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									I want my beautiful
I want my beautiful
- Ordinary Girl Super Metamorphosis
God is fair to everyone, gives you talent, you will not be charity in the beauty. I lived
in big houses, have admired the work of driving a high-end fashion car, also have you
even offensive appearance. Bloated body, flat chest, face, starry, starry spots, so my
heart is always with deep inferiority and suffering. But my bones, but does not
"only in relation to this kind of" formula. I want my beauty. So I
want to change, so I do plastic surgery. Immersed in the deformation of the joy and
surprise success, the desire to communicate with people has become strong. But the
fear that many have suspected Xianglinsao, I decided to say the written word, and you
share with the United States who are you Rita!
September 30 uneasy ing ...
Ever since the idea of plastic surgery done, I have been collecting various plastic
medical institutions in the relevant information, beauty is important, safety is first.
After many comparisons and selection, I chose Wuhan Li Road, a company with 15
years of economic success of clinical experience in medical cosmetic plastic surgery
hospital. Taking advantage of National Day holiday, I decided to carry out during the
deformation of my plan. Began operation on October 1, in order to adapt to the
environment, I was admitted to the hospital this afternoon.
Tomorrow we should surgery hard not to feel a hint of tension. Xiaoya accompanied
my buddies, stop comfort me. Just then, the doctor to give me a full examination, I
learned a little nervous to me and said tension is a natural reaction, let me rest assured
that this operation has been successful Zuo hospitals with 10,000 cases of the Shu, the
doctor will choose according to surgical Daxiao different anesthesia, I do not feel pain.
Then give me a detailed explanation of the surgical procedure, and told me some of
the situations that may arise after surgery. It makes me nervous to relax many of the
Quilt is very warm, sunny flavor, with a relaxed frame of mind and vision after
surgery, I slept soundly.
October 1st surgery
To do today is light nanny breast surgery is scheduled at 10 am. Into the operating
room, I was nervous, his hands were sweating. Shen surgery doctors gave me a smile
said to me: "Relax more, all right, will end soon." Down to let
me loose, I serve a tranquilizer. Then, I lay on the operating table, the doctor gave me
a local anesthesia, surgery began. I could feel the doctors and nurses around me busy,
now I just hope that this operation can quickly end. The doctor said more than 30
minutes of surgery I had a feeling inside as long as a century. Thankfully, surgery
ended. Surgery did not I think of the pain, only surgery, feeling a bit incompatible, a
little anxious, uneasy.
Shen doctor told me that surgery was successful, a good rest and will not meet all
disappear very quickly. They told me my days lying in bed, and told me that
postoperative anxiety, irritability and mental is normal, do not be afraid, and then
explain in detail a number of considerations. Xiaoya also chat with me side,
distracting me.
So there is one with xiaoya not a gossip spend the day.
2 October surprise
Doctor told me to lie still break, but fortunately the bedroom television, Xiao Ya
accompanied quietly in the next. Korean movies are being broadcast on television,
"Big Ugly reflexivity", which the actress Hannah's
voice with sounds of nature, but her figure is used for sumo athletes. She is not
complacent, through plastic surgery, the cause of love was a double harvest. It seems I
chose the right and ability is important in this society, but the outstanding appearance
is soft eyes of others, melting the best with strange and distant.
I can not go on the afternoon of lying, and then up and walk around the room. In front
of the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the chest has been changed
significantly, no longer Yimapingchuan, and has become bulging. I was this change
brought great joy to the drowned. Just then the doctor came in for information, to see
me get out of bed, and flew me back to rest.
I had obediently to bed and, lying in bed big soft comfortable listening to music, heart
unspeakable joy. Thus the original tough day's gone so fast.
October 4
Today has not the slightest chest discomfort, and arm can normal activities. To do
today is the cold sub-stratification weight loss, mainly to the lower back and
abdominal fat melted away. Because of the experience of the last surgery, I am not
nervous this time. Quietly lying on the operating table, the doctor gave me a local
anesthetic. I started lying down to sleep. After about 30 to minutes, stumbled, and
doctors wake me up, saying that surgery has been better.
