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									How to Write a Business Plan
A well-known U.S. venture capitalist who said that "the risk of inviting
investment, franchise companies, as divorced women to marry, rather than love and
girls. Both sides have their own plan, relying on the empty promises are useless The.
" Is seeking funding for the venture, the business plan is the business
phone call cards. The quality of business plans, often determines the success or failure
of investment transactions. The risk of the start-up enterprises, the role of business
plan is particularly important, a brewing in the project, often vague, through the
development of business plans to write down all the positive and negative reasons.
See one by one after scrutiny. Entrepreneur that this project will have a clearer
understanding. Can be said that the first business plan is to create a business plan to
sell itself to the risk of entrepreneurs. Second, the business plan will also help to plan
venture to sell to venture capitalists, corporate business plan one of the main purpose
is to raise funds. Therefore, the business plan must be clear: (1) the purpose of starting
a business? Why risky to spend energy, time, resources and money to set up venture?
(2) the funds needed to start a business Why so many money? Why investors worth
the Zhuru funds? right Yi Qi Ye is the risk of construction, business plan development
of an enterprise's set Bijiaojuti the direction and focus so that employees
understand the company's business 目 标 and motivate them for a
common goal. More importantly, it allows the investor companies and suppliers,
vendors, etc. to understand business operations and business objectives, to convince
donors (existing or new) to fund the further development of enterprises. For that
reason, the risk of business plan will be written by entrepreneurs as a major
commercial paper. How, then, to formulate a business plan books? 1, How to write a
business plan to give investors who are neither adequate information nor can investors
excited business plan, the ultimate result can only be thrown into the trash ri. In order
to ensure that the business plan to "hit the target" risk
entrepreneurs should do the following: 1. Concerned about the products in the
business plan, enterprises should provide all the details of products or services,
including implementation of all enterprise surveys. These include: product is in what
stage of development? Its unique how? Enterprise distribution of products is what?
Who use the company's products, and why? The production cost is how
much the prices? Enterprises the development of new modern products plan? pulled
the investor in the company's products or services to, and risks of such
donors will be interested in the product, like entrepreneurs. In the business plan,
entrepreneurs should be simple words to describe everything. Product definition of
entrepreneurs and their properties is very clear, but others are not necessarily aware of
their meaning. The development of business plan is designed not only to investors
who believe the business products will revolutionize the world, the impact that they
believe the company must also prove its argument You. Business plan described the
product to let investors would feel: "Oh, how wonderful this product is,
how encouraging ah!" 2. Dare to compete in the business plan,
entrepreneurs should be careful analysis of the risk situation of competitors. Who are
the competitors? How their products work? Competitor's products than the
products of this company, what similarities and differences? Marketing strategies
adopted by competitors, what? To clear each competitor sales, gross profit, income
and market share, and then discuss each of the company relative to competitors with a
competitive advantage, to show investors, customers prefer the company of the reason:
The company's product quality, fast delivery, positioning moderate, the
price is right and so on, a business plan to make the reader believe that the company is
not only a strong industry competitor, it will be to determine the future leader of
industry standards. In the business plan, entrepreneurs should also clarify the
competitors to the business risks and the measures taken by the enterprise. 3. Business
plan to understand the market to give investors the target market of in-depth business
analysis and understanding. To a detailed analysis of economic, geographic,
occupational and psychological factors such as consumers choose to buy the
enterprise product this behavior, as well as the role of various factors. Business plan
should also include a major marketing plan, plan to be listed in the enterprise intends
to undertake advertising, marketing and public relations activities in the region, a
clear budget for each activity and earnings. The book also briefly outline the business
plan business marketing strategy: the use of outside sales representatives or the use of
internal staff? Enterprise is the use of resellers, distributors or licensed providers?
Company will provide the type of sales training? Addition , business plan should look
at sales in particular the details. 4. Show that the action plan of action for the policy of
enterprises should be no solution to hit the. Business plan should be made clear the
following issues: how companies bring products to market? How to design a
production line, how to assemble products? What are the raw materials production?
