Thoreau, Gandhi and King by zhp16666


									Thoreau, Gandhi and
   Non-Violent Resistance
Henry David Thoreau
       Born in 1817, College at Harvard
       1845 went to Walden pond,
        pondering on life and Ralph
        Waldo Emerson’s book called
       Walden was finally published
        after 7 drafts.
       His essays “Resistance to Civil
        Government”, and “Slavery in
        Massachusetts” influenced
        Mahatma Gandhi in India
Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi
          Born 1869, College in England, Law
           Degree, Worked in South Africa
          Leader of India National Congress in
          After reading Thoreau’s writings,
           Gandhi urged non-violence and civil
           disobedience as a means for India to
           gain independence from England.
          Satyagraha was the name of the non-
           violent demonstrations he used during
           the fight for India’s independence.
          He also helped the poor in India
           known as the Untouchables
          In 1947, India became an independent
           country. In 1948, he was shot and
Martin Luther King Jr.
                    Born in Atlanta, GA 1929
                    School at Morehouse College then
                     Boston College
                    Ordained Baptist preacher in 1954
                    Fought Racism with Civil
                     Disobedience and Non-Violent
                     techniques. Influenced by
                     Mohandas Gandhi
                    Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955,
                     Voting Rights March to Selma in
                    Nobel Peace Prize 1964
                    Killed in Memphis, TN 1968
             Poetry Assignment
   Create a slide in this slideshow that has
    the following:
       A 2 or 4 Stanza, Free Verse Poem on Non-
        Violence using Thoreau, Gandhi and King
       Colorful and Creative Background and Text
       1 or 2 Pictures that relates to your Poem
       Use the Information from the Handout and
        this Powerpoint

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