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									Hollywood stars love this three strategies
Fashion trends change, last year, Bohemia, this light lady OL, next year's
vintage VINTAGE, beauty of you are certainly well aware, the overall trend in fact no
upper body, as long as you can win a little more attention.
In fact, the beauty industry in technology, but also the trend indicator, stars in addition
to work hard in the dress does not fall behind, we should also face their own moment
to shine, "Star." In 2010, just just opened, let us look at the first
time to the global star who is now the trend of cosmetic surgery it the most.
Sexy lips made the day after tomorrow
Wind vane: Lindsay Han Lindsaylohan
"Parent Trap" in the cute actor Lindsaylohan twins had grown
into an angel face and devil body beauty child, mix and match her unique style of
leading fashion style, and has been Breast, legs slightly Fan U.S. streets children said
that people LiLo, last year's most striking in appearance change is through
injection to the "lips."
Ever since Angelina Jolie became popular after the full sexy lips became popular
around the world, and through "Transformers" is also popular in
the world Megan Fox has a temptation to lips. Hyaluronic acid is hyaluronic acid, was
originally a derivative of collagen, is an essential supporting component of skin
elasticity. Because of its low sensitivity and non-exclusive heterosexual, is currently
the most popular Hollywood celebrities an injection for lip filler.
According to experts, if lips with hyaluronic acid, a lip may need to apply 45 points,
then the manual plastic, kick down the lips may occur after a minor bruise, bruises,
after two days of rest will be dispersed , showing the effect of natural quite Alice.
Technical POINT
Hyaluronic acid adaptation lips surgery group: Lip need mild to moderate expansion
Hyaluronic acid lip enhancement surgery time: 15 minutes
Hyaluronic acid is effective, duration lips: can last from April to August require
multiple injections to maintain the lip
Hyaluronic acid around lips surgery cost: about 1000 U.S. dollars once the United
Hyaluronic acid lips surgery recovery time: End injection will not affect the normal
life of natural soft feel
The simplest
DuWop hint of the effective of the "poison lips"
This is a fast-selling product lips, as if the lip gloss as a single rub can also be used
after lipstick. Duwop with cinnamon, ginger and other natural plant oils, can improve
the lip, so that lip gloss and more, and to make lips fuller, showing sexy
"hesitantly" the look. Before wiping the lipstick, as is the lip
care products; in lipstick after use, can increase the luster and color brightness of the
mouth, wiping up a bit barbed, feeling a little spicy, but soon disappeared on down.
Apple matte finish so you younger muscles
Wind vane: Kylie Minogue Annie
Beautiful leader known as Annie, in Beijing prior to attending the movie
"The Forbidden Kingdom" premiere, the cheeks, was extremely
rich, immediately suspected by the media, moving the "apple cheek muscle
surgery." Although Annie in his blog in strongly denied, but
"Apple cheek muscle surgery" has suddenly become a burst of
red search keywords.
Plastic experts said the main reason for aging women appear, in addition to wrinkles
and stains, the more important facial muscles collapse, but young girl annoying
"BABYFAT" Actually, it was a symbol of the young. Although
not alone judging from the photographs and on television it really uses the Apple
Annie cheek muscle surgery, but if you want radiant, smiling, really try. Australian
section of the same age with Madonna actress Kylie Minogue has repeatedly
suspected cheek technique used.
Technical POINT
The so-called Apple muscle, is under the eyes will be smiling slightly bulging block.
Girls usually use blush to highlight the location, while allowing the people do not
look rosy. Cheek surgery for many women, usually because of lack of facial fat,
leading to look much older, after injection of hyaluronic acid molecules by
Apple's muscle slightly muster the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid, the
face will quickly get from the flat three-dimensional, human would therefore seem
mellow, and kind of extravagance.
Experts recommend that women can play the first month of the first test for effects of
hyaluronic acid macromolecules 2CC show, two weeks later to fix Subtlety small
molecule hyaluronic acid, so skin looks firmer and the fine, for different shapes, it can
be after discussions with the professional medical injections, for example, are oval
face, oval face of women, it is recommended to fill the muscles is like Apple, are
triangular or square face, women can face in Saibang the tip injection, high
cheekbones women Ear to the cheekbone from injections 1 ~ 2CC of hyaluronic acid,
will give a better effect repair.
The simplest
Ate quasi-cheek also
To maintain the stability of mood and body weight, drink plenty of water, collagen,
such as white fungus, yam, okra, honey and other food, but also to the effect of extra
points cheek.
Perfect Qiaotun graceful curves to your
Marilyn Monroe has a remarkable 89-56-89 measurements, deprived of several ribs
after the waist, it shows that full rounded buttocks shape. The pursuit of European and
American stars on the abundant buttocks is enthusiastic at the mention of Long hip,
people usually think of to full Qiaotun known "carrot tyrant"
Lopez, with "FHM 100 big beautiful world," Jennifer to win the
title Lopez, sexy, full, thick meat of the best bottom, it is her most "fatal
attraction" of the site.
Technical POINT
Now, Long has become the hip in many European and American plastic surgeon will
provide a service, Europe and the United States most doctors take the fat
transplantation: from the request for plastic surgery to remove the people who
populate hip fat. This sounds very tempting, but you have to be careful, because the
longer the duration of surgery, but the most sought after actress in Hollywood
Tunxing is the "Brazilian model", "electric hip days
after the" Wen-represented Asian Nice Bottom, it is "Peaches
type": rounded symmetrical on both sides of the muscle to form a quite
Alice's          semicircle,     the     shape      of    a      Jiaoqiao      of
"Peaches" became the accepted standard of current best bottom.
Very compact form, we should not only Alice, the quality on the smooth should be
moist, not have any cellulite.
The simplest
Duodundunhao hip
"Any kind of jump on the hip will help." Tight schedule at work,
when Jennifer preference for a small amount of exercise, the squat exercise can do
anytime, anywhere.
1. Buttock foreign expansion --- "Horse squatting"
Feet of natural opening, the distance between the heel and the outside shoulder width,
the clamping force buttocks, legs to the knee no more than tiptoe squatting suitable.
2. Buttock ptosis --- "scissors-lunge squatting"
Feet one after the other, body leg squat to 90 degree angle big time stopped for 30
seconds, then repeat up for feet.
Q: "there have been black ass how to eliminate the two ah?"

A: Many a long stick to the desk in front of white-collar, small ass all have two black
skin, which is due to sit down with a chair when the long-term accumulation of dead
skin caused by friction and pigmentation. Especially the relatively thin bone
prominent people, the greater the probability of occurrence. This two horny black pile,
usually harmless, but would like to show bikini MM, the very headache. Want to
solve the problem, it is necessary to carry out deep scrub. Every day in the shower,
body scrub with coarse particles massage 3 to 5 minutes once a week for the hip with
a bath towel to scrub the depth to do, after every shower, have painted a deep
moisturizing effect to the buttocks body milk. Also at the OFFICE, preferably every
12 hours up some exercise, to no one's space, you can tap with both hands,
hips, to promote blood circulation and relieve the prolonged oppression buttocks.

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