U.S. military attack on Iraq would violate this
Important argument is that we have not exhausted all nonviolent means to encourage
Iraq's disarmament by force. They have a point, if not non-violent means
exhaustive means that the United States can not tolerate non-violent means of endless
failure. After years of economic sanctions, weapons inspections in two different
pressure, several Security Council resolutions and the current more than 200,000 U.S.
and British army arrives, Saddam Hussein refused to give up his weapons of mass
destruction. Only stubborn refusal to face reality and make people believe that we will
rush to open a war. The unpleasant reality is that, by continuing to use violence to
maintain political power of the tyrant, will not give non-violent means
These critics also point out that our weapons can not distinguish between military and
civilians. World War II who threw the bomb in Berlin and Tokyo also have no eyes,
those bombs to change the justice of the war, it? Although we have tried to minimize
the weapons on innocent civilian casualties, some level of civilian casualties are
inevitable. However, the loss of such war, the war in the past than the much smaller;
the death toll than the Iraqi regime continued to maintain the rule of the use of lethal
violence each year the number of people harmed much less; their risk than the
members of the U.S. war in order to prevent civilian deaths the risk of great danger to
light more.
Critics of the U.S. "open attack" (the opening hours of the
conflict) of the strategy - in the first 48 hours use of more than 3000 pieces of
precision bombs and missiles - is calculated to undermine the Iraqi people defeat the
claim is wrong. The strategy is to undermine and defeat the Iraqi army and Iraqi
leaders to stop military use of weapons of mass destruction or the neighbors, and stop
them from further atrocities against the Iraqi people.
If Saddam Hussein continues to build the world's most destructive weapons
factory, this time we used military force will be smaller than expected casualties in the
face of threats we used force.
Many people in our government's basic loyalties and allegiances should
have made a mistake. The American people, not the United Nations, President Bush is
sworn whom speak for only groups. Compared to those who seek to disarm the Iraqi
regime fully, but insist on this requirement is necessary in the way does not shrink
before the other members of the Council, the Bush administration is clearly more
concerned about the credibility of the Council. However, the lack of commitment to
the Council not to lift the U.S. president to U.S. national security responsibilities.
House and Senate in a solid majority of both authorize the President to use armed
force to disarm Saddam Hussein. But he needed all of this authority.
Many critics believe that by changing the power structure to the disarmament of Iraq
will not lead to a gradual peace. Such efforts certainly at risk. But no one can
accurately argue that Saddam Hussein, that the community does not effectively
improve the status of regional stability and U.S. interests and values of safety. Saddam
Hussein is an aggressor adventurism, he attacked four countries, the use of chemical
weapons and kill their own people, claimed wanting to harm the United States and its
allies, even in the face of its power to destroy Qian Jing, still refuses to comply with
the Council He demands to disarm.
The Islamic world resented the United States, are not Iraqis celebrating the end of the
cruel regime cheers reduced? Brutal government under the rule of the Muslim people
to see the heroic human rights protection by the United States - to use those rights to
be critics interpreted the definition of justice is very cheap value - will not feel
encouraged to please you?
Our armed forces will fight for peace in Iraq. This peace is the establishment of
security in the Middle East more secure than today on the basis of peace. In particular,
the important thing is that our armed forces will be two more than the great human
values of peace and war: freedom and justice. Some of our soldiers will die in this just
cause. God bless them, is willing to honor their love of human sacrifice.

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