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?University of South Australia
School Description:
   ?University of South Australia (University of South Australia) was founded in 1991,
is the largest university in South Australia is Australia's fifth largest
university. University of South Australia has more than 30,000 students, there are
from Asia, the Pacific, Africa, Europe and the United States, 80 countries, more than
3,500 international students, accounting for 12% of total number of students. It is
Group of Australian Technology Network of the members (other schools are the
Queensland University of Technology QUT, RMIT University, RMIT, Curtin
University of Technology, and CURTIN University of Technology Sydney UTS).
   ?University of South Australia is South Australia's largest teaching and
research universities. The school has five campuses (City East, City West, Magill,
Mawson Lakes, Whyalla Campus), four colleges and over 300 professionals.
University of South Australia's course has received international
recognition, not only innovative and challenges, but also with the industry to maintain
close contact. School teachers are also experienced and expertise, and lots of industry
and professional experience.
   ?University of South Australia in Adelaide, South Australia's capital city.
Adelaide was established in 1863, is a multicultural and a pleasant climate
(Mediterranean type climate, winter temperatures 5 to 19 degrees, summer
temperatures 15 to 35 degrees) of the city, a population of about 1.2 million. It is also
the lowest cost of living in Australia, one of the cities, the annual cost of living not
more than 1 million Australian dollars. As the cultural capital of Australia, Adelaide
has a lot of landscape, sports facilities, vineyards and dotted with restaurants, there are
the biennial Adelaide Festival, and one of the world's largest festival of
Adelaide Fringe Festival (Adelaide Fringe Festival). Adelaide City's design
is considered one of the world's best urban design, whether walking,
cycling or by bus, train and tram and other public transport between the city very
convenient. Adelaide rare traffic congestion, pollution degree of the lowest of all
Australian cities, is the world's cleanest cities. Adelaide also with wine,
food and beverage industry is famous for its many restaurant seats per capita ratio of
the total, the highest in Australia.
Teaching Characteristics:
   ?Occupational work experience combined with theoretical study is focused on
teaching University of South Australia. South Australia's courses are
through with the business community and professionals determined after the close of,
including internships, industry guidance simulation and industrial design projects.
University of South Australia is not out of school before the graduates have a certain
amount of practical work experience, have a quick, confident and smooth transition
from the classroom to employment ability.
School Facilities:
   ?School campus with general and specialized lectures and counseling area. All
campuses are equipped with computer rooms, some computer room 7 days a week, 24
hours a day. Each campus library has a lot of resources to provide special support to
international students. University of South Australia advanced Internet environment,
application, payment, registration, guidance and school issues can be handled online.
Student Support:
   ?University of South Australia to provide students with a variety of help, including
pre-line, free pick up to arrange accommodation, course progress, ready to return and
so help.
Support for international students include: International Club and the Association,
English Language advice and support, consulting services for international students,
host family program, orientation program dating, online student guide, UniSafe night
security services.
Entry requirements:
1, Undergraduate: IELTS 6.0; first-year college entrance reading score of 500 or
   ?University of South Australia recognizes three preparatory schools: SAIBT, South
Australia TAFE, Eynesbury College
   ?Pre-school sophomore to proceed to University of South Australia
   ?Recognition of HND degree plug university
2, MA: IELTS 6.5 (part of the professional IELTS 6.0); degree and diploma; college
graduate, 5 years experience required
English Training:
   ?English Language Centre (CALUSA): University of South Australia Language
Zhisheng Ban. Held TOEFL and IELTS test.
Dates: February and July each year
   ?4 Graduate School: Business Enterprise Institute; education, literature and social
science; Health Sciences; Information Technology, Engineering and Environment.
University offers more than 300 innovative programs, is the only medical tests,
pharmacy, physical therapy, radiology technology, environmental biotechnology,
toxicology, occupational therapy, chemical technology, and other specialized
University of South Australia.
