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									Jiangnan Fu, most Hangzhou
Empire State Building, a luxury department store built in Hangzhou on turnover can
be chartered
2009-11-1 Author: From: International Finance News

Aerial view of building complex in Hangzhou
Get people good fortune. Jin Yan House wanted to come with emotion, of the last
century 90's, to Hangzhou "Ten mall" After years of
scouring strain liquids, mostly closed, "Job" or
"remarried" and is found difficult to find.
He never expected that to take over this year after a loss, "Ten Shang
Chang," Top "Little Nine" department store, one day
were turned into a day to create their own over one million net profit, international top
brands,     "density"        Xiong      Guan      at     home      and
"commercial represents enormous. "
"In recent years, Hangzhou Tower Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to
Hangzhou Building) optical card fee is 40 million per year, first in the
country." In fact, this time as chairman and general manager of Hangzhou
Tower, his heart than anyone else unambiguous , ship their own hand at the helm of
the "business represents enormous" sail has wide water river
As usual, climbed seven floors breath.
There is no elevator in the office, Lou Yan's interest payment once again
reached a high point. "Hangzhou Building about one shop
'Jin' city, area enlarged twice, as (Hangzhou) Government
'100 complex' gain an advantage over those."
Interviewed, the floor, smiling Kim Yan.
Full Moon "Z" shape curve
September 25, Hangzhou Building C, "Kun and shop" veil
Thus, the Hangzhou Tower to "Z" word commercial curve,
completed from a single shop to the "city" magnificent
transfiguration, an upgraded version of the high-end shopping city will increase to
180,000 square meters, Perceived upgrade again.
Linked to inflammation in the House Office of gold "Z" word
composition, a clear outline of the Hangzhou Mansion, "City
Times" Skeleton: A Block, the top female jewelry, luxury items side by
side and parallel synthesis, Block B, Block D after the expansion of Zhejiang branch
of China's most popular brands ; C Block upscale home, connected by a
cross-street bridges, each other horns, shops and more rope City, forming a perfect
"'Z' word golden coastline."
Hangzhou Tourism Group introduced to the newspaper, while its building is a shop in
Hangzhou, accommodation, catering, tourism and many other business functions for
the integrated service companies. 1988, and Macao Nam Kwong (Group) Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Building Co., Ltd. joint venture.
This is the sixth building in Hangzhou off. "Golden Four
Seasons" buildings "Jin", said the city has been the
industry's assessment: "complete, perfect." National
Day Golden Week rush at the last weekend before the festival opened the city to come
to Hangzhou sightseeing holiday "shopping" for people to
preset the imagination.
But had a moment of full moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival, C Block,
"Kun and shop," Kaimennake, inflammatory remarks in the
House payment constitutes another successful: "This marks the success of
Hangzhou Building Shopping Mall has' brand concept store + topic current
Park ', the initial import the Hangzhou Government building in the central
business district in Hangzhou Wulin' Central 'strategic plan.
The set of soldiers, scholars and businessmen experience in a building not hide his
head of "Business Strategy", 1998, he sat across from this place
or the new Denon mall, and later by their own mergers. "Since then, the
Hangzhou Tower embarked on the expansion of the road." 10 years time,
Hangzhou building a perfect interpretation of "making the city"
story, future goals, to emulate Japan's six-wood Park, Korea, Lotte World
other super-luxury shopping center.
Jiangnan Fu, most Hangzhou
118,000 yuan a cell phone, take it or leave?
Woman wearing glasses reading a few minutes, very neatly brush card, will this phone
into a bag. B, the counter, priced close to a million diamond watches, at the moment,
is surrounded by a group of people challenge test.
Transfiguration Hangzhou Building Shopping Mall, brings together the
world's         most     high-end     brand,     high    price     of    goods
"together." ABCD 4 as four small Shopping Mall 190 from
around the world gathered this brand, in addition to 40 international brands, there are
many designer brand manual.
In the House, you can buy Lancome, SK-Ⅱ, Estee Lauder, Bvlgari and other leading
cosmetics, you can buy Stone Island, The Jeans Bar and so on for fashion brands, you
can also buy D & G, DKNY, etc. International brand accessories and
SPEEDO, Ordos and the lowest price luxury home refrigerator should 100 thousand
yuan; of course, LV, DIOR and so ultimately, the world's luxury brands
must. According to building stakeholders, at present, building the brand as much as 65
thousand kinds of Hangzhou.
