In the North --- 7 TH by fdjerue7eeu


									In the North --- 7 TH
TH --- 7 years
   ?I read sheng's prose, from the piecemeal involved had not seen in my
life memories, as Earth and north of Huangshan come into mortal sadness of Xin Tian
You, who, like the sun illuminating as heavenly faith and belief in the survival of the
sun people. Centuries of life and death for hundreds of years in succession. So I
would like to have a long journey, in every minute journey crushing flowing into the
wind blows all the time and distant way of life, and one of the people. I found that I
fell in love with the North, the motherland of the north. Cheerful atmosphere of
desolation, that vast expanse of yellow even cracked and scorched land, those dark
skin like wrinkled old skin cypress farmers, they face very calm and simple, which
makes clear the extraordinary history of thousands of years.
   I want to go north. North, is a heavy read up plain words, it is the embrace of a
large depression of land, including those Deserted, countryside, people, or pian. They
are long, the sun's touch and kiss the years among the ancient times the
same, they have no way of life and death Coorong detect light. But I feel their
presence, like I can actually harm your fingertips that Chinese wild wind swept fields.
I would like to Kun Huang leaf season, which closed in the red paint off the old
Zhaizi the door, those gray-blue sky, lush green incomparably lofty, dry air and clear
the streets, the sweet aroma of candied fruit or ice, and from behind the wall Sound of
children playing can be heard the old alley, these comfortable life and events, always
such a hurry to go over indiscriminate and focus on the future of leisurely threw like
the old ginkgo leaves falling in those years. But they can hide behind endless huge
and secretive story, whether it is a young man's love, or old people die.
They look calm and collected, like the last words of life as unknown to us.
Why do we live, what we live for.
   I always love the feeling of the eighties. Such as an alley of old Beijing in the
afternoon time when there's a group of naughty boys and their little game,
or a university of the woods holding hands of young people walking, but wearing
them Dacron or khaki, feet are The dark green canvas sneakers, and then college in
Beijing or gray dwarf those walls, paint the half-human, lime green high ground is too
shiny cement floor friction. I like a fetish who, over and over again thinking about
how these images into a meaningful unit of the movie, so that they form part of my
ideas, we will never change the future of luxury and less after the defeat of regret
memories. His life had passed. More than one bloom to more heavy and short.
   When browsing in the bookstore to see the cover of a reference book advertising is:
   Problem network wide but not loose.
   I smiled, put it back. When out of the bookstore, Osamu season is Across from the
South. I think I need to do this book, do the following to test before the test can
determine whether I can leave here, to the north.
   This is in the past.
   I say wheat, barley sheng I read, I am very to sad. Wheat that soon I will go to his
hometown to see the old alley of the. I was thinking that she was joking. Two weeks
later, I received a call from the mother of wheat, she asked, 10 Wo, you know where
wheat yet? You are her closest friends, you have to help aunt, wheat is bent on
leaving ......
   Roar in my mind in search of words, I think perhaps she is really not suitable for
longer times stay here, she should leave. After one night, I received phone calls of
wheat, she said, Beijing is a heavy snow fall, I phone booth, I did not bring enough
clothes, I am very cold ...... the weather is already a Big Chill . I miss you, 10 Wo. Do
not tell my mother promised me.
   I did not speak.
  ?She finally walked - even if the way to escape. We have said, to go travel. T
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scouring beetles sash oxime N socialist suppression Huang Huan olivaceus T vinegar
wall pocket to take command cochlear Mao-T pocket sword brother pole Metaplexis
stauntoni Di Huai Huai ease up security ⑹ frame? Br />
   ?For example, when hungry and cold to wait for the evening in the skirts of the
wilderness, watch the sunset time solidified into dust in the looming time to sing; or in
the middle of the night watching Stephen Daldry's film, see all implied the
care of the lens in and sorrow; next to the distance to the beach, listening to birds
singing in Greek, salty sea breeze, like a grandmother slow the hands of time sewing
children; very seriously spend an afternoon to prepare a dinner, invited local a brown
with red hair girls to enjoy, then go for a walk, find a hermit crab and transparent body,
sit down and play with it, spend the whole evening. Wearing a light blue striped
cotton with cedar, blowing two thousand years ago, Helen's hair in the
wind Fu Guo, foot soak in water until cold. Night filled with stars, on the beach
writing poetry. Leave quietly submerge a large turtle.

