; If there are 2012 ...
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If there are 2012 ...


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									If there are 2012 ... ...
If there are 2012 ... ...
【When people away from prayer, when people of integrity who usurped the throne,
when the lies become an art, is respect for the truth, when the skyscrapers there, when
people sell their own beliefs to society, when the relationship between people is
getting worse, When the fair has become rare, when a woman than a man ... ... end of
the world is approaching. 】
In     2009,    Roland      Emmerich's         science    fiction   masterpiece
"2012" opened the end of the world's off ... ...
October 21 the same year, Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao reported that a
Russian baby boy was born, the skin appears regularly, "the
Koran" scriptures. Priests said, "the Koran" has been
predicted before the end of the world, scripture may occur in some people who now
Similarly, in January 2010, The Times reported that the Mediterranean region presents
a huge sky "MAD" days of fog, a large number of Catholics to
repent for the days of fog Zhang Gui, suspected doomsday days trillion.
Of course, even more shocking is the earth tremble!
In 2001, China Seismological Network Center of external claims, the crust into the
active state. Soon, December 26, 2004 off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia 9.0
earthquake, from kick off a chain of earthquakes. According to scientists, statistics,
nearly 10 years, the population centers to 6 earthquakes occurred in the past 500 years
So we wonder, if there were really 2012, which is the three things we most want to
The smaller the better dream reality
If there are 2012, we want to do it?
If the problem is thrown Bill Gates, I believe he will not say, want the
world's richest. Because he has long done, people often can not be
achieved in real life things more interesting.
In this investigation, three individuals have not filled the three dreams, 2 personal
dream is alive, as usual, we have reason to believe that the 5 individuals to live well,
even if some small problems would not hurt.
Unfortunately, we found 13 individuals with at least one dream can not be achieved,
which means that the gap between reality and dream, do not help us to be happy.
As the "Kangxi" on the interpretation of dreams: delusions;
fantasy, and sometimes equal to the ideal, different from the ideal.
Happy to send PK to avoid flow
Dream not a dream, the difference between the two usually have a very worth
pondering the distance. Remember correctly, and this is the famous Cologne.
The survey, 93% of people referred to as out of travel, eat good food, marriage and
other dreams, those dreams are predictable, understandable.
Can these seemingly plain between the dream and the dream of how far it?
Perhaps, there is no way to go in realizing their dreams is the key. Dreaming friends,
we are doing for themselves what the dream!
Humans are not always like what was not liked, that is, Scrapped, by this logic, a
dream not important. The only fun is to get the process, but the process they often
bumpy, so some people do not want to go.
Painful way to go in the pursuit of happiness, or escape the hard way to give up
happiness, Rengeyouzhi it!
Spend all the money accounted 47%
In addition to affection and pleasure, the highest rate of single dream there is the
"spend all the money", this dream very representative.
Massachusetts Institute of Mental early in 1999 under this dream a clear definition.
First of all, most people have this dream are realists, mature, practical smart.
Secondly, most people like smooth curry favor, but always under pressure to bow the
strong inner sense of failure.
Again, more easily brainwashed, and abide by the stereotypes, even before the end of
the world, still persist in spending money, showing deep effect on them think outside
the box.
Finally, the hard-working, hard work, constantly moving back and forth the way of
success, but the heart weight gain and loss apportion.
Because there is no authorization, not published here, everyone's dream,
and only talk about my own right, are also considered reciprocity.
At first, I struggled to think of dreams, this should be a happy sign it! Wanted to have
done, would not think of what to do. But eventually I found my dream:
1, back to school, back when the day of college students
2, buy a couple tickets to see a movie
3, together with a loved one to buy food to cook, eat and chat, but also through the
dim light the best dance, although I would not jump.
Carefully looked at their dreams, surprised to find, meet, I always consciously, the
original most lacking is romantic ... ...
(This article is only for entertainment, not to pigeon-holing)

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