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									            Walk Two Moons presents

              By: Tessa McElroy ,Austin
              Orr, Riley Cotner and Tristen

These pictures represents Indiana, Illinois,
Wisconsin, South Dakota and Montana.
              South Bend, Indiana
   The distance from PA to IN is 549,55
   The estimated time is 8.0 hours and
    26 minutes.

     I picked this picture because it is a picture that looks pretty much like it
     would on a map
     South’s Bend Amusements
   One amusement park is
    Triple Crown Sports
    Center. It is located in
    3930 Automation Way
    Fort Collins, CO              This is a giant
    80525.This place was also     fountain in south
    not rated so I suggest
    that if you like to eat you
    come here and check this
    place out.
   One place to eat at is a restaurant in South Bend.
    One of the names of the restaurant is Honkers
    Family Restaurant: South Bend. It is located at
    3939 Michigan St. South Bend, IN 46614. I’m
    very sorry but this place does not have a rating
    so the only way you can get a rating is if you go
    to this restaurant and check it out yourself. And
    another place to go to is Mishawaka. I’m very
    sorry again but this place doesn’t have a rating
    either but if you would like to rate it come to
    4343 Grape Road Mishawaka, IN 46545. I would
    like to go to this place because I read about it on
    their website. If you like to learn more about this
    place google it up.
         Hotel in South Bend, IN
   One hotel to
    stay at in
    South Bend,
    IN is The Inn
    at Saint
    Mary’s Hotel
    and Suites. It
    was rated 3
    stars out of
    5. It is
    located at
    53993 US
    31/ 33 North
    South Bend,
    IN 46637.
     South Bend, Indiana - April
   The weather for the South Bend is half
    rainy and the other half sunny.
   The average high is 70.
   The average low is 56.
   Today’s forecast for Indiana is for April.
    The high is 70. The low is 56. The
    averages added together are126. That’s
    the forecast for Indiana. South Bend is
    hilly& the St. Joseph river runs through it.

                       This picture is a real picture of South Bend.
South Bend, Indiana

            Today we started our
 travel at Indiana. We stopped at
 South Bend and saw the
 College Football Hall of Fame
 and it is like we did the
 interactive skills test and it was
 awesome. We went to see the
 Coveleski stadium in South
 Bend. Then we went ice skating
 at the Howard Park Ice Rink.
 Then we slept in at the Holiday
 Inn at South Bend.

                                      This picture shows
                                      the Indiana flag
            Chicago, Illinois
   The estimated time from IN to IL is 1
    hour and 43 minutes.
   The estimated distance is 95.81

                                I picked this picture
                                because it is a real
                                picture of Chicago.
    Amusement park in Chicago
   One amusement park
    to go to is Extreme
    Amusements. This park
    is located at 1944 West
    Division street Chicago,
    IL 60622. this park was
    not rated so to find out
    the rate you should go
              Chicago’ s hotel
   One hotel to stay at is the
    Drake. This hotel was rated
    4 stars out of 5. It is located
    in Chicago, IL at 140 E.
    Walton Place, Chicago, IL
    60611. I would give this
    place 4 stars out of 5
    because of the photos taken
    it looks like a pretty decent
    hotel to stay at.

One of the places to go to is a restaurant and I’ll tell
 you two of them. One of them is AJ’s Grill. It was
            rated 8.5 out of 10.0. It was
   Rated from the people that came here to eat.
Another restaurant to visit is S+S restaurant. It was
 rated 9.5 out of 10.0. It was also rated from the
          people that came and ate here.
             Chicago, Illinois
   The average high of Illinois is 59.
   The average low of Illinois is 43.
    Today’s Forecast in Illinois is for the
     month of April. The average high is
     59. The average low is 43.the
     highs put together is 103.thats the
     forecast for the month of April in
     Illinois. Chicago is flat and next to
     Lake Michigan
This picture represents
the city of Chicago
               Chicago, Illinois
   Today we went to Chicago, Illinois.
    We saw Lake Michigan and went to
    the Grand Haven Chamber. Then we
    went to Campers Paradise and there
    were 107 sites to see. Then we got
    free hot showers and went to the
    picnic tables to have breakfast.
    Eventually we went to bed and wepicture
    woke up and started to go to represents the
                                     city of Chicago
                                     in the state of
         Wisconsin Dells
The estimated time is 3
 hours and 23 minutes.
The estimated distance from
 Chicago to Wisconsin Dells
 is 195.02 miles.

