Interpretation: Palestinian-Israeli conflict

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					Interpretation: Palestinian-Israeli conflict
Israeli-Palestinian conflict
   ?First, the origin of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

(A) the history of Palestine and Israel

The history of Palestine and Israel

Before and after the 20th century BC, the Canaanites Semitic family settled in the
coastal and plains of Palestine.

13th century BC, the establishment of national coastal Philistines.

13th century BC, the Hebrew tribes to move into residence.

11th century BC, the Jewish establishment of the Hebrew kingdom, after the Assyrian,
Babylonian, Persian and other foreign nations have occupied Palestine.

1st century BC invaded the Roman Empire, most Jews streaming to the world.

7th century AD as part of the Arab Empire. Arabs constantly moved, and the local
indigenous assimilation, gradually formed the modern Palestinian Arabs.

Can see from the above materials, the Palestinian territories was also a Jewish
homeland, and the text on their well-known legend. Take the
"Bible" for example, that the Christian is completely
documented in the classic is the story of the Jewish ancestors. Although most
historians agree that can not "Bible" to draw too much
information - not because the records were false, but because it is difficult to prove
the authenticity of; Moreover, the "Bible" is a the product of
faith - but, as most of today's Jews have been accepted, so we need to
carefully understand the outline of the story, because today's conflicts and
is closely related to the issue of Jerusalem and for religious reasons:

God told Abraham the story began to leave their homeland in Mesopotamia, went to
Canaan, now the Palestinian areas, start a new life. In this way, Abraham is considered
the ancestor of the Jews, like the Chinese people believe that the ancestor of the
Chinese nation as the Yellow Emperor. So Abraham led his wife and son came to the
land of Canaan, which is probably the Jews who consider themselves masters of the
Palestinian areas of evidence. His son Isaac (Isaac) and grandson Jacob (Jacob) are
considered the ancestors of the Jews. Jacob had twelve sons, because Joseph dreamed
at the harvest time, brethren sheaf of wheat tied around his lap, and the brethren all
sheaves backward backward center of his sheaf. And he indicates, his brothers and
even his father would surrender to him. This makes the 11 brothers were all very hate
their brothers Joseph, that he was pretentious, then sold him into Egypt as slaves. But
Joseph has a dream of skills, won the Egyptian king's favorite, and he
blocked for prime minister. Later, Jacob and his sons came to Egypt seeking refuge
with Joseph, and the large population of their descendants, these descendants of the
first called on Israel (Israel, meaning God is with God for their struggle or fight).
King of the Jews that flourished in Egypt, regarded them as a threat, in order to get rid
of this hidden danger, he excuses these Israelis banished to slavery. The service life of
suffering to the poor against the Jews, so there will be a Moses, the Ten
Commandments with Moses leading the Israelites to return home the story. Funeral
Rongfan not elaborate Syria. Around the 13th century BC, the Israelis established the
first unified kingdom - the Kingdom of Israel, and they have two great kings, David
and his son Solomon, during the reign of, development of trade, in order to maintain
its rule by force to develop to the peak of Israel. More importantly, this time of the
Kingdom of Jerusalem as its capital, was established as the Jewish holy place, so that
the crux of the intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict laid the roots.

From this, Jewish history, at least they believe the facts, to show their national
characteristics, in their subconscious, the Jewish people is a troubled nation, but also a
nation to overcome the disaster, they have courage, but also all of God's
test of strength and fight. But the painful experience they seem to modern than the
"Bible" was also recorded in a disaster is more tragic, is it
another test they? To be sure, that tragic moment in the Jewish experience forever
after wandering, broken bleeding heart:

Kingdom of Israel was destroyed in the future, the Kingdom of Greece and Rome
have occupied this land, the Jews were in exile around the world during this period,
they lost their home, forced to flee to Eastern Europe and Western Europe countries
such as Germany, Austria and Poland, however, been greatly limited personal interests.
Perhaps because they are a smart nation, in politics, medicine, art in various fields has
achieved striking success, so he was jealous of other peoples. Czarist Russia during
World War II era and the Holocaust has become the most painful memories of the
Jews, perhaps the Jews and anger out of control.

