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					How can we make a salesman
1, a good salesman to do the ideological and moral qualities often rely on a lot of
money, some cash or money order, such as thinking is not correct, then the company
will bring about unnecessary losses.

2, have solid marketing knowledge and business people not only want to make their
own business, but to stand up to a certain height to consider how their piece of the
market healthy operation of the sales will be the fastest speed, only the lowest cost. It
also promoted to business manager for his future lay a solid foundation.

3, there must be spirit of hard-working as a salesman, I think only other people can
not eat hard food, to make other people can not earn a day to visit two clients and five
clients effect is very different.

4, a good eloquence to persuade customers to buy their products, in addition to
products with competitive quality and price, the salesman's mouth alone,
how to say, how to make their own artistic language of both the logic there.

5, have a good mental endurance

6, there is strong self-confidence, never did not fail.

7, need to be innovative, make a qualified service personnel should open their own
ideas, using their unique approach to open up a market.

In addition to the above operational staff with the quality, we must also do the

1, to extreme love their products, the product does not love good business people
always do business;

2, to understand their own products, it is important that no customer is willing to deal
with business people do not understand the product, because you can not convince
customers to buy your products

Business people just took over the new product should be aware of the following:

1, the company's core business?

2, the company's core competency is what?

3 What is the company's core?

4, the company's customers?
5, corporate customers need service?

6, to meet customer is what?

7, the company's main competitors are those?

8 What are the characteristics of service competitors?

9 What is our response?

10, our clients customer? What are their needs? These services impact on what your

Understanding of the above, and we thought would clear up before they can grasp the
entire market from a macro.

I want to talk about what is professional sales staff and sales professionals, the
so-called professional sales is to sell as a career, to sell to support themselves, such
sales are not necessarily successful sales personnel, and professional sales staff in the
under the premise of more than one step closer, he must be successful, they have sales
as a means to realize their own value, they will sell into the art. How to do a
professional sales staff? Sales of the customer, each sales professionals are clearly
aware of what customers are concerned about, probably including the following:

1, our attitude

2, our professional sales staff

3, the quality of our products

4, the price of our products

5, the speed of our services

6, the image of our employees

7, our after-sales service

8, the expansion of our product features

9, the credibility of our brands

10, their comfort level
Then sales professionals how to provide satisfactory services for customers the whole
process of it?

2, instrument preparation

Want to be a professional sales staff to visit clients in the former instrument must be
well prepared, generally when the weather is not too hot, must be a suit, wearing
civilian clothes and wear a suit and visiting clients to each other is of a completely
different feeling, Second, the modification is not your profession, you use the file
package is not on the grade, you use the pen, notebook is not the norm, you walk, the
posture is not a stand up tall and confident, your hair is not a trace of chaos , your
language, conversation is not elegant and has the humor, the whole is how you design
your personal professional image. In particular, sales for the first time to visit
customers, we must first see the wife's mother, as son as his most perfect
first impression left to customers, because people will never get a second chance to
change his first impression in each other's eyes . I would like to focus on
what language De Zhunbei, perhaps not many people are unlikely to sales to define,
but I think, sales and customer communication is the communication to mean sales,
sales process and customers are Ruhe course of a relationship. Experts have statistics,
the sales success of the process, language, 38%, talk 55% movement, conversation
and only 7%. That is the key to a successful business language and action. I wonder if
you ever thought about marketing master the language of business negotiations,
content distribution, statistical experts, the whole course of conversation, 80% and
customer Che Dan, only 20% of the language is used to talk about business. So we
visited the customer, be sure to make the language of the preparation, customers tight
schedule, I to 5 minutes to clear their purpose in coming, and customer needs half an
hour talking to those languages, and customers need to talk to one hour preparing
those languages, so sales is communication, communication is the sales, a
professional sales staff must check that they have no professional dress, professional
grooming and professional language.

