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									IBT-Macquarie University

Macquarie University
Brief Introduction
Macquarie University, founded in 1964, is a creative Australian universities, their high
quality standards of teaching and research reputation at home and abroad. The
commercial is very famous in Australia, especially in the accounting profession.
Macquarie, based on the wages of college graduates, the survey results and the
employment situation, Macquarie University, Australia ranked one of the best
universities. All along, Macquarie University for its excellent academic results, a
flexible education system to attract the best students from around the world come to
School is located in north-west of Sydney city center, 20 km from the city center,
about 25 minutes. University covers an area of 135 hectares, located in
Australia's leading high-tech garden center, next to Lane Cove National
Park. School is the largest in Australia next to Hi-Tech Park, a concentration of large
multinational offices.
University is divided into Business School, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science
and Technology three departments. Main subjects in the economic and financial,
management, education, linguistics and psychology, humanities, law, sociology,
culture media, laser research, environmental and life sciences, information and
computer science at an international reputation.
Well-known programs include business (accounting, finance, international business,
marketing, etc.), linguistics, education, environmental engineering, translation
(TRANSLATING / INTERPRETING, TESOL, etc.), mass media, hotel management
(ICMS) and so on. MBA reputation bird, the top three in Australia.
Macquarie University has been known for accounting and business courses.
Accounting and the Graduate School of Business (GACC) to provide a range of
students in graduate courses related to professional needs, including international
trade, a master's degree (Master of International Business), Accounting and
Finance Master of Master of Commerce inAccounting & Finance), Business
degree (Master of mmerce inBusiness), Market Master (Master of Commerce in
rketing), Information Systems and Technology Master (Master ofCommerce in
Information System & Technology).
GACC entry requirements apply for a student must have the equivalent of
Australia's three-year undergraduate college degree, professional limitation.
The applicant's English proficiency must meet IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 580.
Apply for a master's degree in international trade (Master of International
Business), Marketing Master (Master of Commerce inMarketing,), business degree
(Master of Commerce in Business), Master of Information Systems and Technology
(Masterof Commerce in Infromation System & Technology), etc. four
graduate students, undergraduate never studied the relevant courses if so, to request a
preparatory course to complete a semester of graduate courses and then followed by
repair. Preparatory course is designed for students to lay a professional knowledge
base, to facilitate the completion of the postgraduate courses.
GACC in innovative curriculum areas. GACC and the Information and
Communication           Sciences     (Division       of    Infromation     &
CommunicationSciences), established a new dual degree in business who want to
learn at the same time, information systems and information technology students
shortcut. Just one and a half the students time to complete master's degree
in Information Systems and Technology (Master of Commerce in Information System
& Technology) and information technology master's degree
(Master of Information Technology) two degrees.
GACC existing dual-degree, including Master of International Trade (Master of
InternationalBusiness) and master's degree in International Relations
(Master of International Relations) and the International Trade Master (Masterof
International Business) and Master of International Communication (Master of Arts in
Academic strengths
One of Australia's top business schools, the business administration
program is a global leader;
The Institute of Management (MGSM) is London's "Financial
Times" as the world's top 40 top business schools, is
"Asia Week" ranked eighth in Asia;
The Master of Applied Finance in the global reputation, is the Asian Development
Bank as a "model" courses;
In 2004, "The Times Higher Education Supplement" as the
world's top 100 universities, ranked 68;
The MBA program is "The Economist Intelligence Unit 2004"
as Australia and Asia;
Nine years in a row, got the highest employment rate of its graduates and starting
Macquarie           University's          latest      honor      -      being
"Australia's Best College Guide 2006" as the highest
level in Australia Macquarie University is a vibrant self-positioning, the pursuit of
progress and innovation in Australian universities. Since the school since 1967,
Macquarie University for its outstanding academic achievements and high-quality
research results and proud of it.
Macquarie University, a total of more than 25,000 students, including 5,100 overseas
students from more than 50 countries. Macquarie University is located in the Sydney
suburb of North Ryde area.
Macquarie University's library is now more than 1 million books in
Since 1998, Macquarie University in the new science-based high-tech field has won
11 competitive centers of excellence awards.
