English III Into the Wild by zhp16666


									English 3/francis                                                                                   Name: __________________________

                                           Into the Wild: Assignment: The Journey of Chris McCandless
As you read, note the places where McCandless traveled, what he did, and who he met while he was in each place. Use additional paper as
needed. The idea is for you to be able to put Chris’s journey into chronological order—because Krakauer does not do this for you. You have to
figure it out for yourself. The first five chapters have been done for you as an example, except where you need to fill in the blanks. Complete this
chart and continue on your own until Chris arrives at his final destination.

Extra Credit: When you’ve completed the chart, pick about seven or eight of the most significant events and use them to create a “souvenir” of his journey.
(Ideas: take a strip of heavy brown paper cut like a belt, and “etch” symbols or other names/icons for each of your chosen events, or inscribe your work on a
strip of bark, etc.) --think of something Chris could appreciate. 

Page #      Date                    Chris’s Location                       What he did there                        People he met (if applicable)
7        4/28/92           Stampede Trail, AK          walked into the wild                                dropped off by 1) _____________________

10       early 9/92        Bus 142, 2). _______Trail   Chris found dead (2.5 wks)                          three separate parties of 3) ______________

16       9/16/90           Cutbank, Montana            hitchhiking                                         picked up by 4) ________________________

17       late 9/90         5) ______________           worked for Westerberg in a                          Wayne and the guys he lived with.
         Until 10/23/90                                6) ____________________

20       5/12/90           7) _________ Univ,                    graduation                                dad (Walt), mom (Billie),
                           8)___________, Georgia                                                          sister (Carine)

22       end of 9) ______, moved out of apt.           finished school and hit the road                    N/A
         1990              in Atlanta

26       10/90             Detrital Wash,              rangers find Chris’s car in wash                    N/A
                           10) _______________
                            Ntl. Rec. Area, NV

27       7/6/90            same as above               Chris arrives in his Datsun                         N/A
         7/8/90            same as above               car is flooded, won’t start
         7/10/90           same as above               Chris abandons car, hikes around Lake Mead
                                                       & suffers 11) _________________

29       July & Aug 1990   Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada, “          tramping around the west”                 in the company of other vagabonds
                           12) ___________ Coast Trail (1 wk)
Page #      Date                  Chris’s Location                     What he did there                               People he met (if applicable)
30       end of July 90           Northern CA, a ranch                 working on a farm                               “Crazy 13) __________”
         (11 days)

30       Aug? 90                  Chico, Red Bluff, Weaverville,       hitchhiking                                     Bob and Jan 14) __________ pick him up
                                  Willow Creek, Arcata

30       Aug 90                   15) ____________, CA                 camped with the Burres’s                        Bob and Jan Burres
                                  (1 wk)

32       Aug-Sept 1990            across Cascades, Columbia            hitchhiking                                     picked up by 16) __________ (see pg. 16)
                                  river basin, Idaho, into Montana

32       10/28/90                 17) _________ River, Needles, CA     paddles down CO river to the                    N/A
                                                                       Gulf of 18) ____________ (400 miles)

32       12/2/90                  passes under the 19) M___________    still paddling—trying to get to the ocean,      friendly Mexican people who try to get
                                  Dam at Mexican border                keeps getting lost                              him back on course

35       12/14/90                 somewhere in Mexico on the           hauls out and camps on bluff                    N/A
         (20 days)                CO river

36       1/11/91                  the gulf                             almost 20) _____________ when                   N/A
                                                                       current/tide/wind carry him to sea

36       21) __________           SE of el Golfo de Santa Clara        abandons canoe                                  N/A

37       2/3/91                   22) _________________, CA            got ID. Thought about getting a job but         N/A
         (6 days)                                                      became uncomfortable in the city.

37       2/24/91                  Detrital Wash (again)                23) retrieves ___________________________       N/A

37       2/27 to 5/10, 1991       24) _________________                worked in Italian restaurant

                                        (from 5/10/91 until he gets to AK, Chris has no camera and does not keep a journal)

39       July-Aug 1991            Oregon Coast, Astoria?               says he doesn’t care for the                    N/A
                                                                       25) _________in a letter to Jan

39       early Oct. 91            26) ______________ City, AZ          worked at 27) ________________                  George Dreeszen, asst. mgr;
         until around Christmas                                                                                        Lori Zarza, 2nd asst. mgr.; Charlie

43       around Christmas, 91     “The 28) ________”, Niland, CA       shows up at Burres’s camp, works for them       Bob and Jan Burres, Tracy
         (about 1 wk)             (Imperial Valley)                    at the swap meet

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