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How recruit creative talents


									How recruit creative talents
Over the years, the company's recruitment and human resources
professionals are accustomed to "fair" treatment of all
candidates and positions. For most companies, "just" is
"equality", a synonym. Unfortunately, if you really equal
treatment to all candidates, are likely to miss the performance of the company that can
have a major impact on people. Such people are often referred to as innovators, game
insurgents, thought leaders and diverse thinkers.
While the pursuit of excellence in the recruitment and efficiency once the
company's goal, but the situation has completely changed. Now, the growth
and performance not by the same processes, stringent policies or established standards
to promote, but by innovation-driven. In this new era, recruiters and hiring managers
need to understand their past on the Recruitment of all lost, to create a new, to find
innovators and differential treatment of their recruitment process.
Recruitment in the company, there are many reasons why managers can not use the
specific processes and programs to find qualified personnel, and executive search
professionals has long been able to distinguish between insurgents on the rules of the
game. The most common reason was that they could not calculate the innovators to
hire to have much impact on the company.
Google, Apple, Microsoft and General Electric's leader in understanding
the value of this talent is the leader. For example, Google would find a top engineer to
engineer more than 300 times to create value. In fact, Google has created the
world's first company to find and hire each job recruitment process
innovators. Just as Google has said, "No matter what position you are
being rigid. Innovation is our origin. Even the best technology can continue to
Apple recruited Fadel (Tony Fadell) to help companies create a iPod, Apple brought
the product to millions of dollars in revenue, also showed recruitment of companies to
build competitive advantage through knowledge. These innovators can bring much
cash value, and not many published research data. But almost all the studies available
show that the value they generate at least 5 times the general staff.
Why would you miss the innovator
Whether you are recruiting innovators or train them, your company's
human resources department must be to seize these innovators, and multiple rules of
the game subversive thinker and design a specific plan.
But first, you need to know why most of the traditional recruitment system can not be
recruited to the innovator. The main reasons are:
Too much emphasis on education. Most companies are on the candidate's
university degree is fascinated, but they must accept the fact - all over the world are
not attending university or college drop-out successful people. In fact, this time some
of the most successful people are dropped from the college dropout who, like Bill
Gates (Microsoft), Ellison (Oracle), Steve Jobs (Apple), Zuckerberg (Facebook), Dell
(Dell ), and Brin and Page, the two Google founders interrupted doctoral studies at
Stanford University.
The point is that the majority of university education structured. The result is that
different people think there is always frustrated, so they had to drop out.
Solution: modify the job requirements and the recruitment of personnel of the
screening process, so that people without college degrees are not discriminated
Too much emphasis on work experience. In the past, very slow changes in the
business sector, innovation takes many years, so the meaningful work experience.
Now, how could someone in Facebook, eBay, iPhone this emerging industry for
several years? The concept of these industries did not exist previously.
Innovators, the word itself means not in their ideas and concepts in the areas of
experienced. The reality is that change and innovation in the world is the proliferation
of knowledge, and experience the answer may be obsolete in just two years later.
Solution: modify the filter system, so do not automatically rule out X years of
experience dissatisfaction with candidates. Experience as a factor, but as Google
discovered it, you also need to focus beyond the successful work environment and
experience to identify rules of the game insurgents and the innovator (see if they
wrote a book, win through regional competition, had founded his own business, etc.).
Reflects the idea that the resume. If you are looking for innovators, we can not always
rely solely on your resume. The traditional resume emphasizes experience and
education, and most resume screening are likely to miss the Facebook founder
Zuckerberg such people, because the traditional resume does not show the official
position of experience and innovative ideas other than the educational experience.
Solution: Google's approach is to extend experience beyond the horizons.
In addition to resume in addition, Google also uses a variety of other fields on the
experience and success stories of the questionnaire, to find innovative and diverse
If you dare to large, may require the applicant specifically listed in the
company's Web site that they had changed the rules of the game of
innovation and ideas. You need to modify the keyword search process, so that
innovation is more concerned about the possibility of key words. You should search
some      of    the     terms     include:    "Innovation"           and
"new",                                     "new"
"breakthrough,"               "groundbreaking,"
"discovery",                            "create",
"different" and "mutation."
I believe only those with professional qualifications was appropriate. Higher
education now give people enough flexibility, no matter what the professional can
learn multiple skills. Web design is no longer needed a technical degree is not the only
business management to understand marketing. Almost all of the professional learning
are included in the technical side of things. So if you think that technical skills only to
those who find the engineering degree, you'll miss some outstanding talent.
EDS, Hallmark and Google on the successful recruitment of creative design, music,
mathematics and other non-traditional technical areas of outstanding students.
Solution: First find out what is likely to produce innovative learning programs and
unique thinker. Yes, you should look professional in the traditional sense, but you can
not all be the search box in the profession. You should regularly the subject of other
more creative interns who take a chance, to see if you missed some of the top talent.
Through organizing various competitions and projects the company is also found
from a variety of professional innovators in a good way. In addition, while concerned
about the top schools, you should also look at some insist on liberal education liberal
arts college (liberal arts institutions), their students tend not to be current technology
and work bound manner.
To adapt to corporate culture as a selection criteria. Unfortunately, many of the design
selection process are intended to exclude those with the company's general
staff to different people. The premise of this design is not suited to mainstream
cultures divisive, intractable, stubborn. If the rules of the game you are looking for
insurgents, then, these people just destined to be different.