In 2001, Macquarie University, won the biotechnology aspects of research funding
body protein 1 1 000 6 100 250 000 Australian dollars.
Macquarie University is Australia's first NASA (National Aeronautics and
Space Administration) subsidiary of the objects of biological research center where, is
the world's only four such centers.
Macquarie University Research Park campus has nine national research centers.
Macquarie University is Australia's national dictionary - Macquarie
Dictionary editor in chief of the University.
In 2001, Macquarie University because of its excellent export of services received in
Hong Kong - Australia Business Council Award issued by the export of services, and
(HSBC), New South Wales trade promotion award.
Macquarie University in science and technology achievements in the field of
secondary education more prominent than the other institutions of higher learning: the
"e-learning" project awards; school in the "allow
students to better face the online world," was ranked higher.
Macquarie University in the curriculum of the international aspects of the
international Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, recognized
as the best practitioners. University offers more than 100 travel scholarships to
encourage students to participate in overseas student exchange program partner
65% of the faculty hold doctoral degrees higher than the national average.
Macquarie University biologist Professor Richard Frankham International
Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England, named for the 21st century one of the
world's greatest scientists.
Professor Max Coltheart Macquarie University was named the Australian federal
government of Australia's top 15 researchers.
Macquarie University in business leadership achievements and significant, 56% of
revenue comes from non-government departments.
Macquarie University School of Management (MGSM) is "World
Executive Digest" as one of the world's best business schools.
At the same time, it was "London Financial Times" as the
world's top 40 major business schools.
Macquarie University School of Management was also "Asia"
magazine in 2000 ranked No. 8 in Asia.
According to "The Economist" published by the Centre of
information on the global ranking of full-time MBA, Macquarie University School of
Management MBA program was named the first Asian-Australian region, the
world's top 42. MGSM also the quality of students, employers dispersion
of the two recommended indicators of the industry ranked first in the world, personal
development and educational experience in the recommended target of two ranks
second. Macquarie University Research Park campus has nine national research
Master of Applied Finance is the world's most famous courses such
professional one. The program was also recommended by the Asian Development
Bank as a "model" curriculum. Macquarie University Research
Park campus has nine national research centers.
According to survey results show that the prospects for the students, graduates of
Macquarie University with outstanding performance, in terms of employment, salary
and employers all have decent performance evaluation.
Outstanding research
Macquarie University research strengths in such areas as outstanding:
Mathematics, computer and information technology
Ancient Civilization
Genetic and ecological systems: process and design
Education and Society
Cognitive Science and Clinical Applications
Laser, optics and optoelectronics
Management, organizational science, finance
Earth and Planetary Geology
Since 1998, Macquarie University has won 12 national centers of excellence prize.
Cited by the number of times (refer to international standards of science and
technology sector), Macquarie University, Australia ranks first in the areas of
Engineering and Technology, and Chemistry and Biochemistry.
School district's research and development park by the National Quality
Inspection and Survey High Union strongly commended.
Research was Radiata Corporation (a wireless broadband communications company)
and commercial production with products sold to customers such as Cisco Systems.
Macquarie        University is        also Australia's     "Silicon
Valley" (located between North Ryde and North Sydney areas) play a
decisive role in the development.
(Hons) degree, a PhD student can apply for the University Distinguished Research
Center, International Research Scholarship.
School Facilities
Students in schools can easily use the school's social, cultural and service
facilities, these facilities include:
SAM Student Union
Health Information Centre
Sports grounds, gym and a movement called the 40-club association
Child Care Center
2 Hotels
Religious Collection Club
Shops, restaurants, pharmacies, bookstores, and dental clinics, barber shops and three
Art gallery
History, science, culture museum
Australia's largest sculpture park
Lighthouse Theatre
Macquarie's choir
More than 100 clubs and community associations (including football, jungle
adventure, drama, film, etc.)
