Use an Attorney to Negotiate a Short Sale

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					Use an Attorney to Negotiate a Short Sale

Homeowners who are upside down in their mortgages continue to struggle, despite the new housing bailout plan set into action earlier in the month. Though there are some people who will be able to avoid foreclosure, thousands more will be stuck in home loans they can no longer afford to pay.

For some people, a short sale is their best option. A short sale simply means that a house is sold for less than the value of the loan amount. However, this is not the type of debt negotiation you want to try yourself and you certainly don’t want to hire an unqualified negotiator, either.

“There are some unethical people out there who say they are experienced in short sales. A true short sale specialist is one who is a licensed and bonded mortgage broker who works with a team of attorneys that negotiate the final contract.” reports a representative from RE Acquisitions (

It is critical to find a short sale specialist firm that only hires licensed and bonded mortgage brokers and attorneys to participate in debt negotiations around your mortgage. The final result is a legal and binding contract; something you want to be sure is spot on before signing.

The licensed and bonded short sale and debt negotiation specialists at RE Acquisitions ( can immediately help you sell your home. They are short sale specialists that have: •Ten years combined experience •Short sales negotiated by Attorney’s •No fee to the seller •Over 350 successful sales •Same day cash offer on property

Contact the highly qualified representatives at today for more information about avoiding foreclosure.

Description: RE Acquisitions is a Portland, Oregon short sale service and debt negotiations firm. They have years of experience and professional credentials, in addition to strong relationships with lenders, that enable them to provide services to homeowners who need to sell their house quickly. Contact them via their website for more information.