The doctor said surgery went well, a few days you will see a different me. Let me
anesthesia disappeared, more than walk around the room and give the appropriate
massage waist to keep the blood circulation. Waist and abdomen, but I feel some
sense of Ma Ma, the doctor said it was not dissipated because anesthesia. In order to
achieve better results doctor advised me to wear body sculpting clothing.
This view is not a doctor, wants to steal under the lazy, look at some level has its own
down the waist and lower abdomen, I am confident, they began to slowly walk around
the room.
October 6 narcissistic ing
Wake up and find changes in waist and lower abdomen has been very clear, the
original wore pants big obviously a whole circle. Resort to Xiaoya to buy me clothes.
Hey, Xiaoya great, so many days, has been by my side, ran back, by a lot of tired. So I
left the hospital must be properly rewarded her meal, so she like to eat the sweet and
sour pork ribs, chicken with green peppers, of course, ultimately, we both like
fish-flavored eggplant pot.
Now has not the slightest chest discomfort, but doctors do not let my arm too intense
action, so as not to affect wound healing and the fixed prosthesis. Watch bulging chest,
stroking thin Xiaoman Yao, heart tastes of ...
In this way, in my incessant narcissism, this day has passed very quickly.
October 7 freckle
   ?This is my beauty, the last item - Angel Kiss freckle. Give me the treatment is Dr.
Jiang, amiable, she feels very at home. When I lay on the surgical bed, she told me not
nervous, not pain. Actually, after the previous surgery, I do not have the slightest
psychological disorder. Therapy, just a bit like the feeling of ants bite, about 10 to
minutes, the treatment had finished.
   ?Red face, some parts of the treatment of swelling, Dr. Jiang said that this is a
normal reaction to me to keep the treatment site clean to avoid infection and friction,
sun. Gave me some special ointment repair in tune with the oral capsule Combined
Internal and External. As the surgical site discomfort, back room I fell down asleep.
October 8 sweet
    Wake up already at eight, and little Jana guy still asleep. I went to wash the
bathroom, look in the mirror and saw the nose and cheeks of the spots have dodged
many faces, and more shiny, and then after a few of the treatment should be all gone,
Yong Shounie appears under the skin than before more subtle and more elastic. Heart
like a fragrance of honey in the general flow, but sweet fragrance.
    About 10 o'clock, Shen doctors and his party come check my surgery
recovery. Doctors view the axillary incision healing well, implant positioning
accuracy is also fixed, that the recovery operation is very good, you can not bandage
up. As the nurse bandaged my chest layers removed, a pair of curves show clear-cut
breasts in my chest, not only tall, plump, tall and straight, and very natural, soft and
elastic. "Nice!" Cried beside Xiaoya. My face also stretch a
proud smile. Doctors checked a look at my waist and abdomen surgery and found that
shaping beautiful, subcutaneous fat formation, the skin smooth and delicate. The
doctor said the chest and waist have been very successful surgery and recovery,
tomorrow can be discharged and returned home to pay attention to training, and
regularly to review. Then carefully explain to me a few things to note after discharge.
Oct. 9 home
Today morning I got up. Washing is completed, can not wait to buy me a set of
income xiaoya body suit to cover the body, but also not to mention, would never have
dreamed of clothes worn now really is to make me feel a little envious of my own,
and straight and full chest, small waist round, round and firm buttocks, appeared tall
and curvy, feminine. "Wow, this is the original sexy ah, I be seen all, come
to uncle favorite of what I" just woke up, Xiao Ya, lying in bed talking
with malicious intent. This guy, see my recent unwieldy, so arrogant, and then another
day to pack her.
Clean up properly, after listening to thousands of doctors told million asked, we took
his spree Xiao Hehe discharged. Although the hospital nearly 10 days, but never felt
like home, like, in addition to no-call nurse, the other actually no difference, as the
warm comfort of the same.
      These are my beauty care hospital in Wuhan, Beverly beautiful transfiguration of
course, I want to tell you that plastic surgery does not imagine the complexity and risk
so much, the key is to choose a strong formal medical institutions, the environment
service is also very important, followed by exhortations to follow the doctor and
demands, can not be discounted. Do these two steps, the beautiful is not a dream.

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