How to develop new customers and retain existing customers

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					How to develop new customers and retain existing customers
First, small companies need to develop new customers
Development of new customers for new small companies, is essential because the
new founded company ---- is not old customer resources, their order to survive, it
must promptly proceed with the development of new customers, and then through a
series of initiatives , will become new customers and old customers, so step by step,
again and again, can the company into the track of normal development, so that the
new customer development, first of all small companies need to survive. The
development of more new customers faster, the performance of enterprises will
increase more rapidly.

Second, the principle of looking for new customers
   In what way to find new customers, according to the specific situation of small
companies to determine, that is specific to sales targets, sales regions, and specific
features of Qu product or service new customers to find the most suitable. In the
development of methods to find new customers should follow the following principles:
1, to determine the scope of new customers; 2, tailor; 3, flexible alternatives; 4, the
main concern; 5, always looking for; 6, step by step; 7 build customer profiles. For
example, build customer profiles, have been identified for new customers, customer
information files must be established to strengthen the management of new customers.
Under the new grasp the actual situation, the new classification of customers, has set
out priorities for the systematic conduct marketing activities to promote the work of
standardization of procedures, standardization, avoid fuss, no idea to sell. The kind of
"East West, a hammer a wooden club," the old marketing model
has been unable to adapt to the needs of modern marketing efforts. Create a new
customer file is the modern science to promote an important foundation work, is also
a detailed work, must be pragmatic and do it seriously.

Third, find new ways and means of customer-specific
   First of all, to find new customers should be based on market segmentation, and
combining the operations of the type of project to determine the various business
projects may be sold. The basic approach is: start with a wider and consider the larger
context to identify new customers and then from this range in specific search. If the
operator of the project is the means of subsistence, small companies the relevant
working personnel should be based on product characteristics, performance, and price
factors, of which the product should meet the customer demand level of Xu Yao; if
Xiaoshou the product is the means of production, Zetongyangxu under Some relevant
factors to determine the type of the product should meet the needs of the enterprises.
   In determining the business object is the type of customer, the re-identified in this
type of client specific sales targets, which may be purchased by new customers.
Therefore, to study possible areas where customers are located, the size and specific
details on the new list of clients.

Here are a few common and effective to find new ways and means of hungry
customers: 1, data access method; 2, door-to-search method; 3, consultation method; 4,
chain introduced law; 5, commissioned assistant law; 6, the central figure driving
method; 7, personal observation; 8, advertising open method; 9 meeting to find law;
10, the market survey; 11, competition substitution; 12, other methods. For example,
write an article about your company, in the proposed column writing, writing articles
for trade publications, write product promotional materials, Internet, email and chat
and so on.

Fourth, small companies need to retain existing customers
1, the direct consumption of the old customers can not be underestimated; 2, loss of
customers to the chain effect of alert you; 3, the cost of new customers is far greater
than the cost of maintaining existing customers; 4, customers are small companies, the
main source of economic benefits . Customer is the source of interest is the
fundamental enterprise development and growth. The customers are the lifeblood of
business to be there. This is because enterprises will not only save our customers need
to develop new advertising and promotional costs, but also enterprise products as
customer trust and loyalty enhancement, can also induce customers to improve
business-related products on the purchase rate.
   Today, many enterprises are actively implement the "zero customer
defection" program is to improve customer loyalty, customer retention, a
systems engineering, implementation of this plan is undoubtedly exciting. It is not just
an implementation plan for a huge corporate interests, but also will bring more
business, "Awakening," a more profound understanding of the
importance of keeping customers on the development of domestic enterprises play a
far-reaching impact .

Fifth, improve customer satisfaction to retain customers
1, customer satisfaction dialysis: "customer satisfaction" has
been every day, many companies pay lip service to heart, because they know that this
is the company winning a necessary condition for competition. Customer satisfaction
and customer expectations are interrelated heart. Customer satisfaction is that
customers purchase products or services of more than expected and produce the
psychological pleasure. Customer satisfaction depends on the product or service in all
aspects, which includes many aspects of customer expectations, such as the physical
level, mental level, and so on. 2 and improve customer satisfaction will help retain
existing customers 3, by lowering expectations to improve customer satisfaction, 4, by
increasing the value of customer experience to improve customer satisfaction 5,
through active customer service to increase customer satisfaction, 6, by timely help
customers improve customer satisfaction 7, improving customer satisfaction is not
only the executive arm of the question 8, use of law to protect and improve customer
satisfaction guarantee 9, correct handling of customer complaints will help retain
   Then on to talk about handling customer complaints, a correct view of customer
complaints, customer complaints reason, objectively speaking, is at a crucial moment
because the company did not provide the right service, or company providing the
service customers do not need. Therefore, the modern enterprise to customer
complaints as a source of information at no cost. Proper handling of customer
complaints can boost sales, general, proper handling of customer complaints in order
to regain the customer satisfaction and trust. "Honest dealing with
customers complaints," "attention to customer dissatisfaction
with this, this person also focus on the customer," "good faith
towards" the kind of content is popular on the market now marketing the
"customer satisfaction" to say .

