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					Internet Marketing house training courses
Shanghai Ying- hui Zhang Shouhui teachers introduce an integrated network of
Internet Marketing actual house training courses, this course is its emphasis on the
enterprise network marketing executive team
OK, that is, the church or part of your team their own outside help to do their own
online marketing.
Course Outline (customers can choose according to their business situation and the
need to talk about the content of the business case):
(1) Marketing Website Planning and Construction
1. Marketing Web site concerns, and how to attract customers to increase conversion
2. Web site design for overall style is easy to remember your business customers
3. Web page to reflect your business services and informa tion
4. 2 page design principles and logic to enable more information to better show
5. Content pages designed for customers with greater convenience and the contents of
the value of reading
6. Navigation consistent design allows customers to find their desired content
7. Contact the maximum possible user- friendly
8. Online communication design for a customer is not lost
9. Digital communication stirred repeat customer spending
10. Statistical design we aim to find more customers
(B) the site search engine optimization (SEO)
1. According to google, and Baidu's positioning, we make choices?
2. SEO concepts and give you and what your business
3. Website Optimization general principles: ideas and strategies
4. The specific content of the Website Optimizer to help you achieve your goals
A. Optimization of different key words each page
B. how to set different types of page titles and content it is and the correlation
C. how search engines look at META tags and design
D. how effective use of pictures and animations
E. What color page color best suits your product and customer
F. how to design the directory and file name of the most used search engine
G. How to design a web page in-depth
H. contribution of internal links to the SEO and optimization
I. Site Map for more search engines include your
J. External links search engine optimization principles more favorable to your
K. page keyword density search engine allows you to leave the best impression
L. PR value of Google on your site to judge the importance of
M. Alexa ranking in the end represent?
5. Excessive search engine optimization and how to avoid cheating us
6. Used SEO terms you do not confused
7. SEO diagnostic tool to help you better determine your site's performance
in search engine inside
8. Ranked the causes of the analysis to a balanced state of mind you are better to look
at the search engine of your treatment
(Spent half the time, master SEO80% of content)
(C) promote the search engines and PPC
1. Google ads how far you are from the Gold account
A. Introduction and principles of the ranking
B. used to select the keywords the user's search
C. slogan writing and setting internal links page
D. display order of your company ad
E. Time and place to help you save the cost of advertising
F. Data Report shows you how modify your running
G. Quality Score allows you to use every penny knife printed.
2. Baidu PPC allows you to not stop
3. Other free promotional resources to achieve a multiplier effect is often
A. Using Baidu Bar
B. Baidu know what brought us
C. Other Q & A class website promotion
(D) Other Comprehensive Promotion
1. Online advertising as long as the investment efficiency is high and you can do
2. Network Alliance website or narrow divisions, to promote so that your brand is
presented more
3. Search engine search engine submission faster to know that you
4. Open directory submission vertical search is also used on the classification
5. E- mail marketing is also very high economic efficiency ratio
A. Mail is to maintain client relationships the most economical way
B. prevent mass mailing service to send your server is blocked
C. The effect of bulk e-mail statistics to let you know how to do the next step should
D. good title to attract readers, not only the content of the message should be clear
6. Word of mouth marketing, relationship marketing is not marketing
A. QQ, MSN signature marketing let friends know what you're doing
B. QQ, MSN group marketing got to know each a circle
C. PPT, Flash animation marketing so that we unconsciously help you spread
D. line marketing activities or meeting the initiative recommended in the strongest
7. Soft paper soft advertising market test your writing skills
A. Objective Soft Man
B. soft paper written
C. text styles and soft words
8. Forum marketing requires long-term cultivation
A. and platform development with
B. Articles and reply
C. Moderator and influence
D. line activities
9. B2B e-commerce platform for marketing your information quickly can the
existence of discrete flowering Internet
A. popular B2B e-commerce platform
B. platform information display mode and keep your information partial to flowering
10. Online Shop Marketing (C2C, B2C) Taobao huge flow is an indisputable fact
a) Troika
b) keyword program
c) TAOBAO SEO Online Shop
d) train
e) Customer means Amoy
f) third party sales and promotional tools
g) brand hard Advertising
h) TAOBAO Mart Distribution System
11. Trade or industry, community marketing make real friends
A. Industry community website primarily interpersonal
B. industry community site of target groups
C. If the effective use of site and community
12. Event Marketing skillfully deflected
A. concerned about the Internet of the community the opportunity to find hot spots
B. immediately release the contents of the first occupation of search engines
13. Activities effect of word of mouth marketing, word of mouth the best time of the
14. Video and viral marketing has the role and effectiveness of your unexpected
15. SMS marketing, marketing the highest open
(5) blog marketing certainly has a number of years of accumulation is not known fans
is difficult
1. Blog marketing solution for your trust others
2. Blog platform choice
3. Article categories fit your location
4. The article title and content match
5. Article Writing Points
6. Fat content of the time and frequency of search engines included
7. Team building and cooperation
8. Blog promotion methods
(6) Web Marketing promotion tools for the three
1. Keyword evaluation and selection to make you more accurate targets
2. Internet Marketing Assessment results are targeted to adjust their marketing
3. Online Service aware of customer needs, improve the conversion rate
(7) network marketing operation more important than building
1. Internet marketing operation is a continuation and deepening of building
A. Web content maintenance
B. Title and content of the writing norms
C. contents of the page keyword density
2. Company signing marketing and customer service connections
A. How to network interaction
B. Site FAQ
C. Call Center
D. Email Application
E. E-Magazine System
3. Internet marketing staffing and risk management to make your team more powerful
(8) network and learn more about commercial traps to avoid unnecessary trouble
Zhang Shouhui teacher
Shanghai Ying- hui, founder of Marketing Research, 100 million state power network
(Electronic Commerce World magazine) network marketing experts, Ereli network of
experts and enjoying
Net experts, China Electronic Commerce Association, internet marketing research
commissioner, and the president of the college class online marketing course lecturer,
Shanghai Enterprise Network
SEE marketing alliance network marketing training classes in the main designer,
MBA, a technical background, standing on an integrated marketing perspective to
Internet marketing knowledge.
1999 branches in the network marketing mailing list research and application work.
Participate in leadership and the creation of China's largest network of
electronic journal
Point one: through trade magazine mail management system (tied to the demand
easily, Greek etc.). Zhang teachers to participate in the subsequent operation of the
Internet company over the industry.
College was established in 2004 into e-commerce company dedicated to the teaching
network marketing, consulting and outsourcing services, and is also the number of
medium and large companies
Internet marketing consultant and lecturer at many enterprises of house training is not
only proficient in technology are also proficient in marketing and management, a
good combination of theoretical teaching and practical web
Contact marketing expert.
Zhang Shouhui Teacher: 13916369353
Tel :021-65925718