"CCTV interview, ask, 'What high-end products to bring in, not
afraid to not sell it?' I replied, 'in Hangzhou, fear has no product
to sell, if they are good products, to, there is no . '"F, Yan Jin
smug when interviewed.
He told reporters, Hangzhou, strong spending power. Launched last month of 60 villas,
all sold out two hours, the average of a thousand million. "We are building
it did, more than 100 million watches, just Baishangguitai sold out, a little more
expensive jewelry will face rush. Two or three hundred million to after Bentley cars
"Luxury goods store is sold to a person's goods, make a
thousand personal money." Floor, straight Chen Jin Yan Cheats own
Single-shop "alone lead"
Early just to start selling native of Hangzhou, Hangzhou Building (formerly
Hangzhou industrial buildings), to now become synonymous with high-end
department stores.
Kim Yan told this House: "In the secondary cities of Hangzhou Tower, in
the country for 6 consecutive years of single-store sales, profits and taxes are the first,
more than belong to 'top three' of the international metropolis of
Beijing Wangfujing and Shanghai No. 1 Yaohan. "
Seemingly ad "dialogue", hold the huge amount of pride.
According to deputy party secretary of Hangzhou Tower Co., Ltd. Yi-Min Hu
introduced, Hangzhou Building 16 consecutive double-digit growth in sales of profit,
units are effective and yield the net assets of leading department stores nationwide.
The average monthly income is 56 thousand employees, cosmetic counters and more
one or two million, comes as the country's highest; the same time, building
return on net assets was 65%, the whole was quite effective. Tax is 300 million yuan
last year, this year may be 350 million yuan, profits to more than more than 400
million yuan.
"Last year, (Hangzhou) Building Lancome counter sales of the
world's first single; OMIGA the first in Asia, annual sales of more than
8000 million." September 15, Hangzhou Building Shopping Center Co.,
Ltd. General Manager, General Manager and Executive Vice strong public acceptance
of child newspaper interview said.
"Year profits to be made in Hangzhou two buildings stood, only a small
travel agency subordinate building, the amount of packages a day operating an aircraft
under more than enough." Floor, Jin-yan no secret, "many
international counterparts that we are 'the most department stores to make
money '. "
"In fact, the national department store layout are the same. Looking for
new ideas is very important. In the USA after 3 months, I realized that to go
'high end' line. I believe that expansion will certainly enhance
future earnings pushed. Facts have proved that I am right. "floor, Jin-yan
said with a smile.
He explained that began in 2000, Hangzhou, all mid-level building has a two-way
permit. Hangzhou Tower is the taxpayer, only a few pilot projects in Zhejiang
Province, after the general manager may grant the leave. "Mobilize them to
Hong Kong 'eye-opener', a good experience to learn to come
back, such as D buildings, commercial buildings in Hong Kong and almost look
"Empire" of the boundaries
However, in the floor gold-yen, "made the city plan", it seems
to eat the Wulin Square is the ultimate goal. 600,000 square meters of shopping center,
is in his mind the real "luxury empire."
"Engage in Hangzhou city government complex, Hangzhou is also
prepared to engage in complex buildings. Divided into 3 steps away, and now the first
step has been completed, and shopping the city was born; second step is under
construction around the metro, the subway built around high-profile shopping centers ;
the last step, around the building and recycling, the entire shopping center will reach
600,000 square meters, wining, dining and fully equipped. "floor, Jin-yan
said," This is my idea of building shopping empire. "Kim Yan
and his House high-level expression of the same team.
In fact, the completion of being put to the "three step",
Hangzhou Building Shopping City aboard the ship in order to become a true
commercial business "aircraft carrier."
Floor, very fine gold Yan Operator: "Just four stores can not be regarded as
the city, only to WuLin piece together all the Jinong be considered as the city, now
only the first phase of the project, including the subway came in after the stages of the
project together is the way of. To do that, we made subway, shops, after we completed.
we accounted for 55% -65% of the shares, 40% -45% subway stake. "
But he did not give a timetable for the back two. Because "the demolition
is not a good grasp of difficult elements." Hangzhou Building and Hang
Lung, the fundamental difference between Vientiane, the first planning further
development, "We are in the latter part of the implementation of
transformation, 老城区改造 costly."