Enterprises have those production resources, but also what production resources?
Production and equipment costs of the ? business is to buy equipment or rent
equipment? interpretation and product assembly, storage and send the relevant fixed
and variable cost. 5. Show your management team to transform an idea into a
successful venture, the key factor is to have a strong management team. The team
members must have a high 专业 technical knowledge, management skills and years
of work experience, to give investors this one kind of Gan Jue: "Kan, the
team li Du Youshui! If this is a football team, then Gong Si they will have the final
showcase tournament! "manager function is to plan, organize, control and
guide the company's operations to achieve goals. In the business plan,
should first describe the entire management team and their responsibilities, but each
with a special introduction to each management, characteristics and skills, detailed
description of each manager for corporations for their contributions. Business plan
objectives and Huanyingmingque management organization chart. 6. Excellent
scheme plan business plan summary of the book is also important. It must make the
reader interested and eager to get more information, it will leave a lasting impression
on the reader. Scheme will be written in the last part of the risk of the contents of
entrepreneurs, but first look at the contents of the donors, it will extract from the
scheme to raise funds out of the most coherent with the details: includes basic
information on the company, the company capabilities and limitations, the
company's competitors, marketing and financial strategy, the
company's management team, etc. concise and vivid summary. If the
company is a book, it is like the cover of the book, done well can be attracted to
investors. It will be venture capitalists had the impression: "This company
will become the industry giant, I can not wait to read the rest of the
program." Second, the contents of a business plan. Scheme for the scheme
are listed in the top of the book business plan, which is condensed the essence of the
business plan. Scheme covers the main points of the plan, in order to clear, so readers
can review the plan within the shortest possible time and make judgments. Scheme
should generally include the following: Introduction; the main scope of products and
services; market overview; marketing strategy; sales plans; production management
plan; managers and their organizations; financial plan; funding requirements status. In
introducing the company, the first to show the creation of new business ideas, the
formation of new ideas and business goals and development strategies. Second, to
account for enterprise status, background and past business scope. In this section, to
the situation of enterprises in the past to do an objective comment, do not avoid
mistakes. Analysis is often more pertinent to win the trust, which makes easy
identification of the business plan. Finally, entrepreneurs should also introduce the
risk of their own background, experience, experience and expertise and so on.
Entrepreneurs, the quality of the performance of enterprises often play a key role.
Here, entrepreneurs should try to highlight their advantages and expressed his strong
entrepreneurial spirit, to give investors a good impression. In the scheme, enterprises
also have to answer the following questions: (1) business environment, the industry,
the nature and scope of business; (2) the main products of the content; (3) the
enterprise market, where companies who are customers, what their needs; (4) business
partner, investment Who; (5) business backers, competitors, the impact on the
development of enterprises. Abstract should be as concise as possible, vivid. In
particular detail the difference between their own enterprises and enterprise market
factors of success. If the entrepreneur to understand what he was doing, summary
only two pages is sufficient. If entrepreneurs do not know what they're
doing, a summary may want to write more than 20 pages. Therefore, some investors
in accordance with summary length on the "grain of wheat from the chaff
to pick out" 2. Product (service), introduced for investment project
evaluation, the investor is one of the most concern, the risk of enterprise products,
technologies or services and to what extent can solve real life problems, or the
products venture (services) can help customers save money and increase revenue.
Therefore, the product introduction is essential to a business plan content. Typically,
the product description should include the following: the product concept,
performance and features; Main Products; product market competition; product
research and development process; the development of new product plans and cost
analysis; product market prospect forecast; products brands and patents. In the
product (service) introduced some of the entrepreneurs to the product (service)
detailed description of instructions to accurately, but also easy to understand, so that
professional investors can not understand. In general, products must be accompanied
by introducing prototype, photographs or other description. In general, the Products
must answer the following questions: (1) Enterprise customers want the product to
solve a problem, customers get the products from the company any good? (2) The
company's products compared to competitors which advantages and
disadvantages, why customers choose the products of this company? (3) Enterprise
for its own product protection measures taken, which company has the patent, license,
or manufacturer has applied for a patent which the agreement was reached? (4) Why
enterprise pricing allows businesses to generate sufficient profits, why users will buy
large quantities of products business? (5) ways to improve the enterprises to adopt the
product quality, performance, enterprises which plan to develop new products, etc. .
