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									Meeting People & Using Social Media

Presented by:
Garrett Nelson, Director of Media & REALTOR
Better Homes and Gardens
Real Estate Executive
@BHGExecutive   @garrettnelson

August 18, 2010, Agent Reboot Seattle
1. Be Visible
      Don’t do in the Office or at Homes what can be done in public

      Become a local somewhere

      Do open houses

      Let people know you’re a real estate agent

      Join a chamber of commerce
2. Get to Know People
     Don’t just be somewhere public, but talk to people

     Strike up conversations

     Become friends with the other locals

    Always send out follow up emails/calls/or cards immediately
With Regards to Social Media
     Be consistent with your use

    Start up conversations with your friends/followers/fans

    Use social media to meet people IRL

    Don’t just blast our real estate info

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