everybody knows that the drawback of conservatories is that

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					                            Conservatory & Window-type air conditioners

Everybody knows that the drawback of conservatories is that they are
difficult to cool in summer & heat in winter…however the utterly best
solution is to install an air conditioner with both heating & cooling capability..

For that we at Omega offer the utterly best in such air conditioners, the
Crafft range of the so-called window mount.

Built in Saudi Arabia to withstand the searing desert heat by day & the
plunging sub-zero temperatures; these units swing easily between heating &
cooling within 20 minutes.

They operate off a standard 13 amp plug, and all that is needed is that the
glass is cut, or a new double-glazed unit is made to have the back end of the
unit protrude outside.

So if you are selling conservatories, make it more attractive with a Crafft air
conditioner, or if you already have a conservatory, then make it far more

Prices & capacity? All below, based on a South-facing conservatory: and you
can order online; just fill in the attached form…we’ll ring you & advise

Size of             Capacity        Model       Dimensions    Running      Price
Conservatory        required                    WxHxD         Current      (ex-
Up to 15 m2         3.5 kW          DO12V7A47   660x424x700   8.0 Amps     £378
Up to 20 m2         5.4 kW          DO19V7J47   Ditto         10.8 Amps    £446
Up to 25 m2         7.0 kW          DO24V7J47   Ditto         14.5 Amps    £479

Delivery: £35 per pallet.

Each pallet can take up to 8 pieces.; so the cost of transport can be split
between a larger order.