6, increase customer loyalty to retain customers
1, the important role of loyalty: review the success of many enterprises will find a
magic weapon for the same: to build customer loyalty, always careful to support the
their parents. If you want to market erected a glorious banner, you and your
decision-making must recognize the importance of building customer loyalty, build
customer loyalty efforts. The role of customer loyalty primarily to their own
enterprises to create value for the reflected. In other words, value creation is the result
of customer loyalty, customer loyalty is the fruit, the two interdependence and
common development; 2, using the database to build customer profiles; 3, build
customer clubs; 4, so that access to the entire process of emotional involvement. First
of all, the emotional exchange of pre-sales, sales activities, the first step is
engagement. If shut out or if the customer ignored the salesman lost sales targets,
sales of goods will become empty words. Seller may be the discovery of the
buyer's customers, we must take the initiative, enthusiasm snowflake.
Injected into the emotional factors in the chat, so that customers feel your sincerity,
depending on you for their own people. Thus, successful sales began. Secondly, the
sale of emotion into, good wind blows, rapidly from there, with strong customer
feedback into the feelings of timely, targeted marketing to convince to carry out the
work. Only this way can greatly improve the success rate of marketing. Finally, the
feelings of contact after the transaction, the business transaction does not mean the
end of contact with customers, to win customer loyalty must be to strengthen
emotional ties after closing. This is important, at least two advantages: First, the user
can feedback information to improve products and services; Second, it could feel for
Zheng Qu repeat customers or make them obligations of promoters. These two points
are fair share of the sales staff for things done by itself. 5, so customers feel you
would like to make every effort to help him; 6, to maintain regular contact with
customers; 7, the interests of Community law; 8, simplification of procedures law; 9,
through service to retain customers.

7, by providing premium services to retain customers
1, to provide premium services help retain customers. As the target customer, the
process is always in the consumer satisfaction with individual companies to evaluate
the quality of services provided, which of course would be emotionally. Because
people always have feelings, usually give help and kindness, and after that may
receive unexpected results. Additional service is not related to the behavior of
commodity, but as these actions will reduce the burden on customers or trouble, often
to obtain the trust of customers, customers willing to pay more to buy the particular
commodity. In fact, the ability to retain customers, it is crucial whether customers get
a product to meet, is the service is comprehensive, whether delivered on time, the
price is reasonable. In short, the key is whether to provide a quality service. 2, to
provide premium services to focus on customer needs at different levels; 3, to provide
premium services to take the initiative to take care of customers; 4, providing
premium services to create an atmosphere of customer service; 5, by providing value
added services retain existing customers; 6, through the provision of information to
retain customers additional services; 7, through the provision of additional services to
retain customers efficiency; 8, providing additional benefits through additional
services to retain customers; 9, through the provision of additional services to
facilitate the stay live customers. Take for instance to facilitate, to provide maximum
convenience for our customers also value the way services such as home delivery
services is the convenience attached. No one doubts that home delivery services are
not a premium service. In today's busy society, this, Wei customers to
facilitate the creation of "customer expectations of value add-on"
of one kind of particularly fruitful approach, enterprises in this regard should create its
own unique way.

8, to retain old customers to establish internal mechanisms
1, establishing a customer-centric service accountability. As we all know, providing
customers with satisfactory service to retain customers within the enterprise the
responsibility of every employee. This is a systematic project, requires enterprises of
all staff, coordination among various departments, and actively cooperate with, and
certainly not in shouting a few slogans Hou put everything all Tuiji any department or
employee Qu completed, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. 2,
establish an efficient front-line staff service system. The so-called front-line
employees, meaning employees in direct contact with customers. Front-line staff at
the forefront of business organizations played a show directly to the customer service
business spirit and the important role of philosophy and quality service. Good
customer service organization from the front line staff feel the service is brought
action. On this point, the front-line staff in customer retention is based on practical
action to implement the organization's decision-making or goal-oriented,
its role can not be replaced. 3, the establishment of the staff to provide quality
services to customers incentive mechanism 4, to establish customer-centric service
management system. Build customer loyalty, customer retention is a difficult,
long-lasting work and ensure the smooth progress of this work is the company to
effectively manage customer-centric service. Enterprises should establish a
customer-centric service management organizations. The task of this body is very
clear that the purpose in order to retain customers, to take all effective measures to
achieve this purpose, support or participate in a favorable action.

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