                              This picture is a
                              real picture of
              Wisconsin Dells
   Austin
    The average high is 104.
    The average low is 36. The
    averages added together
    are 140. That’s the forecast
    for Wisconsin. Wisconsin
    Dells is flat and the
    Wisconsin river rushes
                                   These pictures represent
    through it.                    an old flag and new flag
                                   of Wisconsin
              Wisconsin Dells
   Today we went to Wisconsin
    and went golfing at the Wild
    Rock Golf Course and man it
    was hard. Since I got a hole
    in one and got a 2 for one
    drink card. Then we found a
    waterfront lodge so we can
    see the birds every
    morning. Then we went on
    the dells army ducks and       This is a picture of
    saw our lodge and saw then     Wisconsin on a map.
    Cambrian rock formations.
    Finally, we went back to our
    lodge and went to bed.
             South Dakota
   The estimated time from
    Wisconsin Dells to Mount
    Rushmore is 11.0 hours
    and 8 minutes.             This is a real picture of

    The estimated distance
                               a world famous
                              sculpture of Mount
    from Wisconsin Dells to    Rushmore in South
    Mount Rushmore is
    743.67 miles.
      Hotels in Mount Rushmore
   One hotel to stay at in Mount Rushmore in
    South Dakota is Mount Rushmore Inn and
    Suites Rapid city. This place was rated 4
    stars out of 5 stars. I give this hotel 4
    stars because of the way the people act
    and how the hotel is clean and neat. Oh
    and I forgot to tell you where it is located.
    It is located at 5410 HWY 16 Rapid city,
    SD 57701.
    Restaurants in Mount Rushmore
   One restaurant to stay at is
    Botticelli Ristorante Italiano. It is
    located at 523 Main street, Rapid
    City, SD 57701. It wasn’t rated
    from the customers but it was rated
    by me. I gave this restaurant 4
    stars out of 5 because of how there
    food just rolls off your tongue like a
    very saucy, spicy, meatball.
    Imagine that. One other restaurant
    to stay at is Minerva’s Restaurant
    Bar. It is located at 2111 North
    LaCrosse Street, Rapid City, SD
    57701. I give this place 5 stars
    because of how they treat their
    customers. They treat their
    customers as if that was their
    money in a glass box running down
    the river.
       Rapid Cities Amusement
   One thing that will really interest you
    is camping at Mount Rushmore. You
    could camp right on the border of
    Mount Rushmore and Rapid City
              South Dakota

   Today’s forecast for South
    Dakota is for April. The
    average high is 50. The
    average low is 31. The        This is a picture of
    averages added together are   the flag of South
    81.thats the forecast for
    South Dakota. Mount
    Rushmore is full of
    Mountains& Rapid creek runs
    into the town.
              South Dakota
      Now we are going to
    South Dakota badlands.
    Then we went to Fort
    Sisseton Historic State
    Park. Then we went to     This is a picture
    hunting on the big game   of South Dakota
                              on a map.
    and hunted deer. Then
    we went to mount.
    Rushmore and it was
    awesome. Then we went
    to bed at the Pine Rest
   Tessa

   Today’s forecast in
    Montana is for the month
    of April. The high is 56.
    The low is 40.The
    averages added together
    are 96. That’s the
    forecast for Montana.
    Helena is surrounded by
    mountains but the city is
       We finally got to Montana
    and had the best day ever
    .Then we went on a big hike
    called Bunsen Peak and it was
    4.0mi (6.4km).Then we made
    reservations for Gray Wolf inn
    & suites at 8:00pm. After that
    we went and saw some animals
    like Galapagos Turtles and
    many more animals. Finally we
    went back to our place and
    went to bed.
   The places we used for this powerpoint are…
   www.weather.com/html
   www.ci-southBend.com/html
   http://www.lakemichigancam.com/html
   http://nationalgeographic.com/features/97/yellowstone/html
   http://www.yellowstone-natl-park.com/hike.html
   http://www.yellowstone-natl-park.com/weather.html
   http://www.yellohwstone-natl-park.com/wild.htmpl
   http://www.travelsd.com
   http://wisdells.com/html
   www,mapquest.com/html
   www.GoogleMaps.com/html

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