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									Hollywood movie star a hundred large
026 Ben Affleck (this. Affleck)
If we have a perfect computer-generated movie star, the result will certainly be made
out of a walking, talking and phase
Appearance are like this. Affleck's guy. Perhaps it is because too perfect, so
you can not find his faults, can also pick
Not good to. Therefore, I am more sympathetic to those Hollywood bosses, they
created a idol, and work to invest to a
100 000 000 Lingsi 1000 five million tickets! What can be changed back? White sheet
film, as the hospital the same boring, except that a dozen
Minutes of play - characters, or aircraft.

027 Jennjfer LoDez (Jennifer. Lopez)
If you are unfortunate enough to be a beauty, that I asked you, never met her. Your
beautiful, but her sexy dry. Do you believe it
? As long as she wore a bikini, she can boss around the world flat. So now, in
Hollywood, who would dare to offend her!
Many naked women, only she is the Latin brands, so she could while blowing
cigarette while saying softly on Mars
, How do you not agree? So you can only worship, like the Mediterranean look of her
hair, listening to her paste-like voice.
When she read your Shenpan when you did not even dare to touch - because her body
is a Versace dress, and no creases.
Main Movie: Serena, the disaster of wild pythons, strategic master

028 Madonna_Ciccone (Madonna)
Although she is 40-year-old senior citizens, but only her closest little girl can find her
face wrinkles. However, she
Also not satisfied the stringent requirements on their own to do a face lift surgery she
and her daughter out of the schools of, and strict
Lai to teach her daughter - you want to be a lady! Yes, she can plastic surgery to
please a husband when the great director, but she
Certainly do not set off the second Monroe skirt. She is a civilian days, authentic
American Pie, she did not let fall into narcissism
A void, she can own a successful transition from one sex symbol to a good mother,
she is a Hollywood Bible
Famous saying - an icon of ultimate success, that she can live more and more real.

029 Patricia Velasquez (Patricia Thea. Weilakuizi)
Personally think that the time she made famous models than it is now pretty much, of
course, now more than freckles. The reason why she was selected
STAR100 is because of her Indian origin - are all looking ahead, we can not agree
with white blond woman, and that
Department      of     shaking     Qigui    Shen's       "Mummy
Returns" is also really add much color because of her - who played the role
more appropriate than her beauty of ancient Egypt
What? However, I heard that she often complained that a recent breakfast was around
the time signature, it's really annoying, her face full
Is impatience. So, where to eat her breakfast for? The west side of Times Square.
Deva kings.

030 Cate Blanchett (Kate. Blanchett)
She is an Australian, but she likes wandering in Europe, even though she was out of
tune with the modern Paris, but the temperament of classical
Qiao, she can also stand overlooking the river Seine under the sun except to marvel at
the Arc de Triomphe alone. Similarly, in London, she complained
He is a modern, she imagined was born in Henry or Elizabeth dynasty era, quietly
overlooking the grand ball that,
Eyes to find the hearts of knights. Her anger and prestige of temperament, have not
revealed with the beauty, there is the mysterious dark sultry
Feelings, so her "Elizabeth" or "Lord of the
Rings" in the show closer to the essence of sublimation. And film with the
Parent's understanding, so natural in the mundane world she Miao.

031 Marlon Brando (Marlon. Brando)
Malone. Brando, the name makes you think of a lion breathing in the dark. His big
head full of cool places
The screen, eyes showing the kind of Gu Long novels are filled with the invisible
clear and engaging murderous persecution you! But wit
, Old horse has a fast 8. Alas! Get the lead out, and can still not rice? Nag breathing
heavily, oh, eat Suansha? If you
Not to the refrigerator door, I can eat uncontrollably a few gallons of ice cream
straight - he first got serious bulimia
. Full control over a young man, in the years to come quietly and without any
restrictions ... ... This is a crash is not surprising
Tragedy, but happened upon the old horse, especially in the breeding of the sort of
feeling is.
Main Movie: A Streetcar Named Desire, Viva Chai Bada, Julius Caesar, Young Lions,
The Godfather, Superman, dry white season

032 Gerard Depardieu (Gérard. Depaty about)

033 Russell Crowe (Russell. Crow)
Hollywood Naiyouxiaosheng because he ended the era of rampant. He is the new
male totem. Whether or deep restrained passion and despotic
He is handy. When the Colosseum Gladiator finally spinning down when the ... ... I
tears. American movies
Since then there has been a hero of three-dimensional personality and soul. Then talk
about his private life - the extent of its excellent film better than his
Less. Everyone knows that, he likes to pick up women, and does not bubble a bubble
already amazing. Nikejiman, Meg Ryan, who
What is the relationship with you? Paparazzi pursued to trouble him, he had to put a
Fushi, answered, yes, I have to eat. Good
Fanglangxinghai in life are not conceal his performance talent. Year ○ ○ ○, the
American actor to previous
The "greatest actor" award given to him.