Fadel received in the first interview, said Apple, "You are so right. Apple
should not be in the computer field, but also into the music." Unfortunately,
in most companies, criticized the practice means they are now This person will not be
employed. IBM knew years ago, the environment and different people into the
company to help stimulate change. Welch at GE has done a similar thing - he
demands executive appointment of a (usually young) technology geek (geek), to
promote their use and understanding as more technical mentor.
Solution: First of all, to realize that if you want to breakthrough technology and
process improvements to lead the industry, we must modify the screening and
interview process to let saboteurs into the culture. Goal is to make screening system
that allows unconventional thinker (essentially affirmed and your existing staff
different) - at least in certain positions - have the opportunity to showcase their ideas
and new ways of thinking.
Recruitment links, you may also need to specify an innovation advocate, his job is to
find out who has the potential to become an innovation resume, the interview process
to ensure that they have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to innovate. To
ensure that innovators are not rejected, the key is cheering for the unique, rather than
A refusal to use the interview process innovator. The final outcome of many of the
interview process is that they hire the best candidates the lowest risk factor.
Unfortunately, most high-risk innovators. Just so you know, the interview process is
likely to be part of the problem.
Solution: To tell the hiring managers and interviewers, they can do to improve the
assessment process, reduce the frequency of those who refused to innovation. The
best solution is to give potential innovators a real problem now facing the team,
please tell them candidates to solve this problem what steps to take. If the answer to
your existing methods are very different, you will find a diverse thinkers beyond the
How do I find more innovators
You can also take other action to allow the recruitment and interview process more
friendly to innovation, including:
Please innovator recommended. Innovation and excellence to recruit the best
employee referral program is. But do not expect your general staff recommended
innovators. On the contrary, active assistance to existing innovators. They know who
directly asked whether they can convince these people to your company.
Contest held. Second, the program is to address the issue as the central organizing the
race. Union TopCoder programming competition to find the external innovators of
software competition organized is an excellent example.
Find unique resume. Creative people may not provide a traditional resume, but to
provide poetry, DVD, hard copy or even network folders to show their abilities.
Despite the view that these elements have to spend more time, but it may surprise you
to find innovators.
Ready to surprise. Difficulties encountered in the interview, the innovators and rules
of the game are likely to venture to tell you the existing methods are outdated and
may even say it out loud silly. To train interviewers in this case the candidate should
not have resistance, but should such a person as a potential innovator for concern.
Improve the candidate experience. Most of the recruiting process slow and inefficient.
Unfortunately, many candidates with innovative recruitment screening process to
determine the situation of the company's innovative (and may drop out).
Therefore, regular surveys of the views of candidates to find the problem is very
Looking to see "empty cup" people. Do not look for the glass as
half full of people, but to find the glass as completely empty of people, which can be
found everywhere important issues and opportunities. To find the innovators, we must
seek to provide answers with others at least 50% of the difference. The most
important thing is, these people simply do not work on the standard, but a conscious
rejection of existing state, the establishment of the state than the current best even
higher goals.
In some activities for innovators. Innovators like together with other innovators,
because in their own companies, they may be treated as an outsider.
Please cite the company's existing innovators can see a lot of their
participation in the specific activities of innovators, to your best recruiter assigned to
these activities. Technology-related activities may include the blog party, robot
competitions and open source software together. If you want to find those who
planned adventure, consider climbing club, climbers and poker group. Others may
help you to find innovative and future-oriented areas of talent, including the invention
clubs, the General Assembly, improvisation, jazz clubs, business clubs, as well as a
variety of future space and the theme groups.
Internet search innovator. Internet forums and chat rooms are a good place to find
innovators. There are always some people posted the question can provide
breakthroughs in conventional answer. Or, put your own problems to find them. Can
also go to the blog to see, because they often have expertise in the field of the
traditional methods of popular frustration and published Bowen. People who like most
of the new method also like to use new media, therefore, YouTube, podcasts, personal
space, Facebook and LinkedIn social work on the website can be found among the
For your company to create the image of an innovator. Consciously shaping the
company's external image into a welcome place where innovators.
Sometimes, we must clearly convey this information - such as to break the routine has
become the norm rather than the exception - need some bold concepts, such as Yahoo
for innovation to build the Brickhouse (new product development - Editor's
Note), and Google's pajamas Festival. Brand building team to ensure a
positive recruitment and management innovation to those who have convincing
stories and examples, often in innovative media attention.
Periodic testing of resume screening systems. Regular unusual resume, see if they
have long been systematically filtered out.
CEO of innovation have become increasingly demanding, this is not a secret.
Unfortunately, the recruitment did not carry identifying and recruiting a sufficient
number of innovators and change the rules of the game's functions. In fact,
even the recruitment process is likely to scare off those talents.
To successfully recruit innovators, we must first recognize that they are different, and
therefore, it must be different from other candidates the way assessment, interview
and treat them. Recruitment process should not be a hodgepodge, but one who
specifically tailored for these innovative programs. If you recruited 5% of employees
are not innovators, rules of the game subversive or multi-thinker, you should blame
themselves for damaging the interests of the company. Is that simple.
Original by ERE ( permission, taken from John Sullivan on December 3,
2007, published in the the Develop an Innovator and Game Changer Capture
Program article. ERE Media Inc.2007 annual registration of copyright. Jiang
Xiaoshan translation.


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