Jin of the works of the "north"
   ?If you can, take a large mast on the sailboat, looking west to the
Mediterranean's most beautiful woman Iberia, which is Mediterranean with
hot breath of the land and the air filled with the irrigation myth of black roses, pick an
even than their eyelashes fragrant flowers, thinking to give who, in the end to his own.
Watch it wither on the glass in regret, the feeling like "Sophie's
Choice," Meryl's crying inside. Holding her hand, and her walk
to almost seven times the closure of the cinema to see Article released, "Mr.
Yu Luo's holiday", listening to the rumble inside the super-hard
to understand the French pronunciation, then the storm may sleep in the past, wake up
to go home after the night like a painting on the condensate rich color. The thief
carefully on the road.
   There are the blue hills Tuscany, or the Lumiere brothers, cafes, a fallen leaf
floating along the Seine's left bank to the edge of my boat, it comes from
the alpine pastures. Medieval castle with the princess in the intention to write the first
Syrian-language love letters, begging me for lackluster artist. I went to visited the
tomb of 莱妮瑞芬斯 Rosenthal, the way to Keluodaier message after a bunch of
daisies, as well as Cayman, that the real film poet, he Qianyindichang, told me to look
after the garden concluded his bright moonlight stones.
   "...... ...... Love pearl-fish, sea waves gently washing the dead
bird ...... ...... forever lost boys sound asleep .... .. ...... hug salty lips kissing ...... our
name will be forgotten ...... no one will remember ...... so I down in your grave ...... 1
1 delphinium blue ......"
   That is Cayman's poetry, Guo Shan said, "at the end of a blue
screen on the left of his blue, without compromise to reach the last second, this is the
sea, the color of the sky and the delphinium is free , dreams, and love the color, or
wrapped in a shroud of a shock the next life of the genius of his blue the color of
life ......" like Provence lavender soft ground passing breeze, To pay
homage to him, I stole a Stradivari violin, in the evening when it sent the Aegean,
Minoan monsters are quiet, this piano plays like Helen's kiss, like the
evening wind .
   ...... Time to leave and a group of children to square dance. Wait until she appears in
the second block, the smile ran over to kiss, and at night dinner, listen to her talking
nonsense, living like a halo. Waiting for her to sleep, quietly said goodbye to her.
   Up, asleep. The passage of time.
   Wheat has gone. I did not say goodbye to her. Black soft leather cover of
"Bible" to stay with me. Including the Old and New Testaments.
Every night I put it in bed, turned on the lights, reading. This reminds me of Virginia
Woolf, the melancholy genius, in Stephen's film, she said to her husband in
his testament:
   "Remember where we have come together, remember love, remember
the time."
   Then she went into the North of England a river in Sussex County, will be filled
with stone coat pocket, forever, and fish in the water story went. Film of that river,
clear bright, lush plants sides, filled with plants, she was wearing the same sharp
magician red shoes, and went inside.
   "Let us remember the years we have come together, remember love,
remember the time."

   Wheat, give me a way, I'll teach you how to get.
   So she went on the road of their own. Caught off guard. When I was a man walking
on the way home, I always hear her call me, 10 Wo, I give you a way that you are
willing to walk alone. Raised his head, but apparently only one lane off the whole
street off the lights. At that moment I knew that we supported with the young over the
whole bloody uncompromising dream, in the night to go down into the existence of
discrete, as defeated in the battle, bloody, terrible.
   Wheat, I am nowhere.
   Come home, my mother at the dinner table that afternoon, specially came to her
mother, wheat, wheat mother crying very sad. 10 Wo, if you know the wheat gone,
help parents, you do not know the difficulties parents. I want to say, Mom, you do not
know the child's difficulties. But I had to swallow these words.
   The next day my mother called to wheat. I say, aunt, do not worry, wheat well in
Beijing. Then I gently put down the phone.
   Wheat back that day, I went to the airport to pick her up. She was very thin, walked
in front of me, saying, 10 Wo, I know you say. Forgive me I was to Hello.

  Then I saw her sad smile. With her mother to leave. I look at her back, like in the
appreciation of an outcome has been set mime. Dahan season of freezing rain, black
velvet bar on the night.
  Open my heart begins to resound with the cries. As the end of the world split ring.
  "Bible" that there is no righteous, no not one. But I believe I
will be forgiveness and salvation.

   ?Every night, I read a sentence to the "Bible" when will think
of wheat, I want to believe that a person is like. But everyone in this world busy living,
get busy dying, everyone is so embarrassed gesture. I do not have the heart to other
people to demand further attention, if expect to be given absolute forgiveness and
warmth, which is based on hearsay evidence will be nothing after. If we want to
personnel not disappointed, the only way is not it up hope. 10 Wo, remember, this is
not despair, this is the only way to survive is also a prerequisite for happiness.
   This year, I am only 15 years old, and wheat.
   After many years, was finally able to travel such as to the late, late have blurred the
original reason for looking forward to it. I heard the roar of the whistle across the
Central Plains ancient land, full of light snow across the Qinling Mountains, roads are
often low, dilapidated houses, the elderly and children watched a train of cars roaring
past, they stand silently attitude, people think of their ancestral land in this desolate
mountains of love. Perhaps, in their view, each column of the train through the
mountains, are the memory of the carrier toward the funeral, as the quiet passing of
the years, across their whole life, leaving only old's body and destroy the
growing light memory.
   I see the sunset vast Loess Plateau, the Yellow River like a torn green earth skin
blood flow after the tiny, endless stretches between heaven and earth raised and
sunken, scattered and people with a serious, relaxed comfort. Head Office, covered
with very breath of his father.
   The land and the people living on this land, it seems tough enough to withstand
time and space changes, they dull the original life, the essence of human regression.
   Across the north, the field is full of gentle signs of life, clear color saturation but
make your visual fatigue. I think of the distant sheng Qing Ping Wan, who live the
experience, in our lives deeply imprinted. This is a gratitude that can not be proven.
   I was alone in this long journey, a long time ago and I had a child called wheat
booking it, but each other casually to the young have to wait is negligible, leaving the
fate of their vast defected. There is nothing more cruel fate of things. It is abundant in
our sorrows and joys, feelings of being silent, then shadow quietly in the world close
their eyes. However, we must continue to walk it to the street wearing shoes.
Fortunately, when we promise not stubbornly waiting for its implementation, also
does not matter disappointed or hurt.
   But the wheat she still wrong? Does she still refuses to forgive me? I think of these
questions, you may feel the sadness Qiefu. "Bible" that no one
can save you, except God.
   PS: I finally stood on the city many years ago, leaving the wheat. It will fall in
winter snow cover this last through years of joys and sorrows into densely-populated
city. No one knows where to leave the house once had a child. She was also back.
   She has a clear face and dark hair like Mo-Ju. Ben has a full time standing desire of
silence from the attitude.
   She said that she was in heavy snowfall Zouliaohenyuan, find a mailbox, sent me a
   But I did not receive.
   Where is it.

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