Hitler was twice sent into Tibet to find the _amp;quot;global hub_amp;quot; by fdjerue7eeu


									Hitler was twice sent into Tibet to find the "global hub"
Before and after the Second World War, China's Tibet away from the
theater, survived the war and smoke, but did not escape the attention of Nazi Germany.
1938 and 1943, approved by Hitler, the Nazi SS chief Himmler personally set up two
expedition teams, they go to Tibet to find the "ancestor of the Germanic
peoples" --- evidence of the existence of Atlantis Protoss, find can change
the time, to create "The Immortal Legion" and
"Earth axis." In 1945, the Soviet capture of Berlin, the House
People's Committee ("KGB" predecessor) officer in
the German Empire State Building's basement, was found shot to death by
a Tibetan lama. All this makes the Nazi covert operations in Tibet to become a World
War II mystery.
          ?Himmler would like to create a Protoss units
In 1933, after Hitler came to power in Germany, vigorously advocating racial
superiority, that human evolution once every 700 years, the ultimate goal is to Aryan
(language of the Nazis, the Aryan people sometimes refer to non-Jewish Caucasian,
more mostly just talking about Germans) that the "good" race
with the extraordinary ability to evolve into a new human. Hitler's Nazi SS
chief Himmler men is also a downright racist. He set up the SS in the beginning, it
clearly stipulates that only those who enlisted in the 5 feet 9 inches tall (1 foot = 0.3
meters, 1 inch = 2.5 cm) more than blond, well-educated, has a pure Aryan descent
young. SS officers in the selection, a basic condition is required to be selected are able
to prove his family since 1750 has not been married with other races. To prove the
theory of heads of state, Himmler in 1935, established a service in the Nazi doctrine
of "ancestral heritage of Society", the quest, including medical
experts, explorers, archaeologists and even itinerant magicians, all colors, including
the mentally ill " experts "on race, origin, ancient religion,
ancient sites, myths and legends such as thesis. To the end of the war, the Institute has
developed into one of 40 departments of large organizations, it is not only the Jews in
vivo, through divination, astrology and other means to guide the German military
In Europe, the long story of one of Atlantis (Atlantic Island) in the legend. In the
legend, Atlantis extremely rich, there are extraordinary ability with Protoss. It is
described in the text, first appeared in ancient Greek philosopher Plato wrote in 350
BC The "Dialogue" in. He writes: "1.2 million years
ago, the western Mediterranean, the Atlantic far away, there is an amazing continent.
It is decorated with numerous gold and silver, producing a kind of shiny metal ---
Mountain copper. It has equipment good ports and ships, as well as to manned flying
objects. "Atlantis forces far and the African continent, in a major
earthquake, the continent sank, some of Atlantis by boat escape, and finally settled in
Tibet and India. These were descendants of Atlantis has created a glorious civilization
in Central Asia, and later some of them migrated to the northwest and south,
respectively, Aryan and Indian ancestors. Some experts claim that the Nazi
civilization of Atlantis did exist, and that the Aryan people just because it was
combined with the mortal ancestors lost their power. Himmler convinced of this myth,
he believes that once the ancestors of the Aryans that God, as long as the ethnic
cleansing through selective breeding and other means, be created with extraordinary
ability, the invincible Aryan Protoss forces.
            Detailed investigation of the physical characteristics Tibetan
In order to look for ancestors Dynasty in 1938, Himmler ordered to send to naturalists
and anthropologists Blue Ensitesai Furr led by Nobel grid "Sevres German
SS expedition" went to Tibet, this Other team members included botanists,
entomologists, and geophysicists. The Nazis shot the documentary "Secrets
of Tibet," shows that they do not understand their purpose by the local
lord's honor. However, these ulterior motives of the SS members and not
forgotten their mission on this trip. Berg measured the size of the head of many
Tibetans, and these people's hair and other races than the hair samples; they
have adopted the color measured by eye to determine the extent of their racial purity;
to preserve data, these Nazis with gypsum on a dozen Tibetans were turning model of
the face and hands, making these the head, face, ears and hands of the plaster model.