034 Mena Suvari (Mena. Suwa Li)
, This is a girl sleeping in the flowers, her dreams are inundated with roses, she
dreamed of riding a brave medieval
Disabilities, riding tall white horse, proudly to the garden. Marry me, girl! Knight in
the call, I'll made a star
! You will be the "American Beauty"! So dream on waking up,
she would go, then red, then married. Did not know she was
Not received well, we saw that she still lingered in the garden, hoping to smell the
roses once again lost.

035 Jennifer Connelly (Jennifer. Connelly)
She has a year-old son. She recently was not the child of a man married his father.
These, after all the public
Know, she does not need to disclose their privacy to manipulate her with that same
name, different from the same age as Jennifer,
She is a Yale and Stanford's double talented woman, she does not need any
man in the carve, her world, her master, she is like a
Originally on the bright dazzling diamonds and abundant life for her seductive gloss
coated layer. Yes, baby, we understand the long overdue
You not pool things - That you are 14 years old the dance has revealed a message -
that the world is your original

036 Michelle Pfeiffer (Michelle. Feaver)
Once, she is the most attractive cats, blond hair, blue eyes, red lips, and the beings
trapped inside the natural curves. But you a
Will have to be careful - the appearance of her seemingly submissive under a pair of
deadly claws make you! Even if she is at the fourth decade,
Even if she had learned what they seem Dimeishunyan laugh like peacock - but you
are even slightly careless, they put misfortune
- You do not believe? Then gazed into her eyes, I bet you have at least one second
stop thinking - or even stop
037 Martin Sheen (Martin. H)
I thought he was the most suitable role or that family man - apron, spatula in hand,
smiling. To his young
Time, also in the tropical jungle adventure, riot police Luanqiang been fired, had been
infected by a vicious virus near escape, took a ride
High-speed express train directly towards the Broken Bridge ... ... all these are film as
evidence. But he was old. His life has become very regular, and
Polite gentle treat. He raised a good son named Charlie, he did not mind the open road
to his education,
That is, "Do not unwarranted charges for young people, they are now just a
perverse acts of the process, you see me today, that
Is that these young people tomorrow. "Ah, what a sensible old man ah!
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

038 Johnny Depp (Johnny. Depp)
In him there is a psychedelic, Erotic deterrence soul, and decadent sexy. His drug use,
he loves violence, he was manic temperament,
Making rude remarks to reporters who are often repeatedly punching him. He will
own personality into the film, and get Tim. Burton's Green
Gaze, then turned into black and white color on the screen during the day turns into
night, the ladies into sluts, hero into a rogue. I want Britain
Review! He bellowed, and then destroy the moral construction. Today ... ... the temper
of Johnny. Depp has disappeared, taking the
On behalf of the French countryside is a living expression of modest dress modest
home bacon every day, carrying a model husband, and sometimes he
Will be looked over, and his mouth murmured talking about the name of a woman,
Winona. Ryder. In order not to be forgotten memories
He will name a knife stabbed in his own body.

039 Gary Oldman (Gary. Oldman)
An Englishman, an English actor who snort gentleman, who asked not associating
with his fellow, as the academic
The character of star performances for the Bi Lv. He has incredible natural ability to
control the role, if there is no strategy, but allow
Vibrations of the soul wandering in the near-unconscious for a hearty adventure. It is a
razor edge style performances,
Dangerous in close proximity, but were saved by his Jiaotu camel. How do you say?
His show is like a pool of still steaming fresh
To die in the snow, so we not only smart, refreshing touch of bright color that there
was a sharp taste and that overlook the cold
Suddenly heat the air. He often in tension, and is delighted to cataclysm. He is the
embodiment of evil, to honor killings and drink blood.
Meanwhile, according to his own words, but also some rude clown style. He reversed
between light and shadow the time should never forget
Itself a crusade.

040 Harrison Ford (Harrison. Ford)
He goes on in the face, the child saw his father, a woman saw her husband, a man who
believes that it is itself altogether. Ticket
This room is born. We can not say Harrison. Ford has been a idol, can not say that he
has been the
That the acting school, Ford accepted the role, as in the acceptance of a person to
repeat endlessly the same person. Goes on
Wood slightly distorted as the vicissitudes of his old head, a very familiar fear and
anger - even if you close your eyes can see - but
Ford's secret is this - simple, true.

