March, 2008

              Two days workshop on
       for production managers, process and industrial engineers
        Tuesday- Wednesday, March 25-26th 2008, in Bucharest

      We would like to invite you to our 2 day workshop on Time Study and
Work Measurement. In this workshop we teach production managers and
engineers the correct methodology of determining corect standard operating
times in production and select the appropiate methods of measuring for each
specific condition.

       WHY TIME st udy is impo r ta nt ?

Time Study and Work Measurement is an essential part of the knowledge domain of
industrial Engineering.
The primary goal is to determine standard times for activities and operations by
measuring the work content. These are the times needed by a well trained,
motivated worker to perform these tasks during a whole day at a normal
performance level, taken into account both fatigue and personal time as well as
ergonomic circumstances.

Standard times are a needed for many purposes such as (lean) process design, cost
calculation and budgeting, productivity measurement, scheduling, input for ERP
systems, etc.

There exist different methods for determining standard times, each with their own
application areas, accuracy, ease of use/speed, strong and weak points: the
classical method of observing the process and using a stopwatch, more advanced
methods based on predetermined times (like MTM, Work Factor, MOST, LCW,…) as
well as statistically based techniques like Work Sampling for variable an non-
repetitive activities.

The aim of this course is to give the participants insight in the basic
philosophy of time study, which methods are available with their
advantages and disadvantages and how can they be applied and
implemented in practice.

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                                                                                               March, 2008

     t his w o r ksh o p AGENDA :

                What is "time study"?
                Time and tempo/pace
                Time study using stopwatch and pace rating
                Determining an average time using a nomogram
                PDTM: determining normal times without stopwatch
                Synthetic times
                Determination of Standard times
                Work Sampling
                Standard setting for machine related activities
                Task setting
                The use of supporting hard- and software for time study

     yo ur inst r uc t o r :

                                Luc Van Landeghem started his career in aviation where he was
                                involved in process improvement. Later he became a consultant at
                                Van Goubergen P&M gcv. He is guest lecturer at the department of
                                Industrial Management at Ghent University and Antwerp University
                                (Belgium). He also teaches classes in the “Black Belt in Lean”
                                (Ghent University) and the “Fellow of Industrial Engineering”
                                (Flemish Engineers Chamber) certified training programs.
                                He has extensive experience in teaching and implementing both OEE
                                and other lean tools worldwide (for among others Masterfoods /
                                Mars-M&M, SaraLee, Bobcat, DHL). During the last years he has also
                                conducted classes and project coaching on lean manufacturing in

This workshop will be conducted in English, however a Romanian version of the handouts is
available for the participants. The Romanian trainer would be present to support for any
clarification, understanding issues.

When?                    Tuesday-Wednesday, March 25-26th , 2008 from 9.00

Where?                    Bucharest, exact location will be announced later

Registration?          Registration fee is 400 Euro/person (excl VAT). Depending on the no.
of participants enlisted from the same company, discounts are applicable. This fee includes
handouts of all presented material both in English and Romanian and lunch on both days. To
register for this workshop please send last page signed and stamped by fax or email.

                                  Productivity Center SRL,      e-mail: info@productivity.ro
                      Targoviste, Office: tel. 0728 – 934.499   website: www.productivity.ro
                                                                                                   March, 2008

Audience?             Production Managers, Process Engineers, anyone interested
in establishing and measuring the standard work performance.
                                                         Curs de 2 zile
                       MASURAREA MUNCII
                      Marti-Miercuri, 25-26 Martie 2008, Bucuresti

           f o r mu l a r d e inr eg ist r a r e:
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Prin prezentul formular ma inregistrez pentru cursul de “Studiul timpului de lucru si
masurarea muncii” care va avea loc in perioada 25,26 Martie 2008 in Bucuresti.
Ma angajez sa platesc catre Productivity Center SRL, taxa de participare de 400 euro (plus
TVA) in termen de maxim 30 zile de la eliberarea facturii. Facturarea se va face la cursul
BNR din ziua respectiva. Pentru nerespectarea termenului de plata se percep penalitati, fara
notificari aditionale in prealabil, pentru administrare, recolectari extrajudiciare si nerespectarea
angajamentului de plata, precum si penalitati de intarziere (bazate pe rata dobanzii de referinta a Bancii
Centrale Europene, revizuita la fiecare 6 luni).Penalitati: 10% din suma + 11% rata dobanzii pentru
suma neplatita.

Semnatura:                                                                             Stampila:

Va rugam sa trimiteti cererea de inregistrare inainte de joi 20 Martie la:
Strada Preot Toma Georgescu, bl.18, sc B, ap 23, Targoviste, cod 130115
CUI: 18397397; J 15/158/2006

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                                                                                           March, 2008

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Persoana de contact: Raluca Florea

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