"So we have to base Wulin Square, Hangzhou building will become bigger
and stronger, on this basis to develop real estate. Shaoxing, Zhuji, Taizhou, Yiwu and
other places, have been opened in Hangzhou in the name of the shop building, we sent
to management. first Benbu strategy must become bigger and stronger. "
Paradise "smoke" the future
"CR Vientiane City soon to open in areas such as lot better than we do.
Now four malls put together one of the reasons is to fully exploit the resources of
what next to deal with future competition." Deputy general manager Yu
Xiaoxiang cold Hangzhou Tower Hotel tide.
In fact, the building Kaesong. Not completed their full upgrade, also cited provoke the
industry's attention.
Reporter noted, standing lakeside business district of Hangzhou Liberation, has been
finalized "local campaign" blueprint for the future, plans to use
3-5 years, their stores will be connected with the bridge, work together to build
shopping, dining, entertainment and other supporting as one of the major cutting-edge
shopping another empire, operating area up to more than 10 million square meters, the
force pressed Hangzhou Building.
According to sources, as in "heaven" in Hangzhou Intime also
being the "fat body" movement.
A city, three commercial giants "face to face", did not play has
been strong. The rapid rise of Qianjiang New 240,000 square meters of body is eyeing
Vientiane City, State fierce.
Insiders estimate, Hangzhou Building, solution 100 and Intime "Big
Three" of the action will the department store business area of Hangzhou,
increased sharply, from 3 to 5 years, at least double than the current growth. Vientiane
City, and so if you count the new shopping centers, the number will increase
significantly. Intensity will be significantly higher than the national competition.
"Points to shop is located a certain distance from the core outward to form
an extension of a radius, which was the private so-called 'circle'.
And Shanghai's Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road, Xujiahui and the like. Well,
Hangzhou Building, Intime, Who can seek solutions of 100 business district in the
'core' is the key. "September 22, East China
University Business School, an interview, Dr. Hai-Feng Yan said," As far
as I understand it, there Hangzhou Huanglong business district, Lake business district,
there are Evergreen Garment features Street, the city's future will not be
weak commercial smoke, while living in martial arts business district of Hangzhou
Tower seems more advantage. "
Crisis "latent" time
Recently, the French luxury brand "predators" Hermes (Hermes)
announced this year's mid-term filing shows its leather goods and saddlery
in the first half sales increased by 28%, and plans to build the world's
fourth in China, "Hermes House. " Why is the moment in the
global economic downturn, Hermes up to buck the trend?
Similarly, Hangzhou building in the financial crisis was not over time, Hui Ge
shopping city, are a luxury unique crisis, "immune"?
"For luxury, the biggest crisis is the best opportunity to tie this building,
and last year, profits rose slightly illustrative enough." Floor, Jin-yan did
not avoid the cross-examination, "in 2003, SARS crisis, Hong Kong is the
hardest hit Domestic customers can not buy luxury goods in Hong Kong, to take this
opportunity to Lancome, SK-Ⅱ, Estee Lauder, Bvlgari brand was introduced to the
world, such as Hangzhou Building. "
"As far as I know, the year the industry is not only a loss of Hangzhou
Building. From this example, I have reason to say that the economic crisis is the
opportunity 10 years ago, the new M & Dragons Hangzhou Tower is at the
mall of moving the hands into the Depression Without that determination, to seize the
opportunity, Hangzhou building would not have today. "House of Kim Yan
He was conscious, although sales of Hangzhou Tower is worth mentioning, LV sales
even more than the Hang Lung Plaza. Watches, cosmetics, women are the first in the
country. However, the most long-term "crisis" is precisely the
lack of brand awareness of Chinese enterprises has been fatigue life in the
"OEM", "no intellectual property rights was
Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee
Secretary Wang Guoping, an interview, commented: "Business tourism
complex in Hangzhou Tower is a 'golden idea'.'s
Biggest feature is the use of stock resources to build trade and tourism complex, give
full play to the 'prime 'The' gold-effective '.
