Essential Questions for Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer by zhp16666


									           Essential Questions for Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

What’s an essential question?
  It’s a question that lies at the heart of a matter, at the center of a concept.
  This is a starting point for analysis of a book or a lesson. NOT a yes or no
  question, essential questions demand more in-depth thinking and

Some essential questions for Into the Wild, Grizzly Man and Walden:

A. What are the limitations and obligations of living in the civilized world?

B. Is it possible to live free of these limitations and obligations?

C. How does the father/son relationship influence the son’s future relationship
   with the world? What about mothers and daughters?

D. Why is the wilderness considered beautiful?

E. Do we need other people to give meaning to our lives?

F. Why are young men drawn to high-risk activities?

G. What is the difference between passion and obsession?

H. Can obsession be productive, or is it always destructive?

I. Is modern technology a blessing or a curse?

J. Why might a privileged life be perceived as a limiting burden to be

K. How does solitude affect personality and sanity?

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