Huawei_ ZTE VS: achieving the same cow and the wolf

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					Huawei, ZTE VS: achieving the same cow and the wolf
If not, Huawei, ZTE and can not always maintain vitality, and if there is no ZTE and
Huawei would not have such a fast rate of development. "One has worked
in Huawei and ZTE's business people commented.
Of the 20th century began to rise 80 "great China" now has the
only "Chinese" - ZTE and Huawei are still standing. In 2004,
Huawei's global sales of 46.2 billion yuan, of which domestic sales of 27.2
billion yuan, the international sales of 2.28 billion U.S. dollars. Contract, ZTE will
achieve sales of 34 billion yuan, of which 13.6 billion yuan of overseas sales to
achieve the contract (equivalent to 1.644 billion U.S. dollars), overseas sales grew
169.5% year on year.
This year, two companies of the power consumption of 10 years, the international
market, has finally made a breakthrough in harvesting. Industry estimates, in 2005,
ZTE and Huawei's overseas sales would reach 60 billion U.S. dollars,
approaching 50% overall yield.
At the same time, various types of gold content in the high ranking Chinese
companies, Huawei and ZTE firmly occupied the top two: the first Chinese
electronics hundred in tax is Huawei, ZTE second; China Software hundred, China
Patent hundred, the most innovative capability of Chinese enterprises list on Huawei
and ZTE are still occupying the former two.
ZTE and Huawei of this phenomenon is the industry known as
"Gemini" phenomenon. They are located in the same region, the
resources, market, technology, management, marketing and other aspects complement
each other, mutual cooperation and competition; it is two different companies, they
are the same and different, their common goal that virtually break the
"business model a deciding" the life of many entrepreneurs
addiction proposition.
Hou Weigui vs Zhengfei
Different corporate culture, largely because individual entrepreneurs different. ZTE
and Huawei in a different path to achieve the same success, achieving the same key
elements is its founder and spiritual leader - Hou Weigui and Zhengfei personality and
ideological differences.
"Harmony is precious" and "tell right from
Zhengfei joined the Red Guard movement, but also because the parents as an
intellectual, "Ai Pi," and political oppression, which makes his
mainstream values and social values consistent, so was put into a crucible of reform
and opening up, Shenzhen, when He then embarked on a duty-bound to his own. He
had been a soldier, but also became the party's "XII"
on behalf of the military's success has laid on him the most profound mark.
After graduating from the school which he entered the business, but became a
non- mainstream, kept a few pigs. His experience has been "ups and
The experience of many of Hou Weigui flat: a top student at school after graduation to
teach a couple of years, then entered 691 plants, from skilled workers to the workshop
director, then technical director, has always been the highest level of factory technical
experts, and is 12 thousand years, is typical of intellectual type.
Different backgrounds, so Ren Zhengfei and Hou Weigui in the enterprise
management has shown a completely different management style personality: Hou
Weigui more robust, very few excesses; and Zhengfei the wolf full, harsh and
aggressive, in operation, is also to take risks, do not follow the conventional. Some
have even described them this way two people, said Hou Weigui is
"precious" and, while Ren Zhengfei is "right and
wrong,       regardless."       Thus,      media      reports   Zhengfei      as
"paranoid", but Hou Weigui is "moderate
Vision: balcony and garage
Hou Weigui first arrived in Shenzhen, is a way of assignment, so that we can go back;
Zhengfei is a leader without any followers, do wrong, to eat into the problem.
However, two people have seen the value of technology and knowledge, therefore,
engaged in trade, make a profit when it began to consider Zizhu 研发, At subsequent,
then Du Qiang 10% of sales on R & D., so that the two independent R
& D in both finding the power of enterprise development.
The importance of technology and knowledge, so that the two enterprises regard the
talent into the most important position. Each year a large number of major colleges
and universities recruit graduates from China, and give employees a very good returns,
the average wage is almost the highest level on behalf of Chinese companies. Their
aspirations are to make their staff to become rich. Therefore, the staff said Ren
Zhengfei very early, to build a house after house was built a large balcony must take
some, "so the future good sun money"; and Hou Weigui
business start-up period was also his subordinates on the promise of the future to
everyone ZTE a house, a house should have a garage below.
Mao Zedong Thought practitioners
Also two very practical, giving them the respect of technology and knowledge, not
only has not been buried in the developed market economy, functional Shenzhen, but
even more powerful, but when this pragmatic spirit with their lofty ambitions
combined with the , to turn into a great power surge venture. Both Mao Zedong
Thought in-depth research, are well aware of "encircling the
cities", "relying on the strength of the masses" and
the power of ideological and political education.
But in actual application, two people h

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