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Italy's capital and largest city - Rome, is the political, economic, cultural
and transportation center, located in central and southern Apennine peninsula west of
the Tiber River in the hilly plains, 25 km east of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the city an area
of 200 square kilometers. Ancient city in North of Metro in the South - it's
in the 20th century built 20 to 50 years, which is a modern skyscraper city flower Lei
Feng. Where the Holy See - Vatican City is located in the northwest corner of Old
Town district. Although Rome did not make the top ten cities in the world, but
thousands of years, people feel more familiar and friendly to Rome, and many people
has always cherished its sense of mystery and admiration - because it was "
imperial capital of the world ", is a city created a glorious civilization.

Rome has a unique reason for being called the world's cities. It appears in
more than 700 years BC, and historical and cultural city of Suzhou in China, as more
than 2,500 years of history. Since this Du ancient and prosperity, few in the world. In
ancient times, it is first the capital of the Roman Republic, which lasted nearly 500
years, followed by wearing a crown the capital of the Roman Empire up to 503 years;
in the Middle Ages, as the capital of the Papal States over the 11th century (AD 756 ~
1870 ); followed it into the Kingdom of Italy after the reunification of the
kingdom's capital. It is the largest ancient church, who would have thought,
as early as 1900 years ago, Empire, Rome lived more than 100 million people! Where
economic prosperity and convenient transportation, and cultural prosperity,
people's lives prosperous, unique in the world.

Rome is an artistic treasure, and cultural city, "city resembles a giant
open-air museum." Ancient ruins in Rome, stands the Imperial Senate, the
Arc de Triomphe, Chi Gong column, Pantheon and the Colosseum and other world
famous monuments; There are also many fine Renaissance architecture and art. In
addition, the City Hall front steps next to the ancient times placed in the cages there,
Rome's she-wolf emblem of the image, and the city its name, are some
magical mystery.


Milan is Italy's second largest city, the capital of Lombardy, Milan is the
capital of the country's most important economic center, the
"economic capital", is also the cradle of art and the home of
many talented people, it is a kind of Italian way of life unique way of working and the
home, it is considered the most important city of Italy. Urban area of 181.75 square
kilometers, a population of about 2 million, 122 meters above sea level, in the Po
Plain, Piedmont Alps, strategic importance.

It is recorded that the Gauls in about six hundred years BC coming here, creating a
residential center, the Celtics became the capital. Roman interest in this center, in AD
234, and stationed troops occupied Milan, Milan, in the military, political and
economic rapid development of the Western Roman Empire 科西米亚诺 become the
seat of the emperor's palace. AD 313, Emperor Constantine in the
promulgation of the Edict, to the legalization of Christ, the famous "Edict
of Milan" in the history of Christianity has an important position. After the
fall of Rome, Milan, occupied by foreign nations, until the twelfth century AD, was
obtained autonomy, since such was Visconti family ruled for many years. Renaissance,
the family invited up? Vinci and other famous humanist, so here's art,
science and technology developed rapidly as a major art center of Milan. After about
mid-sixteenth century, Milan was again in France and Spain, Austria, occupation,
Napoleon was on May 26, 1805 in Milan crowned. Milan people a long and arduous
struggle against foreign occupation, and by the end of 1847 Uprising, 1848 March 19
to 23 conducted a fierce battle, sent packing, the ruler of Austria, the establishment of
an interim government after the 1859 accession Kingdom of Italy. World War II, was
once the German occupation of Milan, April 25, 1945, to Milan, northern Italy, led by
more than 100 cities in the same time the uprising, sent packing, the German
occupying forces, Milan return to the people.

After the war, Milan, Italy occupies an important position in economic development,
industrial development rapidly, and Turin, Genoa, together form the
"industrial triangle" to bring the country's economic
development. Milan's industrial sectors and has cars, planes, motorcycles,
electrical appliances, railway equipment, metal manufacturing, textiles, garments,
chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, commercial, very well-developed financial sector,
is Italy's most important financial center. Country's largest
wholesale market and stock exchange. Milan is also Italy's northern region
is an important transport hub, highways, rail routes connecting 26. Here is the
country's important cultural center, Sacred Heart Catholic University,
National University of Milan, Bocconi Commercial University, Milan Institute of
Technology, School of Music and the Fermi Nuclear Research Institute and other
research institutions. There are many museums, libraries, archives of the museum,
theaters, stadiums and sports venues of cultural and sports facilities. Many large
companies also based in Milan.

