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					Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing (On-line Marketing, or E-Marketing) is to Internet-based, using
digital information and interactive online media to achieve marketing objectives to
assist a new marketing approach. Simply put, network marketing is to the Internet as
the main means of, for the purpose of marketing certain marketing activities.
First, from the scope of network marketing to points:

1, a broad network marketing

Generally speaking, network marketing is to the Internet as the main means (including
Intranet Intranet, EDI Systems green industry network and Internet Internet) to carry
out marketing activities.

2, narrow web marketing

Narrow network marketing organization or individual is open and convenient
Internet-based on [1] products, services, made a series of operations to achieve the
organizations or individuals to meet the needs of the whole process.

3, integrated online marketing

2002 Senior Marketing practitioners Ao Chunhua proposed the concept of integrated
Internet marketing: Internet marketing is their overall marketing strategy is an integral
part of the overall business objectives to achieve the business conducted, to the
Internet as the basic means to create a business environment of the Internet kinds of
activities. This definition of core business online environment, this environment I find
this can be understood in order to integrate the marketing of a proposed creating brand
value, Guo Cheng, integrated marketing Shouduan Wang Luo Ge Zhong effective for
the enterprise make better marketing environment.

Second, different from the standard construction of network marketing can be divided

Primary type network marketing, network marketing type show potential based
network marketing, income-based network marketing, network marketing the perfect

Third, from the old and new forms of network marketing can be divided into:

1, the traditional type of network marketing

2, combined with the marketing network marketing

3, combined with the mobile phone network marketing
[Edit this section] 2, the core of the standard network marketing
1, in order to help companies achieve business objectives site for the site construction
goals: Marketing Web Site must be to meet certain aspects of enterprise network
marketing functions, such as customer-oriented service-based business website
marketing functions, sales-oriented corporate website marketing capabilities to the
international market development for the active business website marketing functions,
more than a simple list of all the enterprise's business objectives are the
core, so through the website this marketing tool to realize the value of its Web site.

2, a good search engine performance: Another important function of corporate web
site promotion functions, while the search engine is the most important Internet users
access to information channels, if the corporate Web site can not be effectively
promoted through search engines, then the corporate website to some extent speaking
of their marketing will be greatly reduced, so marketing company websites are bound
to solve the issue of corporate website's search engine can also be
interpreted as a search engine optimization work in marketing, enterprise web
solutions, search engine optimization-based and long-term work, from the planning
phase and in corporate website Cong network marketing already 开始 strategic
planning stage, but it may also run through the company website 整个 operating

3, Good's Customer Experience: URL to finally face the potential
customers and clients or Shuiyu the associated business of any organization or
individual, Ruhe enhance customer experience yes corporate Web site marketing
company web site must take into account important issues.

4, attention to detail: the details of the customer experience is an important element,
because of its importance so we separate marketing enterprise as a factor in the site,
type in the website marketing process of the development, content maintenance, site
management and so on needs reflected in the details.

5, site monitoring and management: marketing-based Web site is the site itself is
another factor in the monitoring and management capabilities, most simply need to
increase a site's total traffic monitoring of the code bar, more management
features do not introduce.
[Edit this section] 3, the characteristics of network marketing
With the maturity of Internet technology and low cost of networking, the Internet is
like an "adhesive" to businesses, groups, organizations and
individuals linked together across time and space, making the exchange of
information between them has become "easy." Marketing of the
most important and most essential is the organizations and individuals to conduct
information dissemination and exchange between. If there is no exchange of
information, then the transaction is not the source. For this reason, the Internet has
some of the features required by marketing, making Internet marketing presents the
following characteristics:

1, when the domain of. The ultimate goal of marketing is to capture the market share,
as the Internet to reach beyond time and space constraints limit the exchange of
information, allowing marketers to conduct trades turn away from the constraints of
time possible, enterprises Youle more time and more space for marketing, to Meizhou
7 days, 24 hours a day anywhere in the provision of global marketing services.