1, Division of Commerce Division of Business
   ?Are: accounting, economics, finance, legal, real estate, management, marketing
and other professional. Particular expertise are:
1, Master of Business (real estate direction) Master of Business (Property)
2, Occupational Health and Safety Management Master Master of Occupational
Health and safety Management (two years of relevant work experience required)
3, Master of Business (Arts and Culture Management)
4, forest conservation and park management
5, MBA course: take 2 years of work experience; for international students lack the
lack of business experience in Australia, University of South Australia designed the
eight required courses + 1 elective + 2 designated "Australian business
experience" course + internship + 1 Elective in practical MBA.
    ?The new course opened in 2008
1, DBMN: Bachelor of Marketing and Communication
2, MBMC: Bachelor of Communication (Media and Culture)
    ?Schools will also set up each holiday English courses for students
    ?Second, education, arts and social sciences Division of Education, Arts and Social
    ?There are indigenous cultural studies, architectural design, communications,
international studies, psychology, social work, and in particular the professional
recommendation are: Master of teaching
1, Master of teaching students receiving no educational background, directly after
graduating from the South Australian teacher qualifications, If you want to get
qualified teachers in other continents, just register, without examination.
    ?Teaching profession is the shortage of professionals in Australia, especially in
middle school mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer and biology teacher, a
serious shortage. However, Chinese students learning English and careful application,
it is frequently admitted less opportunity.
    ?The new course opened in 2008
1, MBAR: Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Media Management)
2, MBWC: Bachelor of Arts (Writing and Creative Communication)
3, Architecture: 3 years Bachelor of Architectural + 2 years Master of Architectural
    ?Third, information technology, engineering and environmental IT, Engineering,
    ?Major professional mechanical manufacturing engineering, computer, civil
aviation, science, mathematics, statistics and other professionals, recommended by the
professional advantages are:
1, Water Resources Management Water Resource Management
2, Environmental Management Environment Management
3 Traffic Management Traffic Management
4, the Civil Aviation Civil Aviation Flight
    ?4, Health Sciences Division of Health Sciences
    ?There are health science; care and obstetrics; medical, sports and sports and
entertainment management, and in particular from Australia recommended
professional registered nurse training programs (ARNTP)
    ?Registered nurse training programs (ARNTP)
    ?Course situated in South Australia's Adelaide University, Nursing
College offers, Duration: 24 weeks, the training of the successful Wan Cheng Hai Wai
Ke nurses to apply to the South Australian Hulixiehui Chengwei registered nurses,
and can Australia Yiliaoweisheng sector Yi registered nurses Shenfengongzuo. In
addition to the Australian registered nurse course notes and relevant skills training,
including English Language Centre by the University of South Australia designed for
overseas students in medical and health professional English training courses.
   ?Special experience
   ?University of South Australia has always attached great importance to the theory
and practice, all students participating in this training must be to Australian cities and
local medical institutions to conduct clinical practice, direct access to and use of
advanced medical equipment, care and biological sciences books equipment,
specialized computers. University of South Australia has strong teaching professors
with rich experience of overseas students, to provide students with a friendly teaching
   ?Entry requirements
   ?Area or country have employed a registered nurse issued certificate of need
approved by the Australian Nursing Federation
   ?Language requirements: IELTS Academic test at least 6.5
   ?More than one year in the work of registered nurses
   ?Employment Guarantee
   ?Currently, all attended the training courses in Australia, hospital or health care
sector to find a job guarantee. During the study, the school is responsible to help
students write resumes and provide employment information.
   ?Training objectives
1 to improve the quality, so in a variety of health care environments the ability to
engage in basic work standards required
2, will learn the concepts and theory to practice
3, integrated care skills training and applied to the actual operation
4, and its practical application to improve the standard of English ability
5, cultivate self-awareness and creativity, and enhance the overall capability of
clinical problems
6, continuous improvement and updating of nursing concepts and nursing skills, and
timely professional medical practitioners to learn from the experience of professional
7, of the organizational structure of the various medical departments and institutions
function, learn about health promotion, maintenance and knowledge of health care
and related services
   ?Course Structure
   ?Medical English (EHP)
   ?The course helps non-English speaking countries, students improve their English
so that they acquire the necessary English skills to succeed in the Australian health
care sector, the barrier in nursing.
