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									Indiana University Bloomington (Reprinted)
Indiana University Bloomington Source: Forbes. Com
Indiana University (Indiana University) was founded in 1820, is focused on the vital
Asian American Abras oldest university in the western mountains, one of eight
campuses across the country, namely: Bloomington, Fort Wayne, Gary, Indianapolis,
Kokomo, New Albany , Richmond and South Bend. The eight campuses a total of
more than 4,000 teachers, 93,000 students, including graduate students accounted for
19,000 people. As the star of a prestigious university, Indiana University, has been
widely recognized by all sectors of American society.
Indiana University may be granted 373 undergraduate and 312 specialized
professional master's and doctorate. In 1993, the nation's more
than 2,150 four-year undergraduate colleges and universities, Bloomington
undergraduate program condensing itself on the academic reputation of the
nation's 30 best universities in the list. The eight campuses of Indiana
University graduate programs were integrated more than 400 graduate schools
nationwide as a top 20 in the Midwest before the six columns, of which 41 graduate
programs in the field of 78% in the corresponding ranking among the top 20 name,
particularly in social economics and the humanities, English, history, political science,
psychology and sociology the most prominent.
Nearly two centuries, Indiana University has become the United States and the world
has trained many outstanding talents, they have Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize
winner, American Academy of Arts and Academy of Sciences, National Academy of
Sciences and the Ford Foundation, Mike. MacArthur Foundation, the Rockefeller
Foundation, 福尔布兰特 Fund winner. In the United States because of its academic
reputation and the good of American society, Indiana University, every year the
number of quite good from all walks of life access to research and teaching grants for
schools to better engage in teaching and scientific research provides a strong
economic backing.
Indiana University, the most powerful disciplines of social science, its about one third
of all teachers in social science research, located in the following colleges or
institutions: University of Arts, Commerce, Education, Health, Physical Education
and Recreation Institute School of Journalism, School of Law, Humanities Research
Institute, Library and Information Science, vision testing center, College of Public and
Environmental Affairs and the School of Social Work. At the Indiana University
graduate programs in all social sciences, 85% ranked in the top 20 in the country.

Bloomington campus beautiful, the highest in the nation's most beautiful
campus of the five columns, is a vibrant, strong cultural atmosphere and the good
characteristics of an international character and learn. Schools, a total of 36,000
students. The Academy of Music several times in the national music performances
topped the list, the hospital also held each year more than 1,000 opera, symphony,
chamber music, vocal music, jazz and dance concerts.

Indiana University Bloomington graduate school can be awarded a doctorate as well
as art, science, art, law, literature, master's degree in teacher education
classes. In the Graduate School of, Kelley School of Business influential that in 2000,
ranking among the top U.S. business schools 20. The MBA program features a
"team"           (Teamwork    and      Cooperation)       and     the
"professional focus" (Professional Focus). Therefore, the train
graduate students not only have good team spirit, but also has excellent professional
background and ability of business to business and industry by the United States and
around the world universally praised.
Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana University, Bloomington Indiana University
is the oldest system <Indiana University System> set up schools,
Indiana University system is the most famous campus. IUB has 53 best universities in
the United States Department of Curriculum <highest-rated academic
programs>, 25 state-level research courses <National recognition
programs>, and 32 of the nation's top 10 courses <top ten
ranking programs>.
Bloomington campus where English is the "flower city"
(Bloomington = Blooming Town).

   Bloomington has been crowned as the nation's most livable cities in the
   From the physical side, Bloomington is rich in water resources are located.

  She has surrounded the Griffith Lake, Lake Lemon and Monroe Lake, also against
the background of undulating hills.

  From the intangible side, Bloomington is a liberal town. Early in the fifties when Dr.
Kinsey, the conservative forces in the U.S. under the constant state of anxiety when
the crush is Bloomington, Indiana University and shelter him and let him in here to
continue his research in the field of bold exploration. The famous "Kinsey
Report" and "Kinsey Center" on from Indiana
University Bloomington.
  Speaking of sex, Bloomington, or a strong barrier gay, lesbian summer every year
come from every corner of the campus of printed tulips grand assembly. Indiana
University has long been the previous few years, financial support of homosexuality
by the University's Office, which can be considered avant-garde of the

Less than 100 000 people in this town, you can always see the different colors of
different races to hear a different language; into India by four Street, a large short
distance of several hundred Miri, a different flavor floating around, because there lies
the cuisine from five different restaurants in the state.

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