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									How to communicate with their children
Parents to their children nothing less than the three conditions: First, every pipe, tube
always done a lot of things, the effect is not good; Second, that everything, do nothing,
laissez-faire, indifferent to the result is more bad; third pipe, but also incomplete tube,
do not, but all the point, children grow up smoothly. Obviously, "doing
nothing" and "doing nothing" are too extreme, biased
and undesirable.
Outstanding parents always choose "do something but," more
specifically, only do three things.
The first thing: to develop good parent-child relationship.
Good relationship is better than many educational. When parents of a good
relationship with their children, their children's education are likely to
succeed; relationship with the children when poor children's education are
likely to fail. And establish a good parent-child relationship, the key is to
1, or the "judge", to learn to "counsel."
Some parents see their children is a problem, when they could not wait to play the
"judges", this is very dangerous.
Child's inner world rich parents to actively influence and educate their
children, unaware of their inner world would be impossible. The first tip is to
understand the child's care of their self-esteem, maintain their rights,
become a trusted and respected friend.
That parents with the child, to as "counsel" to treat their clients
as to understand their inner needs, and always to maintain their legitimate rights as the
sole purpose.
2,        or       the       "referee",            to       learn      to
In the arena of life, the children to fend for themselves to work on. Both parents can
not replace a child, not the free hand to be the "referee", but
should give them a kind of good competitive state power, that
"cheerleading" power. This will help the children build
self-confidence, which is the core task of home education.
Parents do the child's "cheerleaders", it is necessary
to know how to discover and praise their children, but also guide the children the
proper way to failure, so in frustration before the child's comrades.
The second thing: good habits among children.
Used to determine the fate of the child, There's nothing more important
than the Habit. If parents do not pay attention to foster the children's good
habits, no doubt put an end to children in the future.
1, all starting from the habit of training.
Develop control lifelong education is education. Intellectual habits of mind is good,
moral behavior is small, the quality of education is more reflected in the behavior of
small people.
Considerable evidence that, used to be a tenacious force that can dominate
one's life. All the children started from the habit of training.
2, used to develop not a single day.
Habit is a big problem, is great wisdom. Good habits not in a day, its main principles
are: low starting point, strict requirements, small steps, fast-paced, multi-activity,
changes in demand, fast feedback, Qin correction.
Habits of the key in the first three days, decided in a month. Parents should fully
respect the rights of children, let children play in the Habit master role.
3, through the habit of cultivating character casting.
Education is like the sea sailing, the correct route to travel, otherwise, the ship ran
aground the greater the more the danger of sinking.
The quality of people determines the direction of human development. Family
education, a core task is to develop children to become a real person. However, the
cultivation of personality is often difficult to put into concrete action up.
However, the researchers found that complementary habits and personality, habits
affect the character and personality will affect the habit. Decent, honest, responsible,
caring, cooperation, efficiency, attention to character can be used to train through to
3, or the "trainer", the way "mirror."
Only children can overcome their own understanding of their own, but they usually
only based on the feedback of others to know themselves, then their parents,
"feedback" effect that is the mirror role is very important.
Do not do, "trainer", to learn to "mirror"
to help children improve self-awareness, to let the children of parents without fear of
"authority" instead, and their parents.
Education is the third religion, seven and so on. "Wait" is very
useful. For instance, we look at a mosquito bite, whether it will soon be all right, if the
total to scratch, have to be good for a long time. The reason is that the human body
have a certain self-healing function, mosquito bite yourself feel better, to exert
external force would be counterproductive.
Education is also the truth. Stop, wait a minute, the chance to talk to the children, and
children, effective communication, education can not solve the problem.
The third thing: to guide a child learning to learn.
Children love to learn to attract and guide the children learn that learning is an
important responsibility of parents is the real charm of the parents.
1, the child is a reason weariness.
Absolutely nothing of any of its chic; chaos control blind tube, tending to get beans;
chatter     chatter,    arbitrary    beatings;     place     arranged     to  create      a
"machine" ... ... if parents take such a variety of unwise, will
only make the child increasingly do not love to learn more.
Children do not learn only a superficial love, must be a reason behind it: not to
develop good study habits? Is not to find aspects of the child are best at? There is no
scientific use of brain? Parents hinder their children's "play
schools" in nature? The child did not realize that learning is a matter for
him ... ... to find the reasons behind it may help a child out of the shadow of
2, the child's curiosity and learning potential can be excited.
They lack the thirst for knowledge, the impact is not usually the parents or strict
enough, but blocked the child's interest.
Interest (curiosity), dreams, achievement, challenge, Thanksgiving, strenuously,
energies are all clear and inspire children's curiosity channel. For children,
the so-called competitive advantage is the potential of effectively exploiting it. Heart,
enlighten, suggesting, speculating, tempering, plan is to stimulate a child's
six principles of learning potential. Although there is no absolute potential
development of a "timetable" but there are steps, such as the
establishment of goals, emotions, sharpening will focus on points that are very
3, the children come first is a method.
"Love School" is "to learn" the premise,
and "learn" is "love learning" guarantee,
"to learn" to "learn."
To test the first child, we must have some good way to have a decisive role, such as:
as planned, careful writing, and slowly read a textbook, order the wrong question,
readily notes, selfless help students, high-efficiency tests, free to composition and so
Now many parents educate their children into the issue of a new misunderstanding,
that blind obedience and even obsessed with the so-called success in teaching children
the tutoring experience, but listening to these experiences easier said than done.
Because they do not "transferability" If they simply try to clone,
imitation, not only can not put into their child's body, but easy to
"Handan toddler" counterproductive.
The most useful things really need to stop and think, refined. Education, parents think
their children are not as complicated, do a good job of parent-child relationship, habit
training, learning the three events, the parents become the parents of outstanding
children's children to become successful, they are not a distant dream.

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