The visit, the team also learned from the locals to have a 名叫沙姆巴拉 cave, where
the hide is said to contain infinite energy of the "axis of the
Earth", who can find it, you can be a biological field of protection, so that
"bulletproof", and were able to control the time and events
change. August 1939, the survey team returned to Germany, was warmly welcomed
by Himmler. Sevres Himmler issued to the "SS Honor Sword."
January 1943, the Nazis set up in Munich University archaeologist Sven Hedin of
Sweden, named College of Archaeology and Anthropology --- Sven Hedin Institute,
Sevres recommended by Himmler, was appointed the first Dean. Sevres counterparts
with Berg was promoted to SS Himmler senior military officers. Thus, the Nazis first
expedition in Tibet, by the full recognition of the Nazi high.
               ?Search for "global hub"
By the end of December 1941, the Soviet Union, German troops on the battlefield to
the loss of 50 million people, 1,300 tanks, 2,500 artillery pieces of the heavy price,
suffered a crushing defeat in the Battle of Moscow. In the same year the winter,
millions of Germans again in the Battle of Stalingrad into passive. The face of more
bad news, Hitler and his General Staff can do nothing.
At this point, Himmler also how to get rid of the passive situation of trying to think of
the military. One hand, he organized itinerant warlock flying through the map hanging
in the Atlantic hammer absurd way to find the Allied fleet. On the other hand, he
thought that in the distant East, "the Earth axis." Thereafter, to
meet with Hitler, Himmler, offered to send a special operations teams, go to Tibet
Shamubala cave, to find that can control the world's "axis of the
Earth", and then send thousands of airborne troops there, to build a
"die corps"; At the same time, you can reverse the
"axis of the Earth", the German back in 1939, to correct the
original mistake, re-launching the war. To this end, Himmler and Hitler commune of 6
hours, Hitler was also submitted to a 2000 report, a map which marked the general
location of the Shamubala.
January 1943, led by the 海因里希哈勒 five Nazi secret expedition team left Tibet.
Was a professional mountain climber of the Halle was born in Austria, a die-hard
Nazis, back in 1933, joined the Nazi party. Germany and Austria in 1938 after the
merger, he joined the SS. Held in a Swiss mountain race, Halle won one fell swoop,
demonstrating Aryan "excellent quality" by Hitler personally
interviewed and their pictures taken. Halle, who's journey is not smooth, in
May 1943, the British in India were arrested. After several failures in the escape,
Halle, who finally managed to escape from prison camp. At first, they intend to defect
to the Japanese, but then decided to continue looking for the "global
hub" mission.
As the presence of the then British India, Tibet, Governor Richardson of the German
officials adopted a liberal policy, posing as salesman of goods of Halle in Germany,
began his journey in Tibet for seven years. No one can say clearly Halle and his
expedition team have gone somewhere; a ridiculous legend said they finally found the
"Earth's axis," but do not know how to manipulate it.
No one say where the men's three companions Halle gone, because until
the end of the war, Halle expedition team only he and Himmler's henchmen
彼得奥夫施奈特. In 1948, Halle became the Dalai Lama in Lhasa, the private teacher
and political adviser.
When Tibet was peacefully liberated in 1951, Halle hurriedly fled to India to escape
the trial, he chose to settle in Liechtenstein. Since then, the Halle and long maintained
close ties with the Dalai Lama. In 1977, when some insiders revealed the identity of
Halle's Nazis, even the Dalai Lama at a press conference on the public for
his "mentor" the defense said: "I know 海因里希哈
勒 of German background, but also in Germany because of World War II as a
confession before the world when people stand. However, we always were
'lost dog bite' moved, and therefore that the German people in
the late 40 Allied has already been punished enough. "Later, Halle has
written his memoirs," Seven Years in Tibet ", but the book did
not reveal his secret by the orders of Himmler to find the" global hub
", and his real Nazis identity.
Currently, according to German officials say, the Nazis first documentary film to Tibet
by the fall of Cologne in 1945 were destroyed in the fire. Halle returned to Austria
from Lhasa in 1951 when a large number of files to carry confiscated by the British,
Halle himself dead. Nazi files into Tibet a higher level of confidentiality, by Germany,
Britain and the United States, there may be declassified after 2044, there may never
dust in history.

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