3, material preparation

Professional sales staff to visit clients in their own materials before the city ready to
prepare materials generally include: business card preparation, sample preparation and
in-kind books sample preparation, a professional sales staff for their products must be
deeply understanding of their own material to delve into thoroughly, and when
customers access to their own material, you can talk to each other's pages,
or even the first few lines. So that the customer will think you are special

In summary, sales preparation is particularly important, if not prepared, you can make
your talks into passive. What is the sales ability? I think that is the mentality of +
knowledge + skills = sales.

2. To speak, everyone will, but some words in a number of occasions not to say, we
often see the word in sales is ruined due to the phenomenon of a business, a salesman
if they can avoid the slip of the tongue, certainly every success in the business head.
To this end, the author concluded, "loose lips" not to say 9, I
hope the business must avoid.

1, is not that critical discourse

This is a common problem with many business people, especially new business, and
sometimes speak without thinking, blurted hurt others, I myself do not think.
Common example, the first thing customers will be met, said, "This House
is making life difficult climb your family!" "This dress does not
look good, did not suit you." "This thing is not easy to drink
tea." Do not is "You business cards really old fashioned!
"" valuable alive than dead! "blurted out the words in
containing these criticisms, though criticism, we have the spirit to just want to make a
smooth things over, there is a prologue, but the client may sound, not sense too

People often say, "good words one for cattle and horses are
willing," that is, everyone wants affirmation of each other, everyone likes
to hear good things. Otherwise, how could "praise and encouragement to
become an idiot genius, criticism and complaints change idiot to genius",
this sentence does, in this world who would want to be criticized? Operational
personnel engaged in marketing, dealing with people every day, praise discourse
should say, but it should also pay attention to proper, otherwise, a kind of hypocrisy
makes pretensions, the lack of genuine feeling. As I live in the courtyard of the Aunt
Wang, one day at the clerk and she said goodbye, she ran over to us, said:
"Do not listen to a set of his mouth was terribly sweet, are false, This
insurance company is a training mode out of how people and glib, facile, particularly
trip! "You see, this Aunt Wang, virtually reminds us, talk with customers in
the praise of language, to come from your heart, not irrelevant to blind praise, you
know, neither overbearing nor servile natural expression, more access to people,

2, to eliminate subjective issues

Business is business, nothing to do with you selling the topic, you should not
participate to the discussions, such as politics, religion and other issues involving the
subjective awareness, no matter what you say is right or wrong, it did not sell for what
your real meaning.
Some of our new people involved in this industry is not long enough experience,
contacts with customers are bound not have the ability to host customers topic, often
followed with customers to discuss a number of subjective issues, the final opinion
will be divided Some gain on certain issues even though the red thick neck, and
obtained the "upper hand" advantage, but after the war finished,
a business's that fell through, think about the subject of this subjective
argument, what Meaning? However, the experienced old salesman, in dealing with
such subjective topics, at first will be with the customer's point of view, to
start with some comments, but the debate will be a timely topic flew up towards the
advertised product. In short, I think, has nothing to do with selling things, should all
put down, especially subjective question, as the sales staff should try to eliminate, it is
best to avoid I do not talk about your sales will be boosted.

3, less professional terms

He was engaged in life insurance for less than two months, a battle, they peremptorily
to show off their own customers is the insurance industry experts, a lot of jargon plug
the phone to customers, all customers feel listened to a lot of pressure. When meeting
with clients, the Lee is playing himself vigorously after another professional, a
"Waiver         of    Premium",          "rate",
"claim", "claim the beneficiary," and so a
lot of jargon, so that customers such as Wuli clouds fall, it seems that groping in the
dark, the other offensive mentality resulting refused to be logical, and Lee will be
unknowingly, contributed to missed sales opportunities. We carefully analyzed and
will find, clerk to customers as their colleagues in training, but their mouths are
professional, how people can accept? Now do not understand, but also on how to buy
products? If the terms you can use simple words to be converted, people listen Hou
Mingming in vain, to be effective to achieve the purpose of communication, product
sales will reach not hindered.