041 Jodie Foster (Jodie. Foster)
If the world's women are like Judy. Foster, like "When the
self-reliance", then probably the only man providing sperm
This is a function of. Fortunately, the nightmare of the men did not come true, but the
vast majority of women can not like Judy. Foster
So - this makes the earth go to operate normally. Do you remember the assassination
of Reagan away because of obsessive guy Judy
It? But since when she turned into a man's nightmare? This is really worth
but knock. Maybe a woman
Once too strong and independent, also received more respect and hostility, while
so-called less and less attractive, which no
On How are sad. She was very straight and the back was once a model for modern
women, but also in the future
Those who advocate self-reliance will continue to be a model, but the question is, if
you are her, you willing to do.

042 Barbra Streisand (Barbara. Streisand)
Not beautiful face and sexy body - Hollywood talented woman who could sing and
dance has broken the laws of Hollywood,
Her achievements unmatched. Now she does not need to do anything, because she has
become a symbol of Hollywood. Can
She said: "My God! Do not envy me, I have my own pain."

043 Sharon Stone (Sharon. Shi Tong)
If you want to find a winner with her, that the price is that you will be destroyed (you
see her under the bed of the ice pick up
You:), you must Zhaojiabuzhu seem strong, yet became her captive hands. It was so
overcome by her, to drink
Her in possession of a good drug, her IQ 250, which she clearly you are confused. It
was so overcome by her, and then look back no retreat
Your God is no longer the main six, you dig a grave for myself. Comprehend how
much pain ah!

045 Geena Davis (Gina. Davis)
Gossip says - with her body double Aquarius and Libra personality, warm sun and the
moon's sincere in her tangle
So she missed the lady, as she so blatantly in the photo grin while others took the
opportunity to observe that she does not care
Teeth or tongue, but not afraid of corners found on the crow's feet by the
media. Because she hated to be like a little girl like shame shame Answer
A, she said, is called the old cucumber brush masking, Zhuangnen:) she simply naive
to be exposed to their bold and straightforward in front of others -
- This is a wise attitude, which won her the more good karma, but also for her in the
movie found a suitable interpretation

046 Viggo Mortensen (Vigo. Mortensen)
When people talk about him, confused his identity, is the actor? Painter? Poet? Or a
photographer? People do not like sub-
His eyes are clear blue and green, blue-gray or brown, like. In fact, he seems to be the
color of eyes or clothing with light
Is changed, just as he was keen on abstract art as complicated and confusing.
He's just for fun of art as pure, free Shihai
Irrigation system had a few experimental soundtrack, or what music to a poem. In
order to expedite access to "Lord of the Rings" in
Role, he rolled up blanket moved to live in the woods - so, when you see him playing
deep when a man, you a
Will have to meet to him as the artists. Although he is too boring to those works.

047 Jude Law (Judy. LO)
Many users, especially female friends are very strongly opposed to it I choose to Judy.
Labor of this photo, because they were already used
His beautiful, they told me a camel animal in nature - even the 100th time to see him,
still amazing, just like the first
100 times to see the peacock - apparently they have forgotten, but the peacock a
U-turn, will his ugly ass. I
Against all the odds, it is ** for that he has a beard, which made him look more a Man
of some children, but also more personalized number. Not
I feel frustrated too, because no matter how his practice, he was standing still so that
women can be stifled. Yes
Some people must be extremely popular, must be big, such as Judy. Labor, although
he lacks wisdom.

048 Woody Allen (Woody. Allen)
I have to laugh to evaluate without the master, in front of him, I only worship in envy.
He is a never know fatigue
Tired of the fighters! He was recognized as the most talented contemporary American
artists and representative of one of the world. He set writers, directors, actors in a
And miraculously everything was a success. Who does not dare look down on the tall,
handsome guy, from a series of
Out cost to the subtle dark comedy mocking the art pieces, two of life, all in his or

049 Kevin Spacey (Kevin. History School West)
He is a real acting school, regardless of whether he is willing, in fact, he must act as
the century's most eye-catching bad guys. This
In the "**" in the killer cut off Partlow head of the Bible, but
with bright lightning passing his role in accumulation of
Cause - so brilliant wise and brave the leading stumbling block. He was keen on the
role of the wicked, and confident that they alone
Can do it. He will advance to a fragment of set the way dozens of nausea and the
audience, and never refused to a tragic end.
Many people Taoqianmaipiao is to see how he is dead this time.

050 Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnold. Schwarzenegger)
This has been tragic to watch for would not give up, he cast himself as the most
human nervous tough one. No intention
Italy, he also became the symbol of our lives, so he must be high-spirited as his
banner, in the north wind whistling in the
Complete interpretation of their life, so his story in the crowd gradually spread. But
never before noticed
In his hard soul, there was not a soft touch in the corner of the ... ... people to come in
sit and Red Dust.
Main Movie: Terminator, Devil commander, true lies, the sixth day

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