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									Preliminary Calculation of Prices & Dimensions
AB&CO Electrical Process Air Heaters
This calculation sheet is for determination of temperatures, flows and capacities,
- and finding a suitable AXA electrical air heater.

Electrical heater, complete with elements, base plate and cable/terminal box - for side mounted
in a gastight cabinet with flanges / counterflanges on air side. The cable connection box is raised
50 mm from base plate for cooling purposes. Industrial design, all parts arel made in stainless steel.

Optimize your electrical air heater yourself. The secret is to keep the surface temperature (of the
electrical elements) as near 530°C as possible. Do not exceed 530°C, choose a lower load instead.

Mass Flow (kg/h)                           20,000           kg/h =          44,100           lb/h

Air Inlet Temperature                       170.0            °C =           338.0            °F

Air outlet Temperature                      218.0            °C =           424.4            °F

Total Heat Capacity                         275.3           kW =           938,911         BTU/h

Optimizing to lowest price:
Load of each element                         3.1            kW =            10,639         BTU/h

Surface temperature (<530°C)                 524             °C =           975.3            °F

Height (Face)                                1.2             m =              3.9             ft

Width (Face)                                 1.2              m=              3.9             ft

Length (Overall)                             0.9              m=              2.9             ft

Budget Price (EXW)                         83,389           DKK =           11,223          EUR

Delivery year                               2003

If this solution seems to be attractive, and you would like to use this heater in your project, please
contact our Sales & Projects Dept. for an exsact size and price. The above price is without acces-
sories e.g. control panel, insulation with cover sheets, armatures and supporting legs.

Price is excluding VAT, duties and tax - based on delivery EXW Copenhagen.

NOTE: All above values are preliminary only, given without any responsibility for AB&CO.

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