Bankruptcy – Arrest Warrant

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					  Bankruptcy – Arrest Warrant
FORM 28       Family Law Rules ~ RULE 26.28
Please type or print clearly and mark [X] all boxes that        Client ID        ________________________
apply. Attach extra pages if you need more space to
answer any questions.                                           File number        ____________________
Filed in:                                                       Name of bankrupt estate
      Family Court of Australia                                      _____________________________
      Family Court of Western Australia                         Filed at

This warrant is issued under section 78 of the                  Filed on
Bankruptcy Act 1966.                                            Court location
                                                                Court date

  Part A             About the parties
  1      APPLICANT 1                                            RESPONDENT 1
         Family name as used now                                Family name as used now

         Given names                                            Given names

              Male                     Female                       Male                   Female
         APPLICANT 2                                            RESPONDENT 2
         Family name as used now                                Family name as used now

         Given names                                            Given names

              Male                     Female                       Male                   Female

  Part B             The warrant
  2     To:
              The Marshal;
              all officers of the Australian Federal Police;

              all constables of police throughout the Commonwealth;

              the Governor or Keeper of Her Majesty’s Gaol at     Place                                ;and

              the Governor or Keeper of any of Her Majesty’s Gaols within the Commonwealth.

     Because of evidence taken on oath the Court has reason to believe that
     Full name

     who is a bankrupt

           has concealed or, without the permission of the trustee, has removed property of the bankrupt; or
           has, without good cause shown, neglected or failed to comply with an order of the Court or with
           any other obligation under the Bankruptcy Act 1966.

     THIS WARRANT therefore requires and authorises you

     to take                                                    Name of bankrupt

     and to deliver *him/*her to the Governor or Keeper of      Place
     Her Majesty’s Gaol at
     and you, the Governor or the Keeper are to receive         Name of bankrupt

     and keep *him/*her safely in the gaol and in your
     custody until the Court otherwise orders.

5    THIS WARRANT also requires and authorises you to seize any property, books, documents, papers
     and writings in the possession of the bankrupt, and to deliver them into the custody of

     Full name


     to be kept by that person until the Court makes an order for their disposal.

     Dated                    Registrar’s signature
            /        /

    * omit if inapplicable