Career Development Office
Student Advisory Group
Computer Services
Advantage Professional
Master of Accounting (CPA direction)
Australia's largest post-graduate courses in accounting, but also Chinese
students are very popular courses. Course of 2.5 years, to participate in CPA external
examinations for students to strengthen academic support, the first 1.5 years of
compulsory repair 13, a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting and then entered a
master's course in the direction of the CPA, completed master's
Translation (translation and interpretation) is the linguistics department of a
well-known professional disciplines, there is no lack of rigorous and flexible
curriculum, challenging. There are many elective and required courses. Attracted
many students to further studies, they are the future of translators, English teachers
and professionals in all walks of life. Department of Linguistics advanced teaching
facilities, abundant resources, teaching theory and practice in Australia unmatched for
future employment and research students a solid foundation.
In general translation and dialogue, consecutive interpretation and conference
interpretation techniques, subtitling, community translators, interpreters and literary
translation in terms of Macquarie University to practical teaching students a wide
range of translation and interpretation skills, focusing on strengthening exercises and
Training insight. Facts have proved that two kinds of translators and interpreters the
perfect combination of skills, greatly enhanced the students given the opportunity in
many industries the ability. The profession not only attracted local students in
Australia, attracted more than 100 countries from around the world (including China)
All of the professional courses are taught by the Australian National Interpreters
Certification Body (NAATI) recognition. In Australia, NAATI responsible for
translation and interpretation of standards in the professional level exams and
certification qualifications for translators and interpreters. Authorized by NAATI,
Macquarie University can be arranged and carried out in the school district NAATI
Students who complete the internship course requirements, the translation and / or
interpretation course for a good or excellent, you can obtain NAATI accreditation as a
professional translator and / or interpreters. NAATI accreditation is based on and
subject TRAN822 (translation practice) and TRAN820 (Interpreting Practice) relevant
to the assessment of good or excellent results.
Environment master
Macquarie University starting in 2005 for the application environment, excellent
graduate programs graduate school to provide new scholarships for Chinese students.
Scholarship Award for the half, entitled "Environmental Studies Macquarie
University International Scholarship." Students receive award may remove
the program (one and a half) half of the tuition fee. Scholarships exclusively for
master's degree in environmental science, environmental planning
master's degree, master's degree in environmental management
and environmental education and environmental studies master's degree.
Scholarships to apply for a student's academic performance and
performance evaluation basis. For Macquarie University students must meet the
academic requirements established by the scholarship.
Environmental Planning Planning Institute of Australia received a master's
degree (PIA) certification. Dean of the Graduate School of Environmental
PeterNelson Professor, Graduate School of the Environment certification that the
environment in the cultivation of professional talent in the qualification, it also means
that graduates can be engaged in planning work in the environmental industry. The
certification allows graduates to become the Graduate School of Environmental
Planning Institute of Australia members, and PIA in the professional certification
requirements of public and private sectors to find jobs. Students can choose and
environmental resource management, urban and non urban planning related to
sustainable development under the area of research.
Master's degree in environmental management is an environmental
professionals committed to developing an interdisciplinary curriculum. Students in the
learning process can develop speculative capacity, improve writing skills and verbal
ability. Students required to perform a variety of different projects. As a result,
students are able to manage a disciplinary backgrounds, including members of
different groups to find solutions to environmental problems.
Master of Environmental Education, Graduate School of the Environment and
Education jointly. The course aims to explore the educational environment and
sustainable development in meeting the role of goals and applications. Students can
learn how to confirm that effective planning and assessment of environmental
education and sustainable development education projects.
All graduate programs offer comprehensive sex education, elective courses including
management, education, sustainable development, planning and scientific fields.
Students can take "Environmental Law and Policy",
"ecotourism", "Environment and Natural Resources
Economics", "corporate environmental management"
and so on. Its purpose and enable students to environmental policy, management and
practices and other aspects of a sustainable development of the world display their
Master of Information Technology (MIT, that is Master of Information Technology)
Specialty Optional: Network technology, software engineering, internet engineering,
information systems, information and communication management, system security.
Performance has been maintained at more than GPA2.75 can get a master's
degree. The course aims to enable students to acquire and enhance information and
communication technology industry in the major areas of development expertise, in
order to gain competitive advantage in employment.
Tuition and living expenses of the issue, look to be professional, arts, business, IT
classes in 10 000 2 6-2 million a year and the other classes in the 10,008 to 20,000
between 5. About 12,000 a year living in Sydney
(The above are Australian dollars)

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