2 and rich media. The Internet was designed to transmit multimedia information, such
as text, sound, images and other information, making the deal the exchange of
information and exchange can exist in many forms, marketing staff can give full play
to the creativity and initiative.

3, interactive. Internet through the display of merchandise image, provide commodity
information database query, to achieve two-way interaction and communication
between supply and demand. You can also conduct product testing and consumer
satisfaction surveys and other activities. Internet product co-design, product
information dissemination, and technical services of the best tools.

4, personalization. Internet marketing is one to one, rational, consumer-led,
non-compulsory, progressive, and is a low-cost and personalized promotions, strong
sales to avoid the interference of a salesman, and through information provides
interactive chat, and long-term good relations with consumers.

5, growth. Growing numbers of Internet users, and throughout the world, users are
mostly young, middle-class, high educational standards, as this part of the group and
strong and has a strong market to buy influence and therefore a great potential for the
development of market channels.

6, integration. Internet Marketing by commodity information to the collection,
after-sales service at one go, it is also a whole range of marketing channels. On the
other hand, Yu proposal with the network through the Internet companies can spread
the different marketing activities and coordinate the implementation of unified design
plan, the spread of Zixun a unified message across to consumers, to avoid the spread
of various negative effects of inconsistency.

7, in advance. Internet is the most powerful marketing tool, it is also both channels,
marketing, electronic transactions, interactive customer service, and market
information analysis and delivery of a variety of functions. It has a one to one
marketing capabilities, it is consistent with customized marketing and Direct
marketing of future trends.

8, efficiency. Computers can store vast amounts of information, on behalf of
consumer inquiries, can send the number and accuracy of information, far more than
other media, and can benefit from should be market demand, adjust the price to
update product Huo, so Neng Liao Jie timely and effective and meet the needs of

9, economy. Exchange of information through the Internet instead of the previous
in-kind exchange, on the one hand to reduce printing and mailing costs, you can not
store sales, rent-free, saving water and labor costs, on the other hand can be reduced
as indirect losses caused by multiple exchange .

10, technical. Network marketing is the establishment of high-tech as the
Internet-based support, and 企 业 implement network MARKETING have Yi
Ding's technical input and technical support to change the morphology of
traditional, Tisheng information management, Gong Neng, the introduction of
marketing and computer technology to understand talented people, the future can have
the market's competitive advantage.
[Edit this section] 4, the technical basis of network marketing
Network Marketing as a network environment to network as a tool of marketing,
network marketing technology support needs. Internet marketing technology is based
on a number of network technology technology combined. As a general classification
of the technology type, these technologies can be divided into hardware and software
technology. Hardware technology, including computer and network hardware and
software technologies including the system software technology, database technology
and application of software technology, including hardware technologies and system
software technology is all the other Internet marketing tools and methods are directly
dependent on the specific technical Xiang basis.
[Edit this section] 5, the theoretical basis of network marketing
Theoretical basis of network marketing is Direct Marketing major theory of
relationship marketing network, and network integration software marketing theory
Marketing Theory

Direct marketing theory is the remarkable 20th century, a concept 80 years. U.S.
Direct Marketing Association is defined by its: "a place to produce any
measurable response and (or) exchange used to achieve one or more advertising
media marketing system interaction."

Relationship marketing since 1990 valued marketing theory, which includes two basic
points: first, at the macro level understanding of the market a wide range of marketing
will impact a range of areas, including customer markets, labor markets, the supply
market , the internal market, the market stakeholders and influencer markets; in the
micro on, recognizing the relationship between the enterprise and customer changing,
the core of marketing from the past a simple one-off transactions to the evolution that
the relationship between paying attention to keeping up a long-term.

Marketing theory is soft against the industrial economy era of large-scale production
as the main characteristics of "Strong marketing" 提出 the
new theory, The theory is that customers with product purchases, Bu Jin fulfill their
basic physiological needs and also to meet the mental and psychological level needs.

Integrated marketing network includes the following key points: First, network
marketing require the integration of consumers to the entire marketing process,
starting from their needs to start the entire marketing process. Network marketing
distribution system requirements as well as business stakeholders to be more closely