4, not that exaggerated the truth

Do not exaggerate the product's features! This does not really act,
customers enjoy the products in the future, eventually will make it clear what you are
saying is true. Can not be achieved short-sales, you have to exaggerate the product
features and value, which is bound planted a "time bomb",
when disputes arise, the consequences would be disastrous.

Any product, there are good things, and the deficiency in its standing as a salesman
should have an objective point of view, clearly superior product and customer analysis
and potential, to help customers "shop around", only Zhiyizhibi,
familiar with market conditions, to allow customers to be convinced to accept your
product. To remind sales staff of any of deception and lies of exaggeration sales
natural enemies, it will cause your business can not long.
5, disable offensive words

We can often see such a scene, with industry personnel in the business of color with
offensive words, attacking rivals, even some people put it worthless to the other side,
causing the image in the eyes of the entire industry is not ideal. Most of our salesmen
say these offensive in the topic, the lack of rational thinking, but I do not know,
whether in person, on the matter, the words on the matter of the attack, will cause
resentment prospective customers, because when you stand a point of view, not
necessarily everyone who is with you stand on the same point of view, you show too
too subjective, it will backfire on your sales can only be detrimental. Such acts do not
speak of business ethics, believes that with the development of the times, each
company to enhance corporate culture, aggressive color words, not likely to be the

6, talking about the privacy issues

With clients, mainly to grasp each other's needs, rather than a mouth to talk
at length about privacy issues, this is our salesmen often a mistake. Some salespeople
will say, I talk about are their own privacy, what relationship? Even if you only talk
about their own privacy and not talk about other people, how can you confided in
your marriage, sex life and financial situation was acknowledged, and can generate
substantial sales of your progress? Perhaps you will say, our clients not talk about
these topics on-line business is difficult to carry out, talk about no harm, in fact, this
"gossip" type of talk is meaningless, a waste of time do not say,
but a waste of your marketing opportunities.

7, few asked questions and topics

Business process, you are very worried about potential customers do not understand
everything you said, and continued to worry that they do not understand what you
mean question each other, "you understand me" "you
know?" "Do you know what I mean ? ""
such a simple question, you know? "seems a kind of elders or teachers
questioned the tone of the topic is offensive. As we all know, speaking from the sale
of psychology, has been questioned understanding of customers, customers will have
a sense of dissatisfaction, this approach tends to make customers feel at least not the
respect, antagonistic mentality will also smooth, and thus, can be said that sales in a

If you're really worried about your prospective customers to explain in
great detail, but also do not understand, you can test tone understand each other,
"there is no need to elaborate on where I am?" Maybe that
would be more acceptable. Perhaps, the customer really do not understand, he would
take the initiative to say to you, or ask you again to clarify it. Here, a warning to the
salesman, the customer is often smarter than we are, do not use our blind spot to
replace them free advantages.

8, flexible boring of topics

In the sales of some boring topic, you may have to explain to the customer to listen to,
but these topics can be said is that nobody wants to hear, or even wanted to fall asleep
listening to you speak. However, forced out of business, or will advise you of such
words, put it simpler, can be summarized to the area and over. In this way, customers
will not produce weariness hearing, so the effectiveness of your marketing reach. If
some important words, keep up your non-customers make it clear, then I advise you
not to hard to cram them in your explanation of the process, rather, a different point of
view, find what they like small stories, small jokes to stimulate, and then get back up,
maybe this is better. In short, I personally think that this kind of topic, as boring and
customers are not want to hear, you'd better be able to keep up on the
reservation, put the high beams, and sometimes clever than make a clean breast to the