Milan has been with China's Shanghai became sister cities.

Venice is known as "Pearl of the Adriatic Sea," said, it is both a
tourist destination, is also an important port of Italy. Venice city is surrounded by the
sea, in the Wei Natuo province (Veneto) Venice, in fact, includes 100 large and small
islands, only the northwest corner there is a 4 km-long causeway, is the construction
of the railway bridge in 1846, 1932 In another parallel with the construction of a
highway bridge, connecting with the mainland.

Venice is a city of culture and the arts. The city a church, bell tower, monastery,
palace, museums and other arts and various historical landmarks 450. Renaissance,
Venice Florence and Rome, following after the third one. Venice School of Painting as
a rising star in the prestigious European art, a great impact. Representatives such as:
Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto, etc.. Venice Arts Development in the opera has also
made important contributions, Verdi created "La Traviata" and
is world-renowned opera premiered here and get successful. In 1932, Venice also
founded the world's first film festival - Venice International Film Festival.

Venice was the center of Mediterranean trade, the port cargo up to 10,000 per year to
more than. Its economy based on tourism and apparel, glassware and lace are its
traditional industries. Venice is the only water city. As a famous tourist city,
it's an area of only 6.9 square kilometers, population about 10 million, a
total of 120 kinds of churches, 120 Clock Tower, 64 convents, more than 40 palaces,
and every year tourists come up on tourism Do as much.

Venice city built in 452 years, when its family of coastal residents fleeing persecution,
forced to move to settle in the lake net Venice. As the special geographical location, to
the late 14th century, it has grown into the largest trade center was one of the

Venice has a 4 km long, 60 meters wide and 30 to the main canal, connected with 177
branches, the city made up of 118 islands, more than 2,300 cities Roadway.
Venice's unique housing construction, foundation, are submerged in water,
like from the water like drilled. Water in this city, cars, motorcycles and even bicycles
are prohibited in the roadside stand with one "TAXI" sign on,
referring to the launch, Venice's public transport is a public steamboat,
while the gondolas are status as a bicycle.

Of course, Venice has its concerns, it is facing the floods, land subsidence and the
threat of environmental pollution in recent years, floods have occurred in the flooded
Piazza San Marco is a phenomenon. In recent years, the Italian Government and the
Venice government has taken many positive steps, also called on UNESCO to save

City of Florence is the capital of Tuscany region, "Florence"
(translated    from    English)      by  Italian   have    been   translated   as
"Florence." It is located in the central Apennines, Arno (Arno)
valley, surrounded by encircling hills.

Florence is a city of style quite a gentleman, full of harmony and beauty, dignity and
order, dotted with villages and countryside villas dot the gentle hillside surrounded by
the city. Small city, population of only 380,000. City streets full of artisan shops
unbuttoned the door, remained in the traditional market, sell gold, silver and jewelry,
modern shop windows display high leather clothing, fashion, silk ties and wooden
frame mounted prints of ancient buildings. Here retains the Renaissance tradition,
each year the fireworks on June 24, dressed in medieval costumes Cup held to
commemorate the city's protection of sacred Giovanni.

The great pioneer of the Renaissance poet Dante, Galileo scientists, political theorists,
Machiavelli and the talented artists over - Vinci and Michelangelo, art master
Donatello, Philip Pu - Lipo-were lived here. Florence is the Renaissance tradition and
art treasures, the city retains its Renaissance style, is still filled with the Renaissance
atmosphere. Florence is called the great age for today's unique specimen.

Florence has more than 40 museums, art galleries; more than 60 palaces and many
small churches, squares, collecting a large number of outstanding heritage of art and

The famous Santa Maria - 德尔弗洛雷 located in the center of Duomo Cathedral
Square, was built in 13-15 century, is the world famous Cathedral. Baptistery is the
one of the oldest buildings in the city, splendid hall brilliant, one of bronze doors and
marble buildings. Lan Qi Gong flanking the corridor with the open-air sculpture
museum, as the square, all bronze, stone Xuxu vivid. Uffizi and the Pitti Palace,
Palace of imposing appearance, the essence of Italian art here, including
Raphael's           "Madonna,"                Titian's
"Flora",          Botticelli's          "Birth      of
Venus" was seen as God products.


Pisa (Pisa), located northwest of Florence, is a coastal city in history. With the
expansion of land, sea farther and farther away from the pizza, but this does not make
people forget the sea of the Republic of Pisa served as a Gateway P Plus the
town's history and it has a bond linking the East and West played an
important role. Moreover, because of its history, its architecture, today, pizza has
become a famous tourist city.

