Huawei selected the six principles of management

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					Huawei selected the six principles of management
Huawei selected the six principles of management
Recommended Huawei selected the six principles of management
      ?Company requires a lot of managers, good managers have three measurable
criteria: first, with professionalism, the work is seriously improved, but also to
improve it? Can further improve it? Second, dedicated and can not care too much
about. Third, a sense of responsibility and mission, which will determine whether
managers can fully accept the corporate culture, and take the burden of enterprise
Enterprise managers in the selection process should adhere to the following
First, managers should have the pragmatic competence, a strong sense of service and
social responsibility to continuously improve their control and management
Huawei requires that each manager can do specific things hands, those who can not
find things to do and do not know how to start the manager, will face the fate of being
concise, we will not experience the cadres to adjust to the Division the following post
to. Not doing work at the grassroots level, no professionalism, and is not promoted,
and any false figures, exaggerated style of cadres will be demoted, a pay cut.
Huawei, we asked the senior managers should have the ability to self-improvement,
can quickly adapt to society, enterprise development requirements. At the same time,
managers must fully understand the company's core values, self-critical
ability. Should be concerned about his men, good at listening to different views and
different opinions can make friends, of these people's problems, give them
help. On the managers, the staff do a sincere friend is important, so that employees
can and you intimate, you can make up for deficiencies in the work of managers.
Second, managers should have the art of leadership and good work style.
Huawei, we emphasize the work style of criticism and self-criticism, has been passed
from the top to the lowest level. Within the company allows employees to their
superiors, their subordinates to criticize, take into account the impact of everyone else,
are doing "good" progress in corporate governance impossible
to talk about.
Third, we should stand in the company's position on integrated selection,
and can not stand in small groups, small gangs of position selection manager.
Difference whether this person has the potential to become qualified managers,
mainly depends on the person's basic, quality and ability, not seniority. At
the same time, to allow different views of human existence. Huawei to implement the
responsibility system of cadres of the matter, rather than on human responsibility. Of
the people responsible for breeding some of the system will be unhealthy, there will
be many people telling lies, spoils system, tanks and Protection, people crossed a
series of illnesses. Huawei has several discipline for managers: Managers can only
express their individual views, not allowed to use the joint signatures of the methods.
Individual manager's views, only use e-mail distributed to reflect the
special mailbox, which does not allow unauthorized to send an email on the bulletin
board. When a company that views can be made public before publication. Whether
positive or negative views of views, without the approval of Huawei are wrong.
Fourth, managers must cultivate the awareness beyond his successor, has the quality
to withstand change, which is the endless driving force for development.
Resistance to change in general business from management, managers have to face
the changes in the right state of mind. Change from the old balance of the distribution
of benefits and gradually moving toward a new equilibrium distribution of benefits,
the balance of the cycle, to promote core competitiveness of enterprises to enhance
growth and efficiency. In this process, the interests of managers may be some damage,
could become a small big abbot abbot, the original temple may be demolished, then,
business development manager from the point of view, with the correct attitude
towards . Like Huawei, is in a period of organizational change, many high-ranking
cadres of the relative positions will change. Company management will listen to talk,
but also requires obedience, or change can not proceed. And other changes into the
normal order, the company will be possible in accordance with the cadres and the
work needs to adjust their desire to accept.
Fifth, the business manager candidates to conduct in-depth understanding and
Huawei requires managers to enhance the transparency of the personal history, he can
also choose to give up on the company's transparent, so the company will
give up the right to choose his cadre. Understanding of the situation on individual
managers help solve the management problems of corruption.
Huawei also has a selection of the principle of managers: those who are not
grass-roots management experience, not when the workers had not been a primary
secretary and general clerk, and all can not be promoted to management, even the
Doctor is out. Education higher, if not practical experience, and can not be a qualified

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