Product (service), introduced the contents of the more specific, and therefore
relatively easy to write. While extolling their products are required to sell, but should
be noted that each company made a commitment is "a debt", we
should strive to fulfill. Keep in mind that entrepreneurs and investors created a
long-term cooperation partnership. Empty promises, only pride at a time. If the
business can not deliver, unable to pay debts, corporate reputation is bound to be
greatly damaged, and therefore the real entrepreneurs in order to disdain. 3. Personnel
and organizational structure with product, entrepreneurs need to do is to form a
second step has the combat effectiveness of the management team. The quality of
business management and directly determine the size of business risk. The
high-quality management and good organizational structure is an important guarantee
for good business management. Therefore, venture capitalists will pay particular
attention to the management team's assessment. Enterprise management
should be complementary, and should be a team player. An enterprise must have for
product design and development, marketing, production operations management,
corporate finance expertise in such areas. Book in the business plan, management
must be clear of major, describes their Suo of the competence, Ta Men in the office in
an enterprise and 责任 who could Xiangxijingli Ji background. In addition, in this
part of the business plan book, corporate structure should also give a brief
introduction, including: the company's organizational chart; functions and
responsibilities of various departments; the department head and principal members;
the company's compensation system; company The list of shareholders,
including stock options, proportion and privileges; the company's board
members; members of the Board background information. 4. Market forecasts when
firms to develop a new product or new market expansion, we must first conduct
market forecasts. If the forecast is not optimistic, or cast doubt on the credibility of
forecast, then the investor must take on more risk, which for most venture capitalists it
is unacceptable. Market forecasts predict demand first: the existence of market
demand for this product? Demand level is to give businesses bring about the desired
benefits? The size of the new market? Demand for the development of future trends
and their status? Impact Requirements What are the factors. Second, the market
forecast should also include competition in the market Business the competitive
situation faced by the analysis: the market leading competitors? The existence of a
conducive business products in the market gap? The companies expect the market
How much market share? the enterprises to enter the market, what kind of reaction
would cause competitors, these responses have any impact on the enterprise? so. Book
in the business plan, market forecast should include the following: Market Status
Review; competitor profiles; target clients and target market; the enterprise product
market position; market segment and features, etc.. Venture market forecast should be
based on rigorous, scientific basis of market research. Market risk faced by enterprises,
there have been more volatile, unpredictable characteristics. Therefore, the risk of
business should be to maximize the scope of information gathering, attention to the
forecast on the environment and using scientific means and methods of prediction.
Risk entrepreneurs should bear in mind that the market forecast is not imagined out of
the wrong understanding of the market is the main reason for business failure one. 5.
Marketing is a business marketing strategy in the most challenging aspect of the main
factors affect the marketing strategy are: (1) the characteristics of the consumers; (2)
product characteristics; (3) the enterprise's own situation; (4) market
aspects. Ultimately affect the marketing strategy is the effectiveness of marketing
costs and marketing factors. In the business plan, marketing strategy should include
the following: (1) market institutions and marketing channels of choice; (2) sales team
and management; (3) marketing plans and advertising strategies; (4) price decision.
On business enterprises, products and businesses as well known, it is difficult to enter
other businesses have stable sales channels to. Therefore, the company has to adopt
cost-effective marketing strategies, such as door to door, big hit commodity
advertising, wholesalers and retailers to let, or to any distribution of the company is
willing to sell. The development of enterprises, which one can use the original sales
channels, it can also develop new sales channels to meet the enterprises. 6.