Pizza fame, largely to benefit from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The tower completed
in 1350, but the project as early as 1174 began. At that time, the works to the third
level, people discovered that, due to the foundation, building structure and other
reasons, the tower appeared inclined. So project suspended. Later, those in power
changed, they sent for a new architect to continue this project.

Over time, Bi Sata's tilt is increasing, and now has reached 4.5 meters, and
tilt is also the speed of 1 mm per year to continue to increase.

Probably because of its oblique, and unlike others, known to be a "lucky
hit was" becoming more and more visitors flock.


Women are respected, especially in social situations, women everywhere priority.
Banquets, let Ms. eat, only the first move, Ms. knife and fork meal and gentlemen,
before meals. Out of the elevator, let the women first.

If someone sneezes, people immediately will say next: "Salvi!"
Means that: "I wish you health!" The reason, said that
Europeans are very afraid of cold, heavy feeling in Europe, death occurred in a matter
So people especially careful not to cold. If there is a little cold, I hope it will be OK.
In addition, the presence of someone sneezing or coughing, is considered rude and
annoying things, so I would like to sign on the side said "I'm

Italy used the dead for burial. All around the cemetery. The cemetery is very particular
about big cities, like a garden in which there are many exquisite carvings.

It is common to dinner late. Italian concept of time is not strong, especially at
banquets, receptions and other events, often late. They are 15 or 20 minutes late is
nothing new. If you arrive late for too long, they often say: "Traffic is so
heavy, I am so sorry."

Shop doors have inserted the habit of vines. Italy is rich in wine country. Many small
towns and even rural farmers will be wine. In the past, some farmers a lot of home
brewing wine, than self-sufficient, we intend to sell some. They will be hanging vines
at their doorstep, passers-by 一看便知道 this a wine to sell. Once the wine has been
sold out, Greenwood was removed. This custom continues to this day, some shops
still hang outside vines.


In most parts of Italy, subtropical Mediterranean climate. Italian sea on three sides,
north of the Alps in winter cold has blocked the attack on the peninsula, so mild
climate and sufficient sunshine. According to Italy's topography and
location of different parts of the country is divided into three climate zones: the
southern peninsula and island areas, Madan plain and the Alps. These three areas have
different climate characteristics.

- In the southern peninsula and island areas
Southern Peninsula and the island region is a typical Mediterranean climate, the
Atlantic air mass dominated by tropical air mass in summer, winter and temperate air
masses. Southern Italy in January the average temperature of 2 ~ 10 ℃, 7 months to
set 23 ~ 26 ℃. Bataan plain is the transition between subtropical and temperate
climate, with continental climate features, low pressure, humid climate. In Milan,
Bologna band, often fog shrouded the winter, and sometimes snow.

- Bataan Plain
Bataan plain hotter in summer, cold winter, and in January the average temperature of
2 ~ 4 ℃, 7 月份 20 ~ 24 ℃. Temperatures in the Alps is the lowest in the country,
more snow in the winter months the average temperature of -12 ℃ ~ 1 ℃, 7
compared with 4 ~ 20 ℃.

- Alps
Alpine climate with obvious characteristics of vertical distribution, with the addition
of terrain, temperature declined. Lake in the Alpine foothills area, as mountains block
the cold from the Scandinavian, with the regulating role of the lake, so a mild climate.
Liguria in the northwest region, due to mountains and sea, the climate is very pleasant.
Genoa in January the average temperature 7 ℃, the area for planting a variety of
southern crops such as olives, grapes, citrus and peach. Many flowers and herbs in the
region, San Remo is famous flower center, local cultivation of various flowers are
exported to all over the world every year.

- Rainfall
As the climate differences, meaning the country is not very evenly distributed rainfall.
Most of the peninsula in the south, annual rainfall between 500 and 1,500 mm, more
winter rain. However, Sicily and Sardinia in the south, annual rainfall is small, an
average of 500 mm, is very detrimental to agricultural production. In Bataan plains,
annual rainfall is about 600 ~ 1,000 mm, concentrated in the summer rainy season.
Rainfall in the Alps are the largest, mainly in the summer, the annual rainfall of 1,000
mm or more in some places even more than 3000 mm.

Various types of pizza and pasta, all kinds of coffee and red wine, champagne and all
kinds of Italian sparkling wine.

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