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Huawei past
Huawei past (21) - Huawei and ZTE's "Infernal
   In the "great China", the dragon has come out, and Datang in
support of the state is still alive, ZTE and Huawei by their own efforts continue to
grow and develop. ZTE and Huawei in Shenzhen, although the same, but it is never in
contact with the enemy. The head of two completely different personalities. The head
of Huawei Ren Zhengfei looks like an old farmer, he always uses the
"farmer" itself. Sometimes Hanhan smile, his weathered face.
Criticize liberal and, mouth of the "Mother of the Palestinian child, turtle
bastard." One time I'll see a number of post office chief guest,
said the rise when the chief took off his socks and pull one side of foot, while
impassioned speech to the guests. The head of ZTE Hou Weigui looks like a retired
engineer, gentle, slow to speak Sri article. Once participated in the signing ceremony,
China Mobile reception, I Hou Weigui and China Mobile's leadership sat in
a table. During the reception, Hou Weigui Mimi just smiled, said little. They were
different characters, but does not prevent them to become successful entrepreneurs.
Successful people have all different.
   As a city with competitors, Huawei and ZTE's war is comprehensive,
from the market to research and development, of course, ultimately, the spy and
intelligence warfare. Both sides had placed undercover in each other.
Huawei's high-level meeting just finished, not to convey the spirit of the
meeting, ZTE's senior leadership to get the meeting minutes. Of course, too
soon to know ZTE Huawei Huawei received the minutes. Huawei's top
leaders often see a competitor dynamics, which describes the activities of
ZTE's every move. I've even seen ZTE ATM switches detailed
development information and access to the server ZTE project report.
   During that time, the director is notified in time to recruit people to pay attention to
the background of candidates who work to prevent espionage. Identified in the
research department took several Huawei ZTE's wages to the work of the
developers, but they get double pay. There is also a channel for information leakage is
a spouse. Huawei staff, many of the spouses or friends of men and women work in the
Restoration. Company found that this is a confidential vulnerability. So the company
through self-examination and investigation, have all the spouses of employees
working in the ZTE list. In the research department, each department director has a
blacklist, which is the spouse of the departments of ZTE staff list. For these
employees, the first is to mobilize him, let him leave the ZTE spouse, if not, then
control the use, not promoted.
   Our data communications business unit of DING Guo-feng was the case. Zhou Qi,
DING Guo-feng is the ATM along with items from Xi'an University of
Electronic Science and Technology to Huawei. ATM has been engaged in
development work, work diligently, very strong technical ability. But his wife work at
ZTE. I had talked to him, let him go back and advised him to leave his wife. He said
his wife well in the ZTE development, not quit. So he became controlling the use of
personnel. In the job, wages, bonuses, stock and so he was several years later than
workers lower.
   In order to prevent stolen data, as rivals, Huawei has taken all actions can be taken.
In the development of the laboratory installation of cameras, monitor telephone calls,
check e-mail from all employees. All computers are sealing of the external interfaces.
But opponents of the spy or file not live acts.
   ?Development of Wireless Business Unit GSM backbone of five technical staff
poached by ZTE, Huawei's full range of GSM development with the
information to the Restoration of the Shanghai Institute. Huawei Shanghai business
management through spot checks of ZTE's Shanghai Research Institute,
found a spot in the computer with Huawei signs of technical documentation. Was
responsible for "intellectual property" Song Liuping department
is pleased to said to me: "This time the evidence is caught on the spot, we
win the game." But then the matter drop. ZTE years of operation in
Shanghai, Shanghai Huawei deeply than the relationship.
   Data communication within the Department is also out of a ghost. Work one day
soon, the Hong Tianfeng called me to go, took me to the Science Park is located on
the second floor with a service center in a small room. There, I listened to a security
monitor a telephone recording. This is from the center of the hall with the public
telephone service play, and the called number is a number of ZTE Corporation. Phone
is about to each other to provide access to the server source code A8010 bargain. I
make out, a Ph.D. in our department. Then check all his mail, found the source code
sent to the other side. I immediately called this person conference room and talk to
him. He excuses for a while, but in the face of evidence, his last silent. That night, he
was fired.
   The original "Huawei People's News" editor
Quoted Kim defected from Huawei ZTE, a rise of waves. Quoted payments are
Huawei's senior staff, a better understanding of the situation on the Huawei.
ZTE by the Quoted gold pen, write a letter to the central letter prosecution,
prosecution Huawei operating in illegal acts, such as employees of a bank is illegal
fundraising. 98 to 99 years, the Central sent a survey to investigate its presence in
Huawei. Waiting for the conclusions of the investigation group that time, either in
total must be spent in the uneasy. I've seen in Huawei chief when the two
panic. The first was that this time, another time because of Huawei's export
equipment to Iraq, when faced with U.S. sanctions.