   ?Professional English training in addition to improve their English language
abilities, more attention to improving the students and other health care workers,
patients and the practical ability to communicate the patient's family.
   ?Nursing theory
   ?Nursing theory courses, including systematic review, involving respiratory system,
principles of pharmacology, cardiovascular system, nervous system, endocrine system,
urinary system, digestive system, musculoskeletal system principle.
   ?Clinical Practice
   ?Clinical practice is to become a registered nurse in Australia one of the basic
conditions for clinical practice to help students improve the theory and practice of
comprehensive ability, clinical practice in the workplace to train students to use
English language skills and to learn some essential skills (manual operation, first aid
and dose calculation, etc.). Clinical practice at the local hospitals within a period of 6
   ?Course Evaluation
   ?Training students need to graduate to the following standards
1, through the English exam OEP (speaking and writing)
2, through two nursing theory examinations
3, clinical care capacity of the Australian Standards Association approved
   ?Opening Date
   ?Two annual training courses, start dates, respectively in May and October
Adelaide City
Adelaide Bay
Teaching Building corner of the University of South Australia
  University of South Australia aircraft test site
?1. Master of Accounting:
Tuition: 12,000 AUD / year, 2 year structure; IELTS requirement 6.5, writing 6 points.
Course: CPA / CA certification, four month school year 1,4,7,9; 12 courses.
Accounting, management accounting, advanced accounting, tax, Australia, the
Australian commercial law and company law, auditing,
Financial management, economics, information systems, statistics, management,
Contemporary Accounting Theory
2. IT Master:
Tuition: 11,625 AUD / year, 2 year structure; IELTS score 6 points required
Courses: JAVA programming, database management, network technology, web
development, software development, algorithm
System development, computer graphics, computer security, software engineering,
3. Master of Information Systems:
Tuition: 12,000 AUD / year, 2 year structure; IELTS requirement 6.5, writing 6 points.
Course: four month school year 1,4,7,9; 12 courses.
4. Master of Engineering:
Tuition: 11,625 AUD / year, 2 year structure; IELTS score 6 points required
   Sub-communications engineering, telecommunications engineering, civil
engineering, electronic engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering,
computer engineering, test engineering, mining engineering, metallurgical
engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, hydraulic
engineering, traffic engineering, information technology and direction.
5. Marketing Master, Master of Tourism Management, Master of Hotel Management,
Real Estate Masters
Tuition: 12,000 AUD / year, 2 year structure; IELTS requirement 6.5, writing 6 points.
Month of school four times a year 1,4,7,9; 12 courses.
6. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Tuition: 13,500 AUD / year, 2 year structure; IELTS requirement 6.5, writing 6 points.
Points of financial, human resources, marketing, information systems, arts
management 5 directions.
Require the applicant for at least 2 years work experience
Course: 12 courses, of which 8 -10 compulsory course elective course, 2-4
7 Bachelor of Commerce
Tuition: 14,500 AUD / year, 3-year structure; IELTS requirement 6 points, reading,
writing 6 points
Points of commercial law, finance, hotel management, international business,
management, information systems, real estate, human resources management,
marketing, tourism and other professional
8. Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Physical Therapy,
Occupational Therapy Degree
Australian Nursing Tuition 13,800 / year, 3-year curriculum; IELTS required 6 points.
Australian pharmacy fee 18,370 / year, 4-year school system; IELTS requirement 6.5.
Physical therapy, occupational therapy fees 17,500 AUD / year, 4-year school system;
IELTS requirement 6 points
9. Engineering Degree
  ?Tuition: 17,000 AUD / year, 4-year school system; IELTS score 6 points required
   Sub-communication engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering,
electrical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, computer
engineering, construction, geographic information systems, test engineering, mining
engineering, metallurgical engineering, manufacturing engineering, hydraulic
engineering, traffic engineering, surveying other direction
10. Bachelor of Education
Tuition: 12,000 AUD / year, 4-year school system; IELTS score 6 points required
Minutes early childhood education, primary education, secondary education three

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