1920, the United Kingdom to the West for the sector to the Palestinians divided
between the east called Transjordan (now the Kingdom of Jordan), West is still called
Palestine (now Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip) to the British mandated territory.
In the late 19th century, "Zionism" were instigated by a large
number of Jews moved to Palestine, and the local Arabs continued bloodshed. After
World War II, the United Kingdom and the United States with the support of the UN
General Assembly in 1947 passed a resolution requiring the Palestinians in 1948 after
the end of the British Mandate to establish a Jewish state (about 1 .. 520,000 square
kilometers), and Arab countries (about 1 .. 150,000 square kilometers), Jerusalem
(176 square kilometers) international. In May 1948 after the founding of the
implementation of the Israeli expansionist policy, in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, four
Arab countries launched a massive war. More than 100 million Palestinian Arabs were
expelled from ancestral homes and become refugees. In May 1964 in Jerusalem,
Palestine, held the first national committee meeting decided to set up the Palestine
Liberation Organization. 1969, served as PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat. September
1978, Egypt, Israel and the United States signed the Camp David agreement, the
Palestinian occupied territories acquired limited autonomy, the PLO is refusing to
accept autonomy. November 15, 1988 in Algiers, the Palestine National Council held
its 19th special session of the "Declaration of Independence",
announced the establishment of Palestinian land in Jerusalem the capital of a
Palestinian state. Palestinian acceptance of a clear declaration on Nov. 29, 1947
United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 181 (Partition Resolution).
Leaving the question of Palestine's borders through negotiations.
December 1988, Arafat recognized Israel's right to exist, renounce
terrorism. September 13, 1993, presided over the secret negotiations in Norway, Israel
and the PLO signed a peace agreement, the Palestinian autonomy plan proposed. May
4, 1994, the PLO and Israel signed a historic Cairo, on the limited autonomy in Gaza
and Jericho agreement, on May 12, the establishment of the Palestinian National
Authority. July 12 the same year, Arafat ended 27 years of exile returned to Gaza.

(B) the source of Israeli-Palestinian conflict - the Temple Mount

The source of Israeli-Palestinian conflict - the Temple Mount

This ancient classic of Judaism: "In the eyes of the world than the life,
whites are the world's oceans around filling; eyes is to live in the land;
pupil is Jerusalem; pupil of the human face is the Temple." Hence the
name of the Jerusalem Temple Mount , after vicissitudes, has become the third holiest
site in Islam. Half a century of bloody Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the crux of the
biggest is that the status of the Holy City of Jerusalem; the battle over Jerusalem is the
source and focus, focus on the ownership of the Temple Mount. In 2000 because the
then Likud leader Ariel Sharon into here, ignited the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
continues to this day.

Although known as the Temple Mount, but no progress which has been unable to find
any mountain in the shadow, Jimu between, saw a rectangular stone buildings and
lush trees. In fact, the ancient Jewish Temple Mount, or passed down the call. Judaism,
once the ancient classics records, ancestor of the Jewish God to test Abraham, so he
was a huge rock on the Temple Mount, sacrifice his only son Isaac. In Christian
legend, this stone is seen as God's man Adam with clay into place.

10th century BC, such thing as the Jewish King Solomon built the First Temple in
here, kept the ark, Noah's Ark and other sacred objects. After the Temple
was destroyed, there is reconstruction, but in the end in the 2nd century AD, was
completely destroyed, the Jews have been expelled from their homeland, wandering.

Temple Mount, the Palestinians, to call this a "holy." Because in
this year the site of the Jewish Temple stood there for thousands of years of history of
the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the golden dome mosque. The Jerusalem has become a
Mecca of Islam and Medina, following after the victory in the third. Remains of the
original Jewish Temple was also almost gone.

Stepping Temple Mount, almost every brick has a story, a history, or the marvelous, or
Sad. For Jews and Muslims, the Temple Mount have sunk their hearts. But the shrines
of overlap, but also turned into religious disputes and historical grievances, thereby
making this piece of less than 0.135 sq

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