Business culture, "base"
Prior to that, "Forbes," the Chinese version to 661 cities in
mainland China market size and potential weight subjects, who came up with a
commercial city rankings: Hangzhou ranked first in the mainland the top three, out of
Beijing, Shanghai before.
The lake shore Wulin Square is the most psychological identity and collective
memory of the place, "fear of fish outside the martial arts child",
Hangzhou building right in the crowded, bustling Wulin Square, Fu
Sheng's "insiders."
"Canal throat briefly to" Wulin Plaza is located at the world
famous Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in the end, the rise of the city of Hangzhou,
development and prosperity rely on the canal.
Interestingly, China's largest commercial entities in building a single store
in Hangzhou and the virtual first of Taobao, appear in the beautiful West Lake. The
so-called "one of a virtual reality" hidden deep.
Why always lead a new era of business in Hangzhou? Hangzhou, Hong Kong and
Macau Tower earlier learning experience, but why now purely domestic investment,
Lane Crawford, 30 first-line brand, all-people management, and finally
"defeated Hang Area"?
"Hangzhou has 40 business management, have a little bit of
communication, on to government departments, down to the street aunt (red armband
tube health). This, they will not acclimatized." Floor gold inflammation
given away.
Vice Mayor Zhang Jianting Hangzhou, said in an interview, as in 2008 was named
Most Valuable CBD Central Business District, martial arts business district in the next
5-10 years will be to create as well as Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou, financial,
commerce, business, culture and leisure, and other modern service industries Heights.
"Hangzhou Building, Kun and the center of West Lake Cultural Plaza, bear
their own business, financial, cultural, recreational and other functions, contrarian
advance, skill in depth." Zhang Jianting said.
Ebb and flow.
Early 80s of last century, the beautiful Hangzhou, a bit pattern of only two malls:
solution 100 and small Luzon. Small Luzon to operate department stores, especially
lingerie features. Today, the old font size small Luzon stand still listed on the Jiefang
Road, but has withdrawn from the department store, turn into sports fashion business
franchise stores. With just over a shop floor more than 400 square meters, 2 floor,
leased to the mobile phone retailer, three fourth floor of the warehouse was leased to a
fitness center.
With the reform and opening up the development of the last century 90's,
Hangzhou stores up more gradually, the old foundation of Hangzhou's
"Great Market" is also in the rise of that time: Solutions 100,
Department Store, Hangzhou Building, National Assembly, Workers Union Building,
Heavenly Realm, King Fuk department stores, two light buildings, commercial and
supply and marketing of new Dragon House.
This is the industry calls "Hang Area Ten shopping malls."
The late 90s of last century, large shopping malls into a sluggish period. In addition to
Hangzhou Building, solution 100 and other large shopping centers surging vitality of
the rest are ill-fated.
December 1992 opening of the new Denon commercial, mergers in 1998 by
Hangzhou Tower, a building B, Hangzhou.
Two light flashed building 365 days a year in 1996, cheap bargain every day banner.
Department store industry has now faded.
Has been listed in the "top ten shopping centers," the fourth
supply and building of Hangzhou, located in the alley near the official Jiefang Road,
has turned into a white swan supermarket. Has now become the new New Century
Hotel, no longer find it impossible to trace.
Notoriously Royal Plaza department store was north of the city's largest
department store, but because of poor management in 2005 have closed their doors.
Reopened morph into brand discount. But also because of poor management
department four years ago, closed their doors Gyeongbokgung, left this building 6
floors, about 1.4 million square meters of floor space. Its new owner, said there would
be construction of an inter-regional leisure business center, department stores that may
be completely out of Gyeongbokgung stage of history.
Trade union building, out of department stores in 2002 to work as the market, this
year due to closure with the subway construction and comprehensive, on May 30,
2009 the formal curtain call.
Heavenly Creations Art Gallery is several ups and downs, experienced a fire in
January 1994, after two years of reconstruction, re-opened in 1996. May be due to
previous fires cause debilitating mall, after the opening of Heavenly Creations Art
Studio in downtown previously difficult to vibration, and closed again in 2001.
Experienced several years of debt restructuring, according to the latest news,
September 21 this year, Heavenly Art Gallery re-opened again. A new 12-floor repair
new Heavenly Realm, targeting "the art of living theme-based shopping
centers," several hundred state-level arts and crafts domestic debut.

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