Manufacturing plans in the book manufacturing business plan plan should include the
following: status of manufacturing and technical equipment; new products into
production plans; technology upgrading and renewal of equipment requirements;
quality control and quality improvement programs. In the process of seeking funding,
in order to increase the company's assessment of the value of
pre-investment, venture entrepreneurs should try to make the production
manufacturing plans more detailed and reliable. In general, production plan should
answer the following questions: production manufacturing requirements of plant and
equipment given to them; how to ensure the scale of new products into production in
the stability and reliability; equipment import and installation of the situation, who is
the supplier ; production line design and assembly is; supplier's lead time
and resource utilization; production cycle, the development of standards and the
production plan preparation; material requirements planning and the assurance
measures; quality control method is how of; related to other issues. 7. Financial
planning, financial planning takes more energy for the specific analysis, including the
cash flow statement, balance sheet and income statement preparation. Liquidity is the
lifeblood of business, so companies in start-up or expansion, the need for liquidity in
advance detailed plans and carry out strict control of the process; income statement
reflects the company's profit situation, it is the business operation in a
period of time results of operations; balance sheet reflects the company at some point,
investors can use the balance sheet of the data is the ratio of indicators to measure
operating conditions of enterprises and the possible return on investment. Financial
planning generally include the following: (1) the conditions for business plan
assumptions; (2) the expected balance sheet; projected profit and loss account; cash
income and expenditure analysis; funding sources and use. Can be said that a business
plan put forward the general process of risk in financing entrepreneurs need to do, but
financial planning is to support the business plan and instructions. Therefore, a good
financial plan to assess the number of venture capital needed to improve risk the
possibility of enterprises to obtain funds is crucial. If the financial planning to prepare
well, will give investors a lack of experience in corporate management the impression
that the assessment of the value of enterprise risk reduction, but also increase the
company's business risk, then how to develop good financial planning?
This first depends on Venture vision is a new market to create a new product or
financial information into a larger existing market. Focus on a new technology or
innovative product start-ups can not refer to existing market data, pricing and
marketing. Therefore, it is to own market forecasts and growth rate may be net profit,
and to its vision, management team and financial model to sell to investors. While
preparing to enter an existing market ventures can be very easy to explain the size of
the market and improve the methods. Venture firms can obtain information on the
target market based on first year sales of enterprise-scale planning. Corporate
financial planning and business plan should ensure that the assumptions are consistent.
In fact, the production of financial planning and business plans, human resource
planning, marketing plans are inseparable. To complete the financial planning, we
must clear the following issues: (1) products in the amount of each issue during the
period be? (2) when the line began to expand? (3) What is the cost of production of
each product? (4) What is the price of each product? (5) the kind of distribution
channel, the expected cost and profit? (6) the need to hire that several types of people?
(7) Employment commencement date, the number of wage budget ? so. Third, check
the following finished writing a business plan, risk entrepreneurs plan better double
check again to see what the plan is accurate to answer investor questions, seek the
confidence of investors in the enterprise. Typically, the following aspects can be
examined on the plan: 1. Book your business plan shows you whether the experience
with the management company. If you lack the ability to manage the company, then it
must be a clear indication that you have hired a management company to manage
your master. 2. Your business plan if the book shows you have the ability to repay
loans. To ensure investors to expect a complete ratio analysis. 3. Your business plan
shows you whether the book has been a complete market analysis. You plan to make
investors believe the book to clarify the product demand is real. 4. Book your business
plan is easy to understand investors. Written business plan should have an index and
directory, so that investors can more easily access the various sections. Should also
ensure that directory information flow is logical and realistic. 5. Your business plan,
whether the scheme book and on the front, the scheme is equivalent to the company
business plan cover of the book, investors will first look at it. In order to maintain
investor interest, the scheme should be interesting to write. 6. Your business plan is in
the grammar book all right. If you can not guarantee that it is best to ask somebody to
help you check. Plan spelling errors and typographical errors can quickly lose the
opportunity for entrepreneurs. 7. Your business plan could discourage investors book
product / service concerns. If necessary, you can prepare a product model. All aspects
of the book business plan will affect the success of funding. So if you plan your
business the confidence of the lack of success, it is best to check it plans to prepare
guidelines or consult a specialist consultant.

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