9, avoid indecent words

Everyone wants and has the virtue, the level of people together, on the contrary, and
those who do not want to "foul language Chengzhang" of
people. Similarly, in our sales, indecent words, sales of our products will be adversely
affected. Such as, when we sell life insurance, you'd better avoid the
"death",                    "be               dead"
"finished", and so the rhetoric. However, experienced salesman,
often address these obscene words, the will to euphemistic words to express these
sensitive words such as "loss of life" and "go out and
not come back" and substitute the language of these people do not want to
hear surgery. Indecent words, the image will be greatly reduced for the individual, it is
also the sales process must be avoided, you pay attention, turn over, you will be
successful in sight!
3. Some friends say that I always plant more than low prices, a sense of customer
demand for lower prices. In fact, both China's foreign, all buyers want to
buy affordable products, why would a woman who saw the discount on the wind rush
it! I think it is the reason. However, if the price of low-quality time guests to see if he
will not buy, which is why some German products than China, ten times the price of
similar users is also much truth. Everyone is still willing to buy the selection of high
quality products, although prices are high, but the cost performance is more
accounting. Therefore, to face such customers, business personnel should show the
characteristics and benefits of their products, high quality, good timber, the cost would
certainly be high, Jishu good quality and high level technical personnel, workers
wages higher than the average, so High prices also should be understood. Of course, if
you still do not know your product, you can not give one, two, three, then boiled
dumplings into the pot, mouth does not take out.

The next step is to start looking for the client. If you can start your own company to
build a home, make up the Introduction, the best in English. There are products, the
best photo, size, number, product standards, the more detailed the better, for the price
of insecurity, it may not standard price, otherwise I suggest you also marked with the
price, of course, the market price for the agents to give room, or even a rebate.
Somehow, you can send a small sales business has, of course, you know that the all
parts of the hair, intermittent, continuous, with tenacity, Lian Xu six months, Meige 1
week Fa once. Introduced to show that your product features, specifications,
quantities. Now you should be able to sit back and wait up.

Further work is proactive. Write a short description, including business features,
product introductions with contacts, the statistics of the previous potential buyers send
an e-mail. And call tracking. , And his sales department to contact. Inform you of the
existence, introduce yourself and enterprises, and they clearly show that you want to
sell your product. Demands bold and polite, openly. Should be said that this step to go
out, do not stay at home to do their own panda sleep late. To feel our customers,
understand customers, listening to customers and persuade customers. Friends and

I think it is doing business or trade should be some basic skills to do it. Hope that we
can play to their characteristics, more exchanges, more learning, as early as a result,
more performance, more contribute to their own business.
First of all, as a business, where the first does not specify why the business or trade,
but first must understand their characteristics. This includes their main business,
strengths, product features, features, technology, product standards, price, packaging,
production, etc., and also should be aware of their major clients. I call this is called
laying the foundation. If a salesperson can not be a good introduction to their
company's products, introduced its own service characteristics, then the
client where you are is difficult to immediately establish a good impression. Lay a
foundation that we do business or trade of every friend of the recommendations made,
which is the so-called "must first sharpen his tools."

Second, you can collect information through the network. Through relevant search
you can find your object of similar companies and trade. Suggest that you make a
small database, including customer names, product names, specifications, price,
product features have to be a contact record. Some people would say, ah few
customers. It does not matter, after all, not every company has a website, each
business is online, it is now in the United Kingdom, the United States is poor, a large,
business people as possible to collect their own business-related products. There was
a German company asked business to play 100 or more per person per day access to
telephone and recorded, may be aimed at establishing operational staff knowledge of
the market.

Now, you should be doing business there for their further understanding, at the same
time you have a point of sales market perceptions, to know what people in the
production, purchase or issue which needs in China, foreign and even There are also
several companies and contact the. At this time, work to be done is to analyze and
compare. What are the characteristics of others, what their characteristics, prices have
advantages and disadvantages of what is less than what the price Why do than others,
what changes in services and diverse place. Do not belittle this comparison, which is
why awareness of their products again, understand their characteristics, build up their
confidence. How do you convince customers to buy your product, then rely on your
own understanding and grasp of their products. Accurate, rapid and simple to express
product features and business must have the ability to do so.

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