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Ji teaching first-year language teaching plan design _amp;quot;how to change the_amp;quot; X


									Ji teaching first-year language teaching plan design "how to change
the" X
On "Oral Communication" reflections on the nature of features
National curriculum standard first-year teaching elementary school language
textbooks have "Listen and Speak" to "oral
communication" to the teaching content to give a more rich and profound
meaning, we need to fully grasp. Here only in respect "oral
communication" about the nature and characteristics of some personal
Although the "Oral Communication" subjects in language of an
important teaching content, but because it Bushi to teach and for the purpose of
acquisition of subject knowledge, but rather 在 life situation of the language practice
Huodong exchanges Nengli Learned language as the primary goal, thus it is
essentially based on direct experience of students, the students close their life and
social life, and the role of ability in practice to improve student life form the new
As we all know, since the 20th century 90's, the world's nations,
regions have launched Le 旨在 challenges of the new century in the curriculum
reform Jucuo, showing Chu the common trend yes advocacy program to
Ertongjingyan and life back, to pursue courses of integration. The trend of curriculum
integration is not just changing a curriculum is organized, it is essentially a deep
reform of curriculum values. The current pursuit of subject teaching
"instrumental rationality", the people live in the world with its
separated, so close to each other all disciplines the mind of students to
"shape", a 1 +1 type of education is not the integrity of the final
led the students personality "fragmentation." When times
pedagogical return to the living world with the "popular culture"
integration, when the times when the overall development of personality, curriculum
integration has become inevitable. Primary school language teaching in China, there
exists the following shortcomings: First, subject-knowledge and skills training for the
purpose, ignoring the Xuesheng the sound development of personality; Second,
excessive reliance on the Jieshouxuexi Fang Shi, ignoring the practical learning
activities when the development value; third, to study and understand the enclosed in
books and detained in the course of the classroom, ignoring the people's
social experience is gained and the practical ability of the formation; Fourth, ignore
the integrity and the human world the holistic development of the original unity of
language in practice, science, art, morality and education activities separated. Thus, it
can be said: "Oral Communication" and "Listen and
Speak" compared to more shows of its practical and comprehensive, it is a
completely student-based and life experience to enhance student life communication
ability in the language of the core, while the development of students of science, art,
morality and quality is both practical and displays form a comprehensive curriculum.
Therefore, "Oral Communication" form such a course should
have the following several important features.
First, overall
The Living World is a holistic, people in oral intercourse necessarily reflect the
richness of life, not just a tool of development. In oral communication, students not
only in language ability will be development, but also in culture - culture is science,
art, morality generated by their fusion products - will have access to, whether
scientific, artistic or moral. It is in this language exchanges (ie exchanges of life), to
develop personality of students, so that "oral communication"
language of this integrated practice must be based on the integrity of the human
personality, based on the healthy development of every student.
Second, practical
Those who have a comprehensive practical activities, practical. "Oral
Communication" As the reality of student life and social practice-based
curriculum resources to explore, rather than academic knowledge to build the logical
sequence of course content, and therefore the selection of material in the teaching
content to students living closer to the practice and development needs to reflect the
greater flexibility to "teaching-centered" concept of
"oral communication" course is not desirable. In addition, the
"oral communication" to carry out language activities as the
main mode, with particular emphasis on the personal experience of the students to
experience and language of the interactive process, which requires every student to
actively participate in activities to practice the language, the language exchanges in
experience, experience, learn to communicate feelings, the development of human
contact and creative solutions to real problems. The teachers in this language practice
activities, neither is a "who teach", but can not be a
"indoctrinating",                 but        only         to          an
"organizer",                          "participant",
"facilitator" of the thief among students.
3, open
"Oral Communication" also has the open character. This open
first in goals, because each student's personality different and require
different, plus the "oral communication" in the content area may
be related to science, art, morality different aspects of the activity in which students
experience and awareness of , was also different, so "oral
communication" in open shows characteristics of objectives. It can not be
uniform, it can not be predetermined. Can be said that the process that is objective,
students exchanges in language what the specific participation in the process of what
would have access to. In the "oral communication" in
instructional design, we should be targeting the creation of language activities,
context, point to create an atmosphere of communication, point to the adoption
organization, the only way, "oral communication" is possible to
achieve the objectives rich, diverse. Secondly, the "oral
communication" open character is also reflected in curriculum content.
Students living in the world is colorful, and both have fantasy reality, there is a moral
science, and aesthetic. "Oral Communication" the contents of
the choice should be open to students throughout the living world, for a variety of
children's understanding of the needs and changes with the change in
student life. Finally, the "Oral Communication" openness is also
reflected in the diversity of the evaluation criteria. As the students in oral
communication activities is produced by a variety of practical experience,
performance in activities is highly personalized, and thus learn the result is different,
so they formed "Oral Communication" evaluation criteria open,
we can not measure the same angle and to measure the student's
performance in oral communication, the best way for students to evaluate their oral
communication activities in the performance and experience of income, to make
qualitative and is a sure of self-evaluation.
4, generation
"Oral Communication" is a characteristic of another generation,
this is it determined the course of sexual orientation. While conducting
"oral communication" before practice, teachers need to carry
out overall planning process of activities have a well-designed, but this merely
reflects the "oral communication" activities planned
arrangements, does not mean the practice of oral communication activities process is
a clear certainty, is the default. As the students are real people one by one, in the oral
communication process, his emotions, feelings by the surrounding environment, and
his language is Smart, students and language communication between students is
fresh, not control and, therefore, the process of oral communication is an organic
whole, is generated in nature, absolutely can not be designed in accordance with a
target good mechanical assembly process. Therefore, the prior oral communication
lesson planning and design can only be a frame, the plate-style, on the formation of
oral communication activities, but has a guiding role, not restrict it treated as a linear
development. Because oral communication with generative characteristics of oral
communication classes so teachers should closely monitor the development of oral
communication activities in the state, in a timely manner ", transition from
the" inspiration, coaching role, to make activities more productive.
Development needs of the times, the "Oral Communication"
This new program forms should be transported in our small field of language teaching.
How to treat it, and to perform its functions properly, role, has become an important
subject was placed in each front of a small language educators. Students in the
practice of life growing in the life experience continues to mature, continue to
improve in self-understanding - this should be the "oral
communication" in the ultimate pursuit
Author: Guo-Min Zhang
Source: Phoenix Language
Happy oral communication exercises
First, look to talk about
Visual image of the easiest things to children. This requires us to select the
communication materials, more attention to image quality, so that students expressed
in the face of the object, there is more to say. In "to talk about my favorite
toys" activities, as I let each student bring their favorite toy, to guide their
children closer look, look, after that, from the toy's color, look, games are
played such as presentation and that clear why they like this toy. Exchanges, let the
kids choose the object of exchange, to find classes best friend introduced each other,
and then came to power Biyi Bi, see who their favorite toys to introduce the best.
Students with immense interest, that desire is very strong.
Second, listen to talk about
Junior students often interesting, lively plots, full of fantasy literature for children
showed great interest. According to this feature, I listen to the story, the story of the
way to get students to repeat spoken language training. Teachers tell a vivid story
short, students say the first group, the group stage games and then recommended the
students tell other students comments. Thus, not only training the spoken language,
the students listening, memory and the courage to speak in public has become more
3, compiled code talk
In order for students to imagine the wings to fly more freely, sometimes, I purposely
story begins, to enable students to fully imagine, to the princess through and at the
end, as long as reasonable are encouraged. If the team race, class form of the game,
then the mood of the students even more high, with better effect. This kind of
imagination and association to form the content of oral communication efforts and a
more